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Anoma To Fight For SF’s Release (Photos)

A thoughtful Anoma Fonseka

A thoughtful Anoma Fonseka

Former Army Commander and DNA Leader Sarath Fonseka’s wife, Anoma Fonseka, today (30) said the verdict, instead of discouraging her has strengthened her to resolve to fight for her husband’s freedom.

She called on the people and the true war heroes in the three armed forces to rally against the court martial verdict that has imprisoned her husband.

Anoma told a press conference that the whole world knew the sentence against her husband is an act of political revenge.

She said that along with her daughters, she would fight to secure her husband’s release.

She also thanked the President for sending her husband to prison as a token of gratitude for the role played by him to free the country from terrorism.

Anoma noted that the President has revealed his true image to the world through his actions against Fonseka.

“This is only the beginning of the struggle. We will continue and not give up,” she said.

Photos show Anoma Fonseka at the press conference.

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  1. Sri Lankan

    President showed his gratitude by promoting SF to be the only serving General, making him the Chief of Staff, and giving him other honours.

    That is how the war hero was treated, something Anoma Fonseka conveniently ignores.

    Whether his new post was “ceremonial” or not didn’t matter, because the war was won and over.

    However, SF had a right to do politics, and to contest against MR. And SF had a good chance of winning.

    However, instead of doing a good campaign, SF said something which majority of Sri Lankans didn’t want to hear – infamous “white flag” story. The was over, and a majority wanted to leave it behind.

    He also showed several times how emotionally unstable and hot tempered he is. Finally he lost the election, not because of government propaganda machine, but because of himself.

    And even after the elections, SF was not arrested. Don’t forget what he told the BBC the morning he was arrested.

    SF is NOT a political threat to Mahinda anymore. He lost his public acceptance the day he uttered the “white flag” story. SF is a liability to the country and the armed forces it left at large. That is why many Sri Lankans, not necessarily the ones who read Sunday Leader, approve him being behind bars. And such approval has not removed the respect and love we had towards SF as a great war hero.

    • Singhalese Buddhist

      Sri Lankan:

      I would like to know which end of the body you are talking? The white flag story is a ” True Story” and SF is right by stating the facts. SF is a disciplined commander and he had to reveal what happened at the war front to the world. It seems NOT right to spare the LTTE’s but we had a moral right and we were a signatory Vienna convention that no military would kill those who surrender during combat but subject due process of war.

      It was who Gota overruled SF given orders to Kill surrenders and it is confirmed by BBC and other western media organizations that some of the senior LTTERs were killed in the process of surrendering themselves.

      So, SF did the right thing: telling the truth. that is all he did. You know this and we know this. Gota and MR will be in power for ever! Unfortunately they do not know that. Commander like SF never wanted to betray anybody but only who done heinous crimes against humanity, on our side or their side

      • Mossad

        hey man at-least have a backbone to accept your nationality , no wonder you people are always losers , lost the wonder , and will continue to lose, hope you don’t lose your refugee status in Canada

      • gamunu

        Sinhalese buddhist,
        You certainly are talking from your rear end not the SriLankan!! If the white flag story was true why did SF retracted it? get your facts right before making stupid comments. You are neither a sinhalese or a Buddhist but a western stooge. For you the BBC is the gospel and you want us to believe them. You are dreaming mate. That story was alleged to have been given by a third person. SF couldn’t even identify the source of it. So where is the credibility? Any idiot can say a similar thing and the world has to believe it.

        His disciplinary records are coming out now. You may even say these too are fabricated and he is whiter than white. He is liar and a manipulator. He was a crook and a bully who was just about to be ended up in the trash when he was given the chance to lead the Army.

        Talk about betrayal. What of those heinous crimes being committed by the US and British forces. Your views are driven by your hatred towards rRajapaksas as such has no worth.

      • lakmal

        @ Singhalese Buddhist,

        Tell me how many milligrams your brain weighs? Tell me why SF signed the 1958 Official Secrets Act? It is an abiding to protect secrets of national security. SF breached that with that White Flag statement? Do you get it? Do you think just by telling the truth a person can be lawful? Don’t show how stupid you are even though you are one.

