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Virginity Test Reaches Climax As Vice Chancellor Says Story Is Fabricated

By Ranee Mohamed – Photos by Asoka Fernando

Vice Chancellor N.L.A Karunaratne flanked by the librarian, student counselor and a proctor at the press briefing.

Despite vehement denials by the Vice Chancellor of the Sri Jayawardenapura University, N. L. A. Karunaratne that he sent six girls for a virginity test, The Sunday Leader met with and spoke to two of the girls who had been subjected to this humiliating act.
“It was about 6.30 p.m. There was enough light and we just could not engage in ‘such things’. We were not misbehaving. The Vice Chancellor suddenly came upto us and shouted at us  and said that he is going to send us for a virginity test. He took ‘aiya’ away. The security officers came along and took us all into an ambulance and we were driven away to the Kalubowila Hospital,” said the girl, almost in tears.
She spoke to The Sunday Leader on condition of anonymity.
“My heart was racing on the way. I felt ashamed and scared. This was the greatest insult one could thrust on a woman,” she said.
“When we reached the Kalubowila Hospital, the men who were in the front – and the driver of the ambulance got off and went into the hospital. We had to wait for some time and then we were driven back. There were four others with me. What I overheard from the conversation is that the doctors had refused to do the test,” she said.
“In the meantime the Vice Chancellor who collected our ID cards had informed our homes and told our parents that we be married off or face shame….” she cried.
According to Student Leader Udul Premaratne, the girls were forcibly bundled into the  university ambulance bearing number 325-2594 on August 25 at about 6.30 p.m.
“I don’t know the details of whether they ascertained whether their hymens were in tact, but the disturbing fact here is that the girls were taken for the test from the Sri Jayewardenepura University,” said Premaratne.
Another student went on to say that the Vice Chancellor had himself allegedly spoken about sending five students for a virginity test to the hospital during a ceremony held in the Computer Room.
“The incident also ought to have been recorded in the complaint book with the proctor,” said the student.
Karunaratne meanwhile has a different version. “First they surrounded the building and wanted to drink my blood, then they poisoned me, so much so that I cannot bite a (bonchi) green bean today,” said N.L.A Karunaratna, Vice Chancellor of the Sri Jayewardene University  at a media briefing held on Thursday in the hallowed precincts of the Sri Jayewardenepura University.
“They even slashed the tyres of my car,” said the Vice Chancellor. “These  are students who are spies; they accept money from overseas. I don’t have to fight them. I am a man who observes pansil,” said the Vice Chancellor.
As docile students stood under trees and buildings, chewing their finger nails and peering  from afar at  journalists from the print and electronic media,  the  Vice Chancellor and others went on to  counter allegations that a group of students were forcibly bundled into a vehicle and sent for a ‘virginity test’ on the orders of the Vice Chancellor.
“This  disgruntled  lot are but a 0.05% of the students. They are angry that they cannot rag and have their own way that is why they made up this story of a ‘virginity test’ that I supposedly initiated,” said  the Vice Chancellor, flanked by the Librarian G.N.P. Gallaba, a Student Counselor  Sepala Samarasinghe and a Proctor. He went on to point out that he  has brought an unprecedented change to the Sri Jayewardenepura University.
The Deans of the Faculty of Management, Science, Arts and Medical Science however were reportedly at a ‘Talent Show’ and did not participate in the press conference. There were about 15 lecturers in the audience.
The Vice Chancellor went on to say: “Today a fresher can use the library, a fresher can walk around without fear of being ragged. Ragging and mischief making are relics of the past. So it is only natural that there are a disgruntled few here.
“If you gave so much publicity to an incident which never took place, if you gave prominence to a totally fabricated story, then you must give equal publicity to what I have to say,” said the Vice Chancellor.
Treating journalists with utmost respect, the Vice Chancellor said “I want to take care of these students. Today there are societies for sports, arts and literature. I want to make this university the best in Sri Lanka. There is zero ragging today. Our library was prohibited for freshmen by the seniors, but I changed all that,” he said. “Our nation must be made up of guna yahapath (good)  citizens. My students are very happy here,” said the Vice Chancellor.
