Science Teacher Shot By Desperate Lover

By Ranee Mohamed

G. Laksitha Damayanthi, a school teacher of the Siyambalanaduwa Maha Vidyalaya was shot dead allegedly by a young man who entered the school on Thursday morning.
The young man  identified as Wickremasinghe Mudiyanselage Chathura Saranga, (27) a married man and a resident of Badulla had thereafter shot himself. He is reported to be a father of two.

G. Lakshitha Damayanthi (25) a resident of Giripitiya in Siyambalanduwa who was a science teacher  received gun shot injuries  and had been critical when she was  rushed to the Moneragala District Hospital.  Highly placed police sources said that the incident was spurred by an argument.

According to the police media spokesperson the assailant had arrived at the Siyambalanduwa Maha Vidyalaya at around 9.30 a.m, shot the lady teacher and then turned the gun on himself.

“She went to school in the morning though I asked her not to go. She had a headache because we had returned from an alms giving at 5 p.m the previous evening. I pleaded with my daughter not to go to school, but she said that there was a student who required practicals,” cried Lakshitha’s mother. She went on to say that she had advised Lakshitha not to carry on with the affair  but that she could not give it up immediately. Lakshitha had finally decided to give it up about two or three days ago and had even changed her SIM card. Lakshitha had been in the school canteen when the shooting took place. It is reported that there had been a heated argument after which he shot her and thereafter shot himself.

“When I asked her whether it was her own brother who had come to see her, she said that it was her brother who was employed at the courthouse. I told her to speak to him for five minutes and return to class. As it took sometime for her to return to class, I went there and told her to get to class and asked her visitor to leave. Then  suddenly this man pointed a pistol at me and asked me to keep away and said that he had an issue that he had to resolve,” said Kulatunge Bandara, Principal of  the Siyambalanduwa Maha Vidyalaya. Lakshitha Damayanthi succumbed to her injuries at the Intensive Care Unit of the Moneragala District Hospital.

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  1. Marie

    Foolishness has it’s results. Hope others will learn a lesson.

  2. raj

    where is Mahinda’s Buddha?

    • sam

      is mahinda to blame for a personal dispute? raj just because LTTE is defeated dont act like a looser

      • jana

        This is violence against women…the Gov has ratified CEAW convention …Convention elimination all kinds of Violence. The GOv has a responsibility towards escalating violence and ecpecially violence gainst women in all forms. uch acts need to be invetigated and perpatrators punished .., the thing is if the perpatrator is known to the ruling class he goes free.

  3. dickhead

    loves labors lost —- the poor kids suffer most….

  4. tharaka

    Raj: whats your point?

  5. azath

    Real tragedy and problems in modern world without ?proper modern solutions. The need of love, affection and lust are natural of human beings we cannot run away from them.

    I could find solutions to these unresolved problems in Islamic teachings.

    Islam prevents free mixing of either sex. Quran 17;32 says; come not near unto adultery. Lo! it is an abomination(great sin) and an evil way. The fornication is obviously prohibited but Quran tells us not even go near it.

    “Whenever a man is alone with a woman(non-related marriable) the Devil makes a third.” (Al-Tirmidhi 3118).

    The marriage is very much emphasized in Islam and it is part of a person’s faith. he completes half of the faith with marriage.

    Polygamy is not prohibited in islam Quran 4;3 says; marry such women as seem good to you, two and three and four; but if you fear that you will not do justice (between them), then (marry) only one or what your right hands possess; this is more proper, that you may not deviate from the right course. Islam emphasize on one marriage but a capable person can marry more if he could do justice and support all of his spouses equally.

    The Islamic teachings give right solution to these kind of problems. I would like to see more constructive criticism than mere slander because it is Islam and its teachings.

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Azath, I hate to get involved in your discussion but I have to be honest,because it is religious and religions are based on faith not necessarily on proof. However, I am disturbed when somebody writes things like what you have just written. There are married men who cheat on their wives (just like there are cheating married women on their husbands). So marriage is not that saintly then. In contrast there are so many unmarried families in Sri Lanka and in the rest of the world who live a dignified lives. The bottom line is, you can’t control the feelings just by teaching alone. But when you say ‘polygamy is good for men, why is it wrong for women? Be careful when you say things like this, it’s no longer a man-controlled world. We are after all good friends, it’s not a wise idea to bring religious points into politically driven discussions. Because whatever is said, we have to learn to respect all the religions.