      • True Sinhalese Budist

        You are not a Singhalese Budist. Disclosing any military secrete is an act of treason. On what ground you say that white flag story was a true one. Can you remember SF himself is attempting to say that he did not make that statement. Why? He knows that he told a delibarate lie. One thing is sure to me – that is you are a Tamil who still supports ruthless LTTE terrorists.

      • ranjith

        If thi swas the truth, and he knoew it was wrong, why did he wait until he came to politics to divulge the truth. If he was a disciplined commander and knew that that order was wrong, why did he not tell the world before it was careried out, or immediately. Resign from the post and divulge the truth. It was good for him to keep the truth until he was promoted to Chief of staff which he was not happy with. Then only this truth became so important. What nonsense, He is like all others using so called truths for his advantage, even at the expense of a whole country !!.

      • Romane de silva

        Thousands support our great leader Sarath Fonseka….May God be with him in this time and use this situation to heal our land of the so much of hatred by our so called elected leaders.
        We stand with you Anoma during this time….be strong and brave for your husband. Thousands though silenced because of fear stand with you.

    • Siling Biling

      Very well said. General was trying to take our country on unhealthy direction for his personal benefits and to win the political battle against MR. Sri Lankan who loves his country will never utter a word against his or her motherland to a foreign body (hi profile military leader) and if you did that it shows how much you love your country. I like General as a military leader and what he did to save the the country on behalf of the front line soldier. But remember who made him Comd of the Army, General and CDS which he was never going to get with any other ruling party for sure.

      • Sarath

        Siling Biling,

        If your mind is as silly as your pseudonym, let me enlighten you. If General Fonseka was greedy for power, he could have staged a coup at the end of the war, and locked up the corrupt Rajapakses (which is where they deserve to be). But, he tried in the democratic manner, trusting the Sri Lankan voter to have some common sense, and believing in the power of the ballot. But, he didn’t expect the Presidential election to be stolen.

        He was our only hope to bring some discipline to the corrupt political scene, the lethargic public service, and the bribe taking criminal police. His loss is the collective loss of all Sri Lankans. We may not see the like of him during our lifetime. What a pity.

        • Vip

          Most Sri Lankans are very inteligent. Thats why they selected a great leader like MR. Silly people like you, but thinking that you are enlightened only dont understand that.very pathetic. but cant help.

        • gamunu

          He tried it, but failed. Thanks heavens for that. He was planning such a move with cleverly posting his faithfuls in important positions. Fortunately the Indian intelligence warned of an impending coup. So the timely intervention. How corrupt do you want Sf to be before you call him corrupt. You will believe anything printed against MR but when things are printed about SF you don’t accept them , do you?
          I suggest you think carefully who the Silly pseudonium fits.

    • Sarath

      Dear Sri Lankan,

      General Fonseka and Mrs. Fonseka have the conscience of the country behind them. Every Sri Lankan knows that he is the victim of a vindictive campaign.

      SF’s only fault was that he had the courage (rather naively) to expose the corruption of the Rajapakses and stand up to them. The Rajapakses, despite some education and foreign exposure, are at the bottom common thugs, vindictive to the bone. They are good at trouncing impotent politicians like Ranil, but couldn’t stand the upstart SF.

      If, as a nation, we can show an ounce og gratitude for the peace we enjoy today, a major part of that should go to General Fonseka. Or, have we become a nation of ungrateful sycophants, brainwashed by Mahinda’s rhetoric, the Lake House newspapers, and Rupavahini?