Professor Swarna Piyasiri,  Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies who was in the audience of the media briefing speaking exclusively to The Sunday Leader said that allegations that the Vice Chancellor sent students for a virginity test are not true.  “It is impossible. He is a very nice person. He likes the students and he protects them from ragging and bad things,” she said.
“Produce these students who were taken for a virginity test,” challenged the Vice Chancellor. “Where are they?” he queried.
As we walked out of the media briefing, we were mobbed by students who said that they are disappointed and miserable with the dictatorial attitude of the Vice Chancellor. “Students who have never consumed alcohol in their lives have been suspended for drinking. When we put up a death notice about a parent of one of our fellow students, those who put up the death notices were suspended. Walk around this place, and ask any student at random and he or she will tell you that there it is impossible to study here with this kind of terror  hanging over our heads,” they said.
Handing over documents to us, the students said that over 60 students have been suspended and some of them who were at home at that time did not even know why they were being suspended.
When The Sunday Leader asked why the girls are not coming forward to speak up about their experience, an enraged Premaratne  said, “He wants to harass these girls. He wants to see who will come forward so that he can destroy them. We must be off our heads to make up such a story about the Vice Chancellor. Then we should make up a similar story about the Vice Chancellor of the Kelaniya University too.”
“We will produce these girls only to courts and that too with masks,” said the Student Leader. “We don’t want them to be subject to any further harassment or acts of revenge than what they have already been through. He does not have the authority to play  with the lives of these students,” said Premaratne.
Meanwhile a lone voice, contacting this journalist said that he is not speaking on behalf of the student body. “I voted for the President. I am not looking at sending the Vice Chancellor home. What we want is to change him. The Vice Chancellor of a university is like the father in the family. We must be able to look up to him. He has got rid of ragging and I appreciate that because I am against ragging too. But he has suspended approximately 60 students. Just imagine how they feel. Their photographs and details are at the security gate. They are not allowed to enter the university. Approximately 50 students are being taken to courts. Some of the girls who were sent by the Vice Chancellor for the virginity tests are from a minority community. Their futures have been destroyed by being sent for this test alone…” he said begging that he not be identified.
Director of the Colombo South Teaching Hospital, Dr. Anil Jasinghe, contacting this journalist said that the report that the Kalubowila Hospital carried out a ‘virginity test’ on students at the Sri Jayewardenepura University is not true.
“Such a test is done only in the case of a rape victim or at the request of courts or police authorities,” said Dr. Jasinghe. I have checked up with the OPD and JMO whether such tests have been done in mid September but there is no such record,” said Jasinghe and went on to insist that his hospital does not routinely do such tests.
“Even if anyone is brought for such a test, medical ethics will not allow any doctor to do such a test at random,” pointed Dr. Jasinghe.
Meanwhile a lecturer at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, speaking to The Sunday Leader on Saturday on conditions of anonymity  said that the Vice Chancellor is his friend but went on to say that the staff are unhappy with him but are unable to speak out due to insubordination or disloyalty. “Many of the members of the staff, including myself are very uncomfortable with him. These students are adults and we cannot interfere in their personal lives,” he said.
“He is trying to establish a Sinhala Buddhist, Jathika Chinthanaya. All that is good.  But 50 students have been suspended and never in the history of this university has this happened,” he said.
Going on to allege that staff are recruited according to their political leanings, the le
cturer said that sending some students for this virginity test is a fundamental rights issue.

