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Mangala Questioned By CID Over Posters (Photos)

Shiral Lakthilaka, Mangala Samaraweera and Ravi Karunayake outside the CID

Shiral Lakthilaka, Mangala Samaraweera and Ravi Karunayake outside the CID

UNP media head Mangala Samaraweera was questioned for three hours by the CID today, over a poster protesting against the controversial 18th amendment to the constitution.

Samaraweera told the press that the prolonged questioning showed the declining state of democracy in the island. The posters in question allegedly portrayed President Rajapaksa as former dictator of Uganda Idi Amin. Other posters showed a god with six heads, each head being one of the President’s siblings or sons.

Nine employees of the printing press used to print the posters are currently in custody under the Emergency Regulations.

However, Samaraweera has told the press he takes responsibility for printing the posters.

Photos show Samaraweera exiting the CID office after the questioning.

11 Comments for “Mangala Questioned By CID Over Posters (Photos)”

  1. Sapumal

    If Mahinda rajapakse has forgotten his past and path that he came to power, (May be his Brothers dont know anything of the past) , I will tell them one thing.You will learn a lesson very soon when you lost your corrupted power.Mangala or the other people who doesnt belong to your henchmen will not bend their knees in front of your abusing power. What we know is day by day they are capable of eroding your ability to stay in power. Thousands of tiny shots are capable of breaking a solid rock some day.It may be slow.But it really works!.Mangala stand for what you believe in.They are just like ants!

  2. SB

    Well said Sapumal !!

  3. David

    When Mangala was printing posters against UNP MR was enjoying it to the fullest , and now when the same guy do that exact thing against MR , MR can’t tolerate that ..!!!

  4. chooti baba

    Hallo Mangala democracy died long ago …you are the person who has to take responsibility for this demise…together with Alles and that dead bloke Sripathi ..something ..You were the king maker nah? so what are you grumbling about? thy kingdom has come now hasnt it? …but remember thy will will never be done coz you are history now…

  5. Kan

    Where is demoncracy in SL? Recently, a man threw a rotten egg at Prime Minister of Australia while she was going to address a gathering. It didn’t reach her, instead a police office who was near by got hit by the egg. Nothing happened. He was not arrested or anything. Instead the prime minister apologised to the police officer for getting hit !!!! This is how great democracies work.

    If this happened in SL, even if it was just a minister or a MP, imaging what the consequences would be !!!! Sri Lanka will never go forward if the country is ruled like this. People should have the right to express their views. Why are they making such a big issue about a poster?

    I CURSE MR and his family everyday !!!!!!!!!!! The end of the MR govt. and family should come soon. Wake up people. Stand up for your rights and your future.

    • Sinhaya

      You can curse as much as you want because you seem to be nothing but a curse yourself. MR did for the country what his predecessors could not do – to fight and defeat the world’s most ruthless terrorist organization – the tamil tiger terrorists. Sri Lanka is moving forward in spite of your curses and Mangala’s posters. So keep on cursing until you get tired of it or die cursing.

  6. Villa

    People are going to label Kan as a ‘western worshipping elite’. MRs supporters think the only people to oppose him are the ones against progress. You’re either with him or you’re a traitor who can’t bear to see the south shinning in prosperity.
    They don’t understand why you keep shouting about democracy. Why whine and complain without supporting our great leader? According to government propaganda, people are happy, everyone is enjoying tax free cars and only sour losers are complaining
    They arrest anyone that speaks against them, they kill anyone who dares to challenge them, and they try everything possible to zero the opposition. And the excuse for all this is that we need a strong leadership to continue the progress. The government also does a great job in spreading the word that we are being independent and fearless by snubbing off ‘western powers’. No doubt they will blame the posters on some western power too. A power that is jealous and cannot bear to see SL progress. And of course if any lankan supports the poster they too are puppets of this western power.
    Dear government supporters, what kind of inferiority complex does your leader suffer from? How and why would such a powerful president get so bothered by a simple poster? Especially if 90% of the population is behind him. Why does it worry him so much. What exactly about the poster boils your blood?

  7. ramithi

    Sri lanka politics all are rotten politics. You cannot find a good apple in the basket.
    All are looking for the opportunity if the pie is in the opposite side all are crying as if that their a the angels and protector of the pie.

    By the way, I also like to get a share , any luck……….

  8. Kingkong

    Someone has commented that Mangala is a professional man, we agree but this is not his profession-poster man-, he is a designer and falls into Ranil’s classification.
    I hope it is understood and no elaboration needed!

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