      • gamunu

        I am proud to be a SriLankan, but do not count me in that group. I hate to be in that group. He was naive alright to be coerced by the US to challenge MR for a regime change for not allowing them to save and take VP and his top command to another country. That was the reason. If they succeeded what woulod be our future now. Open your eyes and ears. If you are naive not to understand world politics I suggest you listen not only to BBC, CNN & ABC. That may enlighten you further.
        Our thanks must go to the president for not heeding to western powers (including people like RW, RK, and you) and carrying the fight to the enemy. Had he listened to them where would SF be now? There were many good generals in the army before SF. The only difference is the political will that took the war to the end. Your misguided views on MR and SF is a apathetic reflection on your knowledge base coupled with your dislike towards the current regime..

    • Shane

      NICE :)

    • Ruwan

      absolutly spot on man!!! well said..

    • UNP Man

      Well said!

    • Supun Jaywardene

      you could be just a srilanken,by name. There are significant nubmers of lankens who belonged to the educated category look at the matter- this was purely a personal revenge by Gota who is the murderous brother remote controlling MR.

      - presidential election was not acceptable by its results
      -Tsunami funds were abused by MR and his brothers
      - entire foreign missions have been run by uneducated henchmen and relatives of MR
      all these cant be seen by general public – so long continuous state brain washing machineries are in place

  2. David

    Both parties are guilty here including MR and SF , If SF wanted to do politics , he should have done it in a respectable way without acting as a Cow Boy on the stage, and MR should have left the legal process to civilian court where the citizens will have some insight in to the all allegations and counter claims without putting it though a court martial where common man doesn’t have any access to the process ….!!!

  3. priyantha-italy

    we are with SF for democracy

    • UNP Man

      Militory Man for democracy? See Pakistan, See Bangladeh, See Myanmar (burmar)…
      Are they democratic? Think wise!

  4. Ranil

    Or yes!. Does she expect all members of all four forces will rally around her?. What about appealing for all women, as she did some months ago. Your husband has committed a punishable offence (more than one). So let him suffer. Did he not punish the wrong doers when he was in authority. Get your absconding son-in-law into the court.

  5. BASH

    I feel, this treatment is worst that the LTTE bomb attack against him.

  6. Sapumal

    What ever the veridct they have given is unjustifiable and unlawful.He havent done anything wrong to violate the laws of the country.But any dictator can send anyone he doesnt like or he dosnt want to be free to prison. No political pandith can argue this and this is lawfull detention according to Sri Lanka constitution.Who cares about Military courts! It is an purely formation of injustice decision making body.real culprits are working hard to earn black money by misusing state resources, real heros are in prison!Go and tell everbody and the international leaders by meeting them individually about this undemocratic move asp. There should be a natural law…..I want the natural laws to make the decision!

    • Singhalese Buddhist

      Absolutely, KP, Daya Mahtaya, out SF in? Wait, it will not too long to put MR & Gota in Jail. They will not be in power rest of their lives!

  7. Free Sri lanka

    What ever the veridct they have given is unjustifiable and unlawful.He havent done anything wrong to violate the laws of the country.But any dictator can send anyone he doesnt like or he dosnt want to be free to prison. No political pandith can argue this and this is lawfull detention according to Sri Lanka constitution.Who cares about Military courts! It is an purely formation of injustice decision making body.real culprits are working hard to earn black money by misusing state resources, real heros are in prison!Go and tell everbody and the international leaders by meeting them individually about this undemocratic move asp. There should be a natural law…..I want the natural laws to make the decision!


    • Sunil Jayaweera

      Your are absolutely correct! All judges in the military courts were Rajapakses’ loyals. So you cannot expect justice from them. Also, as soon as the presidential elections were over, Rajapakse regime changed all judges in the Colombo Magestrate courts and appointed therir friends because they were planning to bring more criminal cases against Sarath Fonseka and they wanted guilty verdicts on all of their cases against the General. What is happenning now would be black marks in our history. We all thought that we would have written very colorful pages in our history books soon after the war was won. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

  8. Srilankans

    Madam do not be discouraged, now only “Srilankan Voters Voted” for this government foolishely ,understood the gravity of their foolish action to make a “Dictator”. Time is the “Best” healer. After this “Judgement” Honarable General Fonseka became more and more famous among the Srilankans nationaly and internationaly and more and more supporters coming after him to be established the lost “Democracy” in Srilanka. Good Luck.