“We Are Horrified”

Shreen Saroor

Womens’ Rights Activist Shreen Saroor said that sending women for a virginity test is unlawful. “There is no way that anyone can send a woman for a virginity test or any kind of medical test on a woman’s body for that matter without her consent,” said Saroor.
“We are much perturbed. It is disgusting and cause for concern that a head of a university can be so backward in his thinking,” alleged Saroor. “Women ought to have the freedom to do what they want and not be controlled by men. Virginity tests are but a myth,” said Shreen Saroor who went on to observe “Doctors refusing to conduct such a test shows that the medical profession is far ahead and is aware of socially constructed norms.”

67 Comments for “Virginity Test Reaches Climax As Vice Chancellor Says Story Is Fabricated”

  1. Ruwan Ferdinandez

    Let’s be clear; this idiot called Udul Premaratne is a nutter, he should leave students to get on with the studies. Let’s not have any qualms about it. But on a serious note, this Vice Chancellor is a disgrace and he should gracefully step down. It is not the VC’s business to test virginity of anybody, they are all adults. He doesn’t understand his job and cheaper than the chaotic student nutcases.

    • UNP Man

      VC must bev stepped down. He must have a panelty if he is a lecturer. Typically degrade the posts.

    • Suwimal

      Wait a minute! The alleged incident of virginity test has not been proven. Udul Premaratne says the victims will be produced in courts in masks. That means some legal procedure is in progress. A lot of students known to me got enrolled at UOSJ this year for various degree courses, and they are undergoing introductory and english courses without any let or hindrance; no ragging; no harassment. They are entirely unaware of any incident of the kind reported. I seriously suspect if unscrupulous people like Udul somebody are trying to sabotage the students’ education and lives out of sheer jealosy because hisown or any other political ideology may not be supporting such an action.

      • Soma

        May be you didn’t read the article carefully where the author says they have spoken to some girls who were taken for this “test”. If the “students known” to you must not go out much.

        p.s. Are you the librarian?

    • Soma

      So the Vice Chancellor who is a disgrace must gracefully step down? Hmm… interesting. May be we should kick the air-head out disgracefully, don’t you think?

  2. gamarala

    Cannot the doctors who were allegedly requested and refused to do the test be interviewd by a journalist? This will prove the students’ allegations.
    “Such a test is done only in the case of a rape victim or at the request of courts or police authorities” as allegedly said by the Director of Colombo South Teaching Hospital” is factually incorrect.
    In a suspected case of rape, only a magistrate can order a medical officer to ascertain whether the woman shows signs of rape. This can be done only with her consent. Abrasions/Contusions around the genitals and presence of semen in the vagina are sure signs of intercourse. If signs of resistance such as other injuries which would have occurred due to same, merely show molestation but along with former, support a diagnosis of rape.. Only penetration is compatible with rape, but only if commited without her consent.
    Alleging that a young unmarried girl has had a sexual encounter is itself a terrible indictment in our society. If anyone has done this, a complaint must be made to the police, and a private plaint filed.
    Will the authorities investigate and ascertain the truth.

    • I Hussein

      Comendable comments from Ruwan F’dez & Gamarala.
      Well said guys. This is a disgrace indeed. This VC is going to put some girls future in jeopardy (if the story is true), having sex or not is not others business.

  3. Lankan


  4. DR AA

    What stupidity is this? A lot of young women do not have an intact hymen. It is absurd and barbaric to assume that an intact hymen says you are a virgin. how about cyclists and athletes? how about when a girl masturbates? Is this barbaric Taleban type Islamic Mullah moron going to ban masturbation too? Absurd. anyone can have their hymen raptured by perfectly natural causes.

    • Soma

      Well, the Sri Lankan version of Taleban is already in the house. Wait till they are done with the drinkers and the smokers. Next they will be coming to your home trying to ascertain if your sexual behaviors are in-line with Buddhist scriptures.

  5. sangeetha

    This Chancellor is a raging madman with power. It is time he was sent for mental evaluation.

  6. What do you expect? This is Rajapaksa regime. Uncouth people are in power.

    We will see many more embarrassments as such for another decade or more. Get used to it. Don’t ignore the entertainment. Enjoy yourself . . 

    • Gerry

      Here we go again.. what ever happens in SL its because of Rajapksa…
      If Ranil Rules what ever happens PA goons will say its Because of Ranil…
      People here cant think anything beyond this….
      Aadi…seems enjoy these mis haps so he can blame Rajapkasa…
      Its Sad Sri Lankans can never think out of these Political Shxxt holes…

      • Gerry, there is a certain amount of sense in what Aadi says. Rajapakse is the chap who goes about appointing this ahead and that, who in turn appoints this bugger and that. So it boils down to, Rajapakse as the main culprit. Make sense doesn’t it?