    • Kassapa

      come on azath, don’t talk rubbish…in middle east arabs do lot of thing in the name of islam, brothers sleep with sisters, etc.

      here no one is to blame, it is the consequnces of having an affair with a married man, Lust….I would think Teacher is to be blamed for ruining the lives of children and wife of the culprit. I think more blame should be with the teacher. I don’t know why people talk about MR, violent against women etc as ther is not such an issue..Grow up people.

    • shanka

      .Last week in UK a 18 year old Muslim girl was hacked to death by her lover a Muslim boy. Also there were honorary killings of their own daughter/sister by some Muslim parents. Islam is a beautiful religion same is Christianity or Buddhism or Hinduism. So don’t live in a fantasy world like most of the terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan, who think that they and Islam are the greatest. I am sure you also know what happens in the middle east which are Muslim nations. Kings rule the country robbing all the wealth that belongs to all masses. Does Islam Ok this when most of the people live below the poverty line there.?

  6. Ela Kolla

    You want constructive criticism?? ok… you first say not to even get close to the opposite sex? tell me, how many girls have you met today? that you have to be with, see, talk to each day at work, at home, at social gatherings? this depravation of socializing with your opposite sex can cause more damage than good.. which is why most of the men in most Muslim countries are such horndogs, they cannot help drooling over a girl cos they’ve never known any.. As much as everyone would like to blame the devil for everything, no one wants to take personal responsibility for your own thoughts and actions.. If you can’t trust yourself to sit alone with a friend(girl) then you should not be walking on the street either cos your are what people call a sociopath, completely normal from out but mayhem within.. and thirdly marry anyone who you can support financially is it? I think this is a load of crap that some horny leader came up with. Do you know the real reason that they allowed it in Islam? is for when during war times so that they could reproduce not so that one rich dude can get laid as much as wants. How can ONE man LOVE several other women the same way?? if you say they can, then you are ignorant beyond belief.. So!!! how’s that for a little constructive criticism Azath?

  7. j 22

    sri lanka is all ways going back word.thank 2 good we are out of that country

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      We are also glad you are out of the country.

      • Kassapa

        come on guys, what about USA, some gunmen killed his own villagers, some persons who lost job killed some of colleagues, some student (korean) killed uni mates. In Australia, I know instances where estranged husbands killed ex wives, and lovers, etc. These things happen in society and we have to accept. It is inevitable that violence spread to developing countries as well. Specially where guns are available (after civil war), people tend to do things like this. Come on guys, be more knowledgable and don’t blame your mother land just because you migrated to some where. I too live in a foreign country. I think we must support MR and govt to make some changes to our law and order. We should also criticise the govt to imporve when things are bad. But one sided comments are not good, constructive criticism is the best.

  8. dj zolo

    all was going 2 hell this point of keeping hopes of this place.thank u god that we are out of that country and safe

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      OK you are safe and we all are happy. But the question now is, are the native people in your adopted country safe with you being there?

  9. basi

    Azath Every religion has some guidelines for controlling human feelings and behaviors. I think Muslim teaching are kind of harsh than other religions teaching. But the problem is current society what we are living today is so complicated than 1000 years ago. Some concepts which included in religions we can’t apply today as same like before. Even so called Muslim countries in Middle East, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sudan, Nigeria, are not excepting from crimes and rapes. Better education and free of thinking should be he answer for minimize these kind of tragedies.

  10. Hello

    Hahahahah some of the comments are funny

  11. Kumaraya

    Recently there was a news about a lady who was cheated by a married man and gave bith to a child. In this case, when the lady realized the consequences and tried to do away with the affair, she had been killed. I think more awareness is needed in our society about the marriages. Instead of being a formal procedure, the registration of marriage should be done properly and the parties, especially the males, should be made understand their responsibilities and obligations. At the time of the registration, the registrars should explain to the grooms that it is an oftence (socially and legally) to engage with post-marital affairs.

  12. Waas

    Hi All,
    This kind of incident happens in all over the world, even in UK and USA, This is all about emotions and feelings and personnel behaviours individually, and also some people get more angry than others.

    Some rubbish foolish people here blames to GOV for this, that is ridiculous blame. No one responsible for these things other than who involved to the incidents and affaires.

    I wish this will take as an good example for others to not do wrong things (I mean unnecessary relationships with others).

    Also I wish she will get better soo.


    • Shots fired.Two dead bodies. We feel sorry for the shocked students. This traumatic event might remain in the minds of those kids as long as they live. They surely do need counselling to heal the emotional wounds. Imaging them telling their parents that their teacher was killed cold blooded. Such psychological trauma can last for years making them anxious, depressed, fearful and withdrawn.

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