    • gamunu

      So all who voted against MR are the clever lot in Srilanka. Yes the Colombians think so too. Your honourable General Fonsaka did a sterling job as a genral with the help of other team members to win the war. He was not so honourable in claiming that he was the war hero pushing others into the trash bin. When do you intelectuals ever begin to get into your heads that the war was won by a colloective issue. At the end your honourable General made the cardinal sin of betraying his very partners who worked alongside him. If you call that honourable what kind of mentality you possess?
      The nations that want to put Rajapaksas are stung by the way they conducted the war without listening to their requests. So the western media ns some NGO, who have a vested interest are crying foul on SF issue. That is all. The world is not limited to the western Media. So think sensibly if you think you belong to the educated lot.

  9. soma

    Whole nation except few croonies who sell their sole for money and power is behind theTRUE HERO OF MOTHER LANKA, GENERAL Sarath Fonseka.

    President Rajapksha and his brother are paving a way for Genera Fonseka to become the next President of SL.

    Sept 30 of 2010 is very special day for Sri Lankans.

    Hope KP, Karuna, Daya Master, Gourge Master, Pilliyan are living and kicking!!!

  10. ranjan hurulle

    If we apply same standard of justice to all illegal actvilities in SL, nearly all members of parliament will be in jail, many for life. That applies to MR and goons too.

    This is 100% revenge by an very wicked leader.. Give monkey a racor blade and he will cut his neck..

  11. Chummy




    gOOD LUCK & KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. UNP Man

    If Anoma Fonseka knows the politics, she could save her husband. She just ran behind bunch of cow boys – people who did not know anything (JVP lads+Arjuna+Alahaperuma).

  13. Patriot

    A Kangaroo Court Verdict.

  14. Thali NOOR

    Poor SF. helped the lot and end up behind bars but the fellows who killed and robbed the people are in post. Shame on Mother Lanka.

  15. Asanka Jayathissa

    Well said ‘Sri Lankan ‘………….

  16. ANIL


  17. john

    MR has not thought about the younger generations of SL, specially his three sons, some day and its not for long from now he will have to repent for all the actions he do with all the corrupt ministers and his relatives by plundering the riches of the SL people. So we hope and pray for the final result very soon. For a strong man like SF this invalid jail sentance is nothing. He has the patients and courage to overcome it. He is becoming more popular by the day, so WAIT ALL you Lankans the good news is at your arms length BE PATIENT.

    • Karma

      What you said is correct, Rajapaksa Group is Blind Folded, they must have to think about not for them today but the lives and security of their children, because no man can controled everything everyday.

    • gamunu

      John you may have long wait!

  18. Tourist from Belgium

    Sorry we have cancelled our next tour to Srilanka because we heard Babarism in Srilanka and country with the control of Babarians. Topurists be careful.

    • suppiah

      I will be canceling my trip to sri lanka as well. I do not want to end up at the Welikada prison.

      • gamunu

        You too can join the Tourist from Belgium to visit either Canada or Norway. You may even like the places so much and decide to get residency. Bon Voyage!!!!!

    • I Hussein

      As a nation (as Srilankans) we are most hospitable people in the whole Globe for our guests. You can go to any corner in the country without any harm. Even during the height of the civil war no one ever attacked any tourist purposely or intentionally.
      Any way, SL tourism is up by 300% and it will continue to grow.
      Genuine european tourists know very well how safe Srilanka is (Although we are going thru’ some political disturbances now,but nothing to do with violence) and i reckon that you are an LTTE supporter trying to do a minor subotage, which will have no effect at all.

      • j


        We know muslims like you support LTTE when you are under them and support SL Gov when gov is under control which ever area you live. That’s why ppl call you thoppi piratti (changing sides of your hat). now you are shouting as if you are true Sri Lankan. if so you (ppl like you) should have never supported LTTE

    • UNP Man

      Who cares? we have more than enough tourists from all over the world. you EU people thought to keep our land as a slave island? Our great president will not let it go down. Have a good visit elsewhere.