        • Ruwan Ferdinandez

          Katussa, Why don’t you read carefully what Gerry said before you speak things you have no idea about, that’ll help you!. That is the process, the President usually appoints the VC from the names put forward to him by the Senate committee. This kind of people are everywhere regardless of their political affiliation. Today you blame this president and when the tables turn, the blame goes the other way. In reality, it is beyond a President’s control. I remember sometime ago (in 1980s) there was an effort by the senate committee to nominate a regional politician in the three names to be sent to the President for the VC post in one university. Also in 1980s there were cases where the President threatened to pick his own man as the VC, disregarding the senate list. Chandrika famously rejected the list asking a new list of three for one university near Colombo. The power is with the president; at least MR has so far appointed people recommended by the senates. So if you want to blame, you could perhaps blame the constitution, not the incumbent president. There are many other issues at Universities in the country, regardless of the party in power or whoever the President is. But more importantly, it is these guys who have used all our money to be qualified, claim to be experts but when they are in important positions, they can’t hide but show us, they are what they are made of!

        • Soma

          Well Ruwan, you must be talking about thing you know then? If the present apparatus doesn’t work too well, may be the president could have changed the rules in a way that it does work; instead of getting his own tenure extended. It seems like MR disagrees with you and thinks he can do all this and more (thus taking on appointing people to independent councils as well). The Senate committee is full of MR supporters, forwarding a list of MR supporters to be picked for VC overlooking more suitable people for the job; and you wonder why everyone is blaming the president.

          If you can remember as far back as when Chandrika was president then may be you remember all the VCs coming on TV, using their positions, to influence people to vote for Rajapaksa? And you still wonder why they keep blaming the president. Don’t think others can help you here; you’ll have to break out of the rought yourself.

  7. Plain Talking

    I always suspected that this was an exageration by JVPers. Sometime back Jayawardanapura was really bad due to JVP thugs and perhaps this VC might have used strong arm tactics to break their stronghold and purge them out. I salute him for that but if he did what was reported, he had gone definitely too far.

  8. Nandana Gajanayaka

    I know Dr. Karunaratne fairly well, and he is a great human being. Protecting fresher students, especially female students in Jayawardenapura University is a good thing.

    • KGB

      Point taken. Please tell us what you think of his action of sending the students for virginity tests (of course if it is true).

      • Suwimal

        IF it is true!! A big IF!! We can comment on that if it is true. We must not presume guilt untill proven.

    • Soma

      Oh yeah, he must be very protective of the freshers; to the extent of making sure their virginity is not harmed while they are in the university. Just because you know the guy doesn’t make him innocent. Sometimes people we think of as humane or upstanding citizens turn into monsters or crack-pots when situations change.

      May be you are looking at this like “how is all the media getting this wrong when I know this guy to be a ‘great human being’”. It may be helpful to look at it as “if all the media is saying this happened, can they all be wrong? may be he is not such a great human being after all”.

      • Lover of SL

        Soma the virginity of an adult is not your business or anyone’s. Gosh..are we still living in the stone ages… If the girls want to exercise their right, who the hell is the prof or anyone????

  9. Pubudu

    Pls. keep in mind to be very careful when you take comments of volunteers or interviewing students as the so called students union has mastered in organising the total episode the way they want. You would mostly hear the voice from the view point of the union as majority of the students and lectures wish to be quite and be away of student politics.

    The council will ensure that they get a VC who would bow down to their demands at any cost.
    That is what happened to Samantha several year back. They were determined to get rid of him and thus they killed him. That was an organised crime. Not something happened inadvertently.

    If there is a wrong doing by the VC, it should be probed in to. But, extreme care should be taken in the process as Union could do anything and would do averting to get rid of a VC specially who would take serious measures to prevent ragging, as ragging is a compulsory part of breeding followers for a particular political party.

  10. ufo


    • Nilanse

      ufo… never judge a girl for going to university. In fact all girls and boys should do their best and try to enter university. If people get educated then the country will also develop. In this world we should concider each other equals. So don’t judge.

      • Awe, come on, UFO, be a sport and if you are doing nothing how about taking E.T. home?

      • Soma

        Without endorsing UFO’s sentiments yet wanting to comment on your second sentence…
        If universities produce educated people that help develop the country why do we see this country degrading over a very long period of time now? Does this mean all those B.Sc’s, MSc, PhDs are all no educated enough to help develop the country? Have the universities not produced the right kind of educated people thus far? How will this change in the future? So on, so forth.



