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Govt.: Not Same Law For LTTE Suspects

The government has said that suspected LTTE detainees cannot be treated under the same law as everyone else.

Deputy Economic Development Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardhana has told the BBC that any country in the world would agree that they could not be treated like ordinary criminals.

Abeywardhana has been quoted as saying, “The detainees are providing us with information about others who are still at large. The authorities need to keep them for longer to extract more information about the rebel activities and people involved.”

Meanwhile, former LTTEers currently being rehabilitated in the north have reportedly turned up for job interviews today (29) in the private sector held in two camps in Vavuniya.

The local media stated that they are being interviewed mostly for jobs in factories.
Some 4,000 former LTTE cadres are being rehabilitated at the Pampaimadu and Nelunkulama camps in Vavuniya.

4 Comments for “Govt.: Not Same Law For LTTE Suspects”

  1. Ela Kolla

    While I agree that terrorists cannot be prosecuted in the same way, I think this causes a problem cos we all know that the security officers get paranoid or prejudice when it comes to tamils, so an innocent tamil civilian who has lived with everyone else from birth also can be unlawfully treated. For example I have a friend who is a tamil who has lived for 22 years overseas but his parents are still scared to let him come down to his home country for a visit cos of this issue. I mean he could get stopped at a check point and dragged in for interrogation for no reason and there’s nothing anyone could do about it. Also b4 anyone goes and tells me read the article properly, I want to point out the first sentence says “The government has said that suspected LTTE detainees cannot be treated under the same law as everyone else”… “suspected” being the key word here…

    • gamunu

      Ela Kolla,
      Would you say the same thing about how Americans treat suspected Al Quida detainees at Guantanamo bay? In britain, Germany and in France there is an Isalamaphobia where muslims are considered a threat to the society. I suppose you don’t want to comment on them,eh? Are they any different to your adoring LTTE? It is not a sense of paranoia but to ensure no further clandestine activities take place in the future. We in SL suffered enough for almoat 3 decades due to terrorism in which diaspora were involved directly or indirectly. If your “buddy” had no involvement with the LTTE he has nothing to worry. It is the guilty who should be afraid to face the law.
      Most of your “buddies” who went abroad helped the LTTE financially (willingly or coerced) in the past. So you pay back for your evil action. Funny how some of you want to portray the very people who were instrumental in the LTTE activities now call them innocent civilians. Can you remember the times when VP gave his Maarveer lectures to wold wide audiences?
      Terrorists in any colour or creed are dangerous and must be handled differently to the common criminals. No matter what your views are I am with the current practice because when we were suffering others looked the other way.

  2. kiri

    “Not Same Law For LTTE Suspects”
    Some LTTE members get VIP status in Sri Lanka. If you got money then come to big dada and you get to sleep with Royal family.
    But if you are just a suspect, we already got the system.. nobody knows your name or number, good bey.

    There is also a justice for those who fought terrorism genuinely; when you turn the back on the Royals you become one of them, suspected terrorist. SF, you are no more Dutugamunu, the greatest General, War hero but another suspect waiting a judgment form the Royalty!

  3. Ela Kolla

    Gamunu – You seem to have got your knickers twisted about what I said, and have come in to a few idiotic conclusions of who I am, which only proves my point of how prejudice ppl are.. first of all, I’m not Tamil, I’m a Christian burgher, my friend is a Tamil who was born in Jaffna and studied at Royal college until 5th grade but when the troubles started they were persecuted by you Sinhala people who were prejudice then and is now the same. You think a guy who has lived abroad for 20 odd years and has Jaffna on his passport would not be subject to scrutiny, although he has nothing to do with the LTTE?? Please… don’t be so naive… I don’t adore the LTTE, I hate them as much as any other guy in SL for what has happened in the past. All I’m saying is, if you were to think that all foreign and domestic Tamils had something to do with the LTTE (which is your current mind set as per your comment) then obviously they are going to face difficulty and be treated as same as the actual LTTE cadre.. So by saying let’s treat all “suspects” as LTTE you are actually not preventing “clandestine activities” but promoting it. I don’t get why ppl immediately bring up other issues faced by other countries to our own, I admit that those are learning’s for a 3rd world country but all those ppl are as prejudice of Muslims as we are of Tamils and are any of their problems solved yet?. For example the whole ID checking issue recently at Dehiwala or somewhere, ALL Tamils were subject to prejudice and questioning, why? while some of them might have had something to do with the LTTE, MOST of them have been living together in harmony with us before when you were even conceived.. I agree that Terrorists should be treated diff to others – refer my first comment -. But that would present an issue to a normal Tamil, cos as we all know there is no Law and human rights in SL, if your Tamil, Sinhalese, burgher or whatever the hell it is, if you are suspected it’s as good as a conviction. And stop quoting the word Buddy you moron, I haven’t said buddy for you to quote it, guess you don’t understand the concept of quoting. Also the article is about Detained LTTE suspects and I was just saying that Tamil civilians also could be subject to same treatment, so in fact this discussion is out of topic.

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