  19. DR AA

    So is she saying he is 100pct honest? Then how come they have all this wealth in the U S?

  20. Saiver Diet

    I Totally agree with the comments made by ‘Sri Lankan’ He had everything going for him, the position of the Chief of Staff, close confidante of the president, any ambassador ship which he demanded ect ect. But simply he was power hungry, just like anyother politician. He wanted more. Then came the JVP who had already lost their credibility with the masses and looking for a ‘messiah’ to pull them out of the wilderness. And also Mangala Samaraweera who had been dumped to the dustbin of SL political hisory.
    SF was the ideal candidate who had the brawn but not the brain.

    It was a foregone conclusion that MR was going to win hands down not because he ws a honest politician but he redeemed country of terrorism.
    UNP relised this and pulled out and decided on a common candidate to save face.

    Intitially Fonseka was sounded good on the political platforms but as he felt the new power of people rallying around him he lost the grip on himself. He sounded more a dictator than MR himself and the goernment media did the rest.

    I am no MR supporter but when one looks back it seems MR is the better of two ‘evils’. Under Fonseka all top positions would be with the militiary like in Pakistan. Dhanuna and SFs daughters would have been more powerful than the SF himself. It is amply proved now with the arrogant utterences of his daughters and his wife.

    • Sri Lankan

      “He sounded more a dictator than MR himself and the goernment media did the rest.”

      I think more than the “dictator”, it was the “traitor” thing which did it. And for that, it was not government media, but The Sunday Leader did the rest!

  21. This is for Mr Sri Lankan,You seems like have Love for Sf and the same time not.First of all he won the election Mr Sri Lankan,Second, White flag story not one proved yet, It is in the court Just wait even justice is only done in Kangaroo court today in Sri Lanka, I do not have trust on Sc today.As i know S/F is a soldier, Not a politician and he does not know what to say or not as a politician. He is honest and speak as it is,Only thing he did wrong practice democratic rights.He is a still big threat to MR company.Madam Fonseka you do not get the justice in fools paradise (If not justice must has done) take you case to International level.Only thing i can do is cry and cry for the country.

    • gamunu

      I am surprised how low you can be to express your hatred towards MR. No Srilankan with a sensible mind will sell your people to foreign agencies like the UN. Have you ever considered the repercussions of such allegations to the nation? Such allegations will no doubt tarnish the individuals but that effects a nation as a whole too. We will be labelled as barbarians throughout the world. and Nandana won’t be spared from that too!!
      Will that alleged incident pardon the soldiers who alleged to have carried out the instruction too. If so What is your loyalty to the nation and the forces who fought a bitter battle. You may have your won private Vendetta against MR and his party but I suggest as a SriLankan not to delve on misinformation. Only the LTTE rump, the diaspora and certain NGO are pushing for investigation. If you think you cabn help them go ahead and give your version too. Before that change your name to a Tamil name.

      • Sarath


        The UN a foreign agency? Then why won’t Sri Lanka resign from membership in the UN?

        From the way you write, you obviously have had a good education. But, what you lack are critical thinking powers. In your line of thinking, never mind that MR has dragged us to the depths that Iran, Burma, Libya, and Zimbabwe have fallen to. Never mind that MR, his brothers, and his cronies are robbing the country dry? Never mind that he goes on a junket with 130 family members and hangers on while hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans manage on rice and pol sambol, while mothers throw their children from bridges because they can’t afford to feed the, while Sri Lankans are enslaved in the Middle east for as little as $100 per month. Never mind that kiilers of Buddhist monks and of other innocent Sri lankans (I refer to Karuna, Pillayan, & co) lead lives of luxury while the General who led the charge against the terrorists now sleeps on a mat.

        Open your eyes.