  12. Dr Prakash

    This has to be proven first.The students must establish the time the girls were taken to CSH and check the doctors who were on call at that time.Authorites can find whether such doctors were faced with a request of a virginity test by the university staff.There should be evidence from the ambulance staff as students got hold of the vehicle number.There is firm grounds for a proper investigation as this is violation of dignity of a group of young adult intelectual females against their wish.Our university think tank should change and should respect students as mature adults.Otherwise how are they going to face the reaslitic challenges of life when they come out.I am glad that the VC has been able to stop ragging.I can remember how I was ragged inhumanly and those scars are still traumatising .Though commending that we cannot allow our society to go backwards and proper values based on accepted human rights should be implemented within the universities .Nowhere in Buddism it has been described that the the young girls should be virgins.Those are primitive rituals and not suitable for civilized world goverened by ethics ,principles and human rights.By law if a girl wants to engage in sexual act with consent and if she is 18 years or more, I don’t believe anyone can do anything about that. After all at that age she should have the maturity to take a decision on behalf of herself. No one has the right to test her virginity against her wish.I don’t think even Dr Karunaratne can do that to his own daughter if he has any.I strongly believe he needs proper counselling about his limitations to stop him from abusing his power.

    • Soma

      Hey man, sorry to pee on your parade but people are losing their lives (sometimes in the thousands) and we don’t investigate that crap. So if you think some mega investigation must be launched to see who tried to see under the skirt of some girls, you must not be a regular here.

      President and ministers have foreign trips to go to and judges, police and other officials have more urgent things they must attend to at their respective homes. So please be informed we don’t investigate this crap. We can get someone to write up a report, if that’ll help pacify you.

  13. Nilanse

    How will Sri Lanka and the education ever develop with such a head of a university? And his accusations against these students are just out of this world. Right now that university belongs to another century…

  14. Nimal Maskeliay

    The students of universities are animals. The VC must be commended for standing upto the raggers. The JVP led raggers are capable of staging such shows to throw mud on an innocent VC. The country is behind the VC. Sack the unruly students and go ahead with the majority of non-animals who want to study.

  15. Anupriya Wijayaweera

    If he got rid of ragging, this is a major achievement in itself. I cant believe the virgin check story-no doctor is going to such a check , the VC does not have such authority, he is not a judge.

  16. Calistus Jayatilleke

    The “Taleban” would love to get hold of this Professor to propagate their beliefs!

  17. Sunil Jay

    My son just entered Japura campus.

    He is happy as there is no rough ragging this time.

    UDUL Premaratna si spending time in Campus for alst 7 years , just spending
    tax payers money.

    VC is doing a good job eradicating RAGGING.

    Keep up the good work VC.

  18. LankaLiar

    Looks like some western countries NGOs even Norway can be behind this to discredit Sri Lanka

  19. sarath

    what we can’t deside is who is telling the truth,if chancelor send them to check and doctor denies, but no one come to foward to tell the truth because of sri lankan democracy,any way if someone orders to check a adult student is is a barberian,so upul its up to you to go to courts and prove it

  20. UNP Man

    This VC must be sacked. He is very uneducated. I wonder how he can handle a position like VC. He did not know how to talk. Our famers are better than this person. See the interview in Swarnavahini news line. Stupid person. It is a great shame to have this person as a faculty or VC in a Sri Lankan University. I request HON. SB Disanayake and President Mahinda Rajapakse to have immediate action about this VC.

    However, I also do not support Inter University organization and its leader.

  21. Joe

    These girls should have been sent to the Radhuspladsen (Square) at the heart of Copenhagen. Here there is a huge bell which chimes only when a virgin enters the square. The last couple of centuries it has never chimed.

  22. nirmala

    Heres the new qualifications to enter the university in future. Marks above the required level and the Z score. and above all virginity report of all the girls upon the entrance! Dear minister of education. Please accept!

  23. Ratne

    Udul Premaratne is a JVP kalaknniyek who do not let the students carryout their day to day tasks. He spends all his time in the campuses & paid by JVP. This thug should be severely punished for misbehaving & for mud slinging at the VC because of whom he can not make the other students dance to his tune. He is a puppet controlled by AnuraKumara, Vijitha Herath & Keheti Tilvin

    • uni

      Here, VC also dance to his own tune. he does not know even common law of country. this is not personal matter between Udul & VC. this is one of example for uneducate of VC

  24. Sudharma

    ” I am a man who observes pansil”.

