UNP Decision On Reforms This Week

The UNP says that UNP MP Kabir Hashim would announce to the media this week the party’s stance on the reforms programme following discussions with the pro-reforms group and the party leadership.

The 10 day deadline given by several UNP MPs who threatened to sit independently in parliament if the party leadership failed to implement the party reforms ended yesterday (28).

UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake told the media that Hashim who negotiated the 10-day deadline at the last Working Committee meeting has had successful discussions with the persons concerned and that a few more days will be needed to finalize some decision on the party reforms.

Hashim is the intermediary between the pro-reforms groups and the party leadership.

The pro-reforms group of the party is to meet today to decide on the party reforms and the group’s future course of action.

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  1. Ranil is gentleman.There are no doubt.But poor administrator.He got the leadership too early.Even he work with Panditharatne lot of things are change.He blindly appointed Gamini & went behind Sirisena cooray.There are lot of professional at that time.Dayaratne ,Pelpola Tyronne,Imthiyas,Wimal,Susil Kehaliya,sarath are can lead the campains.But went with SB,GL,Rajita & Malik.

  2. gamunu

    So isn’t that enough for him to resign and hand over the leadership to smeone younger, vibrant and honest. Whatever you may think of RW he is a crook and a manipulator. He let other losers manipulate him and also he tried ways to dupe the masses but only the english speaking “Colombians” thought he is the gift of god to politics. How sad to see such educated elite not realising the need to change a serial loser with a vibrant challenger.

  3. There are no leadership quality people in the party.Only karu is the man. But he made the big mistake joining with the MR.Even thou he can rise the voice regarding reform of party.Sajith is the only candidate but need lot of changes. He also silent this so much period.Blindly talking about premadasa policies.UNP need new policies or DS policies.Premadsa created lot of problem to party. Party constitution must change with appointment of working commitee.

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