  22. ramithi

    take the example from Tiger wood

  23. Nalin(melb)

    Dear Anoma
    Long Time ago King Dhutugamunu went to war with 10 of his giant commanders against king Elara the great. The 10 giants did many hiroism to bring the vitory for the king. Not only that even Kadol tusker did lots of things to gain victory. At the end none of the 10 great commanders fight for the King Gamunu’s Thrown. None of them went to other side and tryed to reveial the secrets how they von.
    Your husband was only a soldger who had to obey people’s command (The President). He Had a job to do. And people gave him the full power/support to full fill that. And he was rewaded and honord for that hard work.
    Yes he had his right to get into politics by learning what it is.
    Commanding an army and govenring a country are 2 didferent things.
    Your husband went and at the end joind with a traitor who gave the country ina silver platter to your husbands owen enermy.
    You are lucky this is not rajakale if it was your husband should have been hunged.
    So Thank the president and shut up.

    • Sarath

      Hello Nalin,

      If you are really from Melbourne, then you must have seen how democracies work. After winning the election, the opposition leader was not locked up, tried by kangaroo courts, and jailed. So, please learn something during your stay in Oz, and apply your learning critically to the situation in Sri Lanka.

    • Saiver Diet

      Nalin, there is a ‘Dasa maha yodaya’ in the present administration. !!!

      Gotabaya!!! only Velusumana is missing!!!

  24. Ruwan

    Commoon…. people! Get real and be informed. stop looking at this issue in your political perspective and just screaming in sane. we all know he is a great war hero. however, that does not mean he has immunity or something for what he says and does, doesn’t he?

    If you guys think this verdict is wrong let him challenge it in the Supreme court like Brigadier Parakrama Pannipitiya did. hope you all can recall how he ended up when he got convicted of misusing army vehicles by court martial during SF was commander. Absolutely, Either so- called politicians or masses were not there at that time to hold protesting rally or speak up against that decision of that martial. However, Eventually, he got he hand cleaned in the appeal.
    So, likewise the door is open for SF and until then we will wait and see.

    • Colombo University

      Question is , Is there a “Supreme Court in Srilanka” or “Supreme Coat in Srilanka”?

      • Harry Dematagoda

        Others say, Law is our Fate
        Others say, Law is our State
        Others say, Others say,
        Law is no more,
        Law is gone away!

        ( From, `Law Like Love” by W.H. Auden (1939)

      • gamunu

        Colombo University,
        You decide what is in place.!!

  25. Ananda

    How many Tamil and Sinhalese ladies lost their husbands& children.
    Somebody have to shed tears forever for those SINS.

    • gamunu

      Who are you referring to here? Do you mean the LTTE who massacred an untold number of civilians or the soldiers who gave their lives to eliminate the curse from the earth?

    • Harry Dematagoda

      What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?

      ( A Quoate from:Mahatma Gandhi: 1869-1948, In memory of Mahatma Ghandi`s birthady to-day)

  26. Independent Annalist

    Please note Mr. SF toled he a reporter informed to him. Such a critical situation as a responsible officer he should not publicly address unconfirmed information which can damage our war heroes image. There is a Sinhala saying “Fish die because of his mouth”. this well matching to Mr. SF. We still respect war hero General Sarath Fonseka but not politician SF who could not control himself and not ready to listen any others. Mrs. Fonseka please convince him to keep his mouth under control and learn how to talk good Sinhala for his future carrier. I am sure still Mr. MR and Mr. GR love him in there harts but no other option for them to keep him silent until Indention is calm down against SL.

  27. w. Pedidurage

    People loving mother land sri lanka should be conscious about the cospiry against the country. Person identified as“ belgium tourist“ here is a local mandoing that.

  28. Neil Charles

    Looking at attitudes of even informed Sri Lankas, let alone the manipulated rural serfs, to the war crimes as they were happening – and especially now as they have been fully exposed – is like looking back at ordinary Nazi Germans who “didnt know” what was being done in their names by their democratically elected government.

    The role of the ordinary Germans in the various genocides that happened is well described in Hitlers Willing Executioners by Daniel Goldhagen.