    This man went on official Customs inspection tour to Jaffna with his wife, Sudarma Karunarathna Director General of Customs, drank several bottles of Whisky given to him free by the Customs Officers and cursed JVP students that he would break their necks. At that time he was drunk to his brim. Isn’t ‘Surameraya Majjapama Dattana Veramani Sikka Padan Samadiyami belongs to pansil

  25. Maka

    just wait and see those five girls will confess that they wanted to set an example by asking for viginity test. They will give that in writing to VC saying that no one forced them to have this test and the sole intention was to support the VC who has taken initiiatives make the Japura the best university in Sri Lanka.

    Those doctors who refused to do that test will be prosecuted in no time.

    small miracles happen in SL!!!
    -we tie people to tree when they demand…
    -Free ambulance rides are given for the girls who ask for virginity test while 10s of 100s of people die without making to the hospitals on time….
    -Our Police raids cinama theaters and arrest poor couples while big shots’ sons spend time in illegal brothels….
    - former terrorits enjoy their lives with special army securty while the General who faught agaist those terrorists will enjoy the reast of the life in jail

    sadly, the list goes on…………………!!!

    End of the day all the culprits lead the country!!

  26. Sarasavi

    I am happy to see that from the most of the comments, the learned readers understood the correct situation of the so called ANTHARE. Don’t let them to raise their head in the university system again. If they raise their head again, definitely it would paralyze the national university system and it is a pathway to establishing private universities in Sri Lanka. Think how a Sri Jayaewardenepura university girl face a job interview as a result of this mud slinging campaign and dirty politics of anthare back by JVP.

  27. This letter is coming from Canada…In this country girls go to bed at the age of 12..Some gilrs get abortions at the age of 15…( Whom I know very well )Most girls here have sexsuel dieseses ( due to birth control ,,, and condoms ) Public Health Department spend Billions of Dollars to prevent sexsual deceses in Canada.. “”"”DO YOU WANT THIS SITUATION IN SRILANKA ”””

    according to my research in Srilanka today have 1000 illegal abortions per day…That counts to 365,000 per year…Srilanka should not worship western values..”"”"” PURITY ON A WOMEN IS VERY IMPORTANT TO MAN ANDTO THE COMMUNITY WE LIVE IN “”"”" DO YOU THINK MEN WILL MARRY A PROSTITUTE AND FACE THE COMMUNITY IN SRILANKA..



    • Mohottige

      “An educated man will not marry a prostitute from Sri Lanka… Because he has other options” What about all these educated Sri Lankan men who also have had sex before marriage? And they are many ! (since no woman can loose her sexual virginity without there being a male”prostitute” present).
      So where should a Sri Lankan girl go to find a male “virgin” to marry? Not in Sri Lanka anyway, beacuse most men here have practised sex before marriage and are thereby, by the standards mentioned by several “thaliban” writers here, simple male prostitutes.

      And man… Condoms are used to prevent pregnancy and sexual diseases.
      So don’t claim that sexual diseases are spred by the use of condoms!
      You sound like the Catholic Pope!
      The rest of your lies is not worth commenting on…

  28. UFO

    Those university girls enjoying their sexual freedom freely in the university. when I am marring a girl, I am looking for a clean one , not a university girl.

  29. Agree with CANADIAN SINHALAYA , read today news about the Customs seizing medicine stock used for abortions.

    A consignment of unauthorized medicine worth Rs 1.2 million used for abortions was taken into custody by Customs Department on September 25. The consignment contains 3,860 capsules…….

  30. venus

    I think all the girls and boys entering SriLankan universities should pass a virginity test before being allowed to graduate.
    If they fail then they must pass a sexiness test to prove that their loss loss of virginity was worthwhile!

    (What a stupid country!!)