    And just as relevant is the new film Jud Suss, which focuses not on Goebbels but rather on the German artists who chose to make the film.

    • gamunu

      Neil Charles,
      Where the hell you get the idea of crimes being exposed. It is the Western media and the affiliated NGO, and Governments who are trying hang SriLanka to Dry. If you only read the media that you think is favourable to youtr views it is your problem. Don’t forget the Attempt by the US, GB, and the EU to get them on the SC was scuppered due to the views of many neutral countries who realised the motive of the supper powers. This is bulling and You have no right to compare SriLankan forces with the Nazis. Why don’t you do that with the American and British soldiers who are causing untold misery in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Isaraelis in Palestine/ Do you have a different measure for that lot? Is it because you consder you still have the colonial rights to abuse other countries.

  29. w.Pedidurage

    I feel sorry about you Mr Suppaiya as you are loosing a chance inspire fresh and peaceful air in this paradise.

  30. Saiver Diet

    I cannot understand this ‘war hero’ tag they are giving to SF. He was never in the war front when the fighting was intense and neither wa Gotabaya. They managed the war in posh air conditioned offices in Colombo.

    The true war heros are now in diability centers or lying beneath 6 feet deep in earth. The remaining heros are still guarding the the cities in sun and rain, day and night and will soon be a forgotten breed while the leeches and the parasites get rich with now booming ecnomy, thanks to their sacrifices.

    Fonseka never got injured in the war front. He got his a….s blasted in side own headquaters. So much for the protector of the civilians who could not guard his own house!!! If he has retired then licking his wounds today he may have been some embassador in some country nursing a ‘black label’

  31. Generala

    Saiver you are right -

    Why not give ‘war hero’ medals to other rogues as well as they also were injured by the LTTE- Chadrika Bandaranaika, Mahinda Wijesekera, Nimal Sirpala who escaped twice. Gen Ratwatte whos chopper landed in the enemy teritory and came back shiting in his pants.

    The true heros were Wijaya Wimalarathne, Gen Kobbekaduwa and the rest who did not become overnight millionairs like most the Army & Navy commanders and Airforce chiefs building bungalows in the nature reserves.

  32. harry

    At Mr.Diet,
    SF was never in the war front? Probably you were not following the ITN news during those days.He planned the ground offensive ,and convinced the Rajapakhshes to go ahead with the pla.,when they were actually not sure if the war could be won.
    Fonseka never got injured in the war front?
    Again people like you seem to have no idea about recent history during and after the conflict.He was injured 2 times in the battle field(2nd time,bullet in left lung) and 3rd time at the Army headquarters.
    As long as GENERAL fonseka was rigorouly fighting to protect the Rajapakshe regime,he was hailed a hero. Once he switched direction, he was blacklisted as a Traitor.
    Of course people like you would never understand why GENERAL SF is a war hero,because you have no idea how to distinguish a real hero from the cardboard heroes on cut-outs in the city. That’s why you blw the trumpet for Traitors like the Rajakhshe family.

    • Generala

      Mr. Harry,

      Just to verify your claims I surfed the internet about SF. Yes he seem to have got injured in the war front. If that info is correct then my appologies!!

      Then what about Appuhamie’s son??? who had lost both legs with a jonnie batta. Siryawathies nephew who is in wheel chair ,the ‘Hasalaka weerya’
      whos mother still living in a mud hut!! Who going to sing hosanas for their contributions to war. They dont have 6 million in the bank lockers!. They dont have sons-in-law hiding away from the law! They dont have daughters screaming in US fighting for thierr father rights!

      If you are so squeeky cleen how can you manage to educate two of your children in US with a Generals salary??. I educated only one child overseas and I know how much it cost . It is like CBK claiming that she sold familly jewellery to buy medicines for her children. Tell it to the birds!!! only idiots like you who will beleive them.

      SF got what he diserved, injured in the war front or not!

      I am a sad UNP er. but no supporter of MR regime

  33. raj

    the problem in Sri Lnaka has been caused by religious fanatism and langugae fanatism. So far only Tamils were victims to thse fanatism. now Sinhalese who kep quiet when Tamils were victimised by successive government since inpendent are vitims to the same thing. MR and GB are suspected war criminals so both should face an international inquiry without question.

  34. samare

    shame on you all military men and women the day you let Sarath Fonseka be imprisoned you all acknowledged that you are now fully politicised and no longer free to think and act according to military ethics. Judges, Military Men and women, police officers, professionals please wake up…… is this the road you want to take Sri Lanka down in the next years?? Look at the bodies of both MR and SF and see who bears the scars of ridding this country of terrorism? and now who have you jailed?
    Terrorism was a result of political blundering and now they want to claim the glory for ridding it; but who paid the price??? It was the ordinary citizen, the police and the military. The politician used our money and your lives to protect them; then and now. Wake up, wake up !!!!!!!

  35. gamunu

    No I too did not see that ITN footage and even if I did it makes no difference. Get your facts right. During the final stages of the war he was not even in SriLanka let alone in the front line. He spent most of his time in the command bunkers with the top notch.
    He was drafted to the general status by the rajapaksas who thought he was the man to do the job for them. For that he was rewarded but this ungrateful creature wanted more at the expense of his masters. That is the true story you failed to mention. In my view it is called “betrayal”.
    I will not hesitate to call him a war hero but he is not alone in that. Harry for your information we had lots cardboard heros but in the end the job was finished by the leadership given by the president. I think I am suitably intelligent enough to distiguish real war heros from so called card borad heros. Perhaps you need to learn more about SriLankan ways. Who the hell are you blowing the trumpet for? Is it for RW, JVP, or the Diaspoar Tamils?

    Incidently SF was injured at the Army headquartes after a suicide attack of an LTTE. and if you call heroic there are others who got blown off in similar circumstances . Thanks to your heros LTTE. So It best you call all of them heros. or shut up and leave our affairs to us.
    If you want blpw a trumpet you should do aso using the Tamil Net. Once again get lost if you have no knowledge of SL affairs.

  36. Rex

    This is for Gamunu.

    I have read your vituperative responses to some of the comments in this forum, and wonder which planet you are on. Yes, there were many Presidents/PMs before Mahinda, but there were many army commanders, too. As General Fonseka has stated, the war could not be won because these commanders were corrupt, making deals with arms suppliers. The longer the war lasted, the more they would earn. SF put a stop to that, kicked out the corrupt officers, brought discipline to the army, and that contributed to victory.

    Having worked closely with the Rajapakses, he saw how corrupt they were (think of Basil, Mr. 30%). He wondered why poor army men were sacrificing their limbs and lives when these thieves in Colombo were enjoying their lives ripping the country off. He wanted to bring to the country the same discipline he had brought to the army. He could have staged a coup, very easily at the height of his power and popularity, but chose the democratic path, quite naively, not expecting the Rajapakses to rig the election.

    Shame on Sri Lankans that we allowed SF to be jailed. As for you, please stop reading Lake House newspapers and watching Rupavahini and ITN.

  37. Dear Anoma, Where is Managala and JVP big guy Somawansa? Why aren’t they with you in a very sad moment like this? I’m sure you may have understood by now that they were all playing tricks on your husband for their own political gain. Don’t blame the govt for all what happened. The govt gave all the credit your husband deserved soon after winning the war. Your husband himself praised the govt for giving him an opportunity to serve in the army and specially thanked Gota. It was your husband’s fault if he believed in every word the others said to manipulate him to enter politics. At least, be away from all these people around you who are promising a WORLD for you and your husband in the political field. In future, please just accompany your relatives and loved ones and not the hora politikko who are trying to win a position for themselves over your grief.

    Instead of going around with politicians go around a Bo tree and try to unbreak Karma. That’s the best thing you should do at a time like this if you really love your husand.

  38. We deifinltey need more smart people like you around.

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