  31. Nandaguptha

    I could not believe how much publicity your paper is providing for a bogus totally fabricated story. Some of these students who are involved in ragging and other nefarious activities do not understand the value of the education and the amount of time and money they are wasting. It seems like this VC is taking some actions and he get pressured by the student unions and media like Sunday Leader. Jayawardanapura University had too many violent ragging incidents. It is good to take some tough actions to save the new students. Free education does not mean they can act like hooligans. They need to abide by the law. This report has many anonymous sources as usual. I think disgruntled students are trying to tarnish the image of the VC so they could get rid of him and take over the control. I hope Sunday leader will do a impartial report on this with an open mind and proper research.

  32. ali baba

    This thing can only happen in Sri Lanka!

  33. uni

    This VC is destroing University culture, values & qualities. No any student like him. Defenitely he has done “that thing”. But he is trying to show any other. According to him he is like a god. but truth, he is a Devil. Always he is doing things what others laughing.

  34. Hewa

    I am not aware of the truth of this allegation. But one thing for sure is that the JVP affiliated ‘Anthare’ and its so called president is trying very hard to get rid of the VC who abolished the ragging culture in Jpura. Why do not you journalists question this Udula fellow ‘ How may years he has spent in the university? How many more years he intends to waste tax payer’s money? and so far what is the progress he has achieved in his studies?’.
    This fellow is a paid employee of JVP spreading their propaganda among Uni students. If you want to report some news about universities pl. do not interview this fellow. If he is involved in any incident, the majority of the people will not believe the reported incident.

    Let’s eradicate the JVP cancer from the Sri Lankan University system.

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Hewa (Sam??), My questions entirely as well. How much longer this man is intending to lead the internal-students? When is he going to lead the protests of unemployed graduates? When is he going to complete his degree? Or let’s put it in perspective..has he got any chance of completing it? But you got a few points wrong my friend.
      1. He is not a paid employee of the JVP for sure. The JVP has no money to even pay their secretary anymore. Have you seen the jilmart boss in a press conference recently? He came to the last one in a three-wheeler. This Udul is fighting to get a nomination from the JVP for some Pradesiya Sabha in the next year’s election, that’s his mission.
      2. The majority will believe this news, not because of Udul the utter nutter but because the VC is of inferior quality too.
      3. No let’s not eradicate the JVP from the University setup but from the whole country. Unless they want to play by the book and be democratic, they are a cancer, they need to be taken out of the equation.

  35. josh

    lol… the vice chancellor ask the media to find students who are against them and here we have lecturers even talking against him….

    isnt it clearly visible from the statement the lecturer made saying “these students are adults and we cannot interfere with their personal lives” that the incident that the VC denies happened has actually happened?? i mean seriously.. i guess no one is allowed to enter a SL university below the age of 19 or 20… and when your above 18 your a bloody adult.. even your parents cant have a hold on you… how can the VC of a university hold you for these stuff?? what is his problem??? i mean seriously… i personally know of people who study in university after they get married… imagine their lives??? this guy should be sacked immediately!!!

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Josh..Gosh you made your point clear first but then play your own goal. Why would a married couple choose a public joint to have a snog? But yes, the VC is low breed and patetic and this Udaya guy and his pals are insane.




    sunday leader, when someone insult our dear president you are happy to publish them even if it s in gutter language. you guys are sri lankans who insult sri lanka in the international arena.

  38. ANIL


  39. Plain Talking

    Self criticism is important for continuous improvement. We Srilankans should be able to freely discuss different point of views and should not be ashamed of that. When media control is rampant this is only one way of expressing the views to share with others.

  40. Roshan Perera

    Why cant the Director of the hospital say whether the girls were brought there for the test or not. Does he have a moral conscience? Surely he should speak out the truth without evasion. What a sorry bunch of professionals we have in our country. What about the doctors who refused to carry out the tests. how can democracy and personal freedom be protected with this type of persons

  41. YM

    If the University has an ambulance, wouldnt the vehicle log show that it had made a trip to CSTH ? Wouldn’t the security post record the arrival departure of the vehicle with the corresponding time? Hasn’t the driver of the ambulance been questioned and what about ‘the men in front’ who got down at the hospital? I thought investigative journalism would have seen to these. When there is nothing on paper, and its one person’s word against another, I cannot understand why we should go ballistic on this. The again, perhaps its because we dont like virgins anymore.

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