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MR Confirms SF’s Jail Term

Sarath Fonseka and Mahinda Rajapaksa shaking hands at the election office, December 2009

Sarath Fonseka and Mahinda Rajapaksa shaking hands at the election office, December 2009

President Mahinda Rajapaksa today (30) granted approval to the recommendation of the second court martial against former Army Commander and DNA Leader Sarath Fonseka.

The second court martial against Fonseka recommended a jail term not exceeding three years after the former Army Chief was convicted on four charges involving irregularities in military procurements.

President Rajapaksa’s approval for the second court martial recommendation was needed to implement the order, as he is the Commander-in-Chief.

Government sources have said that the President confirmed the 30-month jail term imposed on Fonseka after returning on Wednesday (29) from New York after attending U.N. general assembly.

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  1. He deserves the sentence because he joined the forces which ridiculed the war and tried to save the terrorists for the simple reason that he wanted to become the President by toppling Rjapakse , who withstood pressure brought by the Western powers . It was the UNP and JVP who wanted Rajapakse out as they couldn’t give a run to him.

    • Suwimal

      But he was not punished for any of the presumptuous charges in your comment. The charges, at best were frivolous.

      • Ian

        I agree…

        Reason for punishment- ‘irregularitis of military procument’

        If so, where is the money-
        Did he build a posh house ? – No
        How much money in his bank – Rs 1.6 million
        How much money in his wife’s account? Rs 23,000
        Did he have a fleet of luxury cars? No
        Did he buy land elsewhere? No
        Did he spend money to send his kids to USA? Yes but could have done with his normal income

        WHERE are the prison sentences against
        - COPE report culprits… Billions lost
        - Mega corruption of Rs 870 billion from ’05 to ’09- ( quote dr Harsha de Silva – economist)
        -Transparency international- Tsunami money 45 billion unaccounted for
        -Close to Rs 8 billion of state funds used for presidents election campaign ( Transparency international)
        -Rs 100 million fraud at foreign emplyment agency under Mr Rambukwella ( sunday leader)
        -Govt. unable to account for Rs 1000 million of maga naguma project
        - Steven Sachs british journalist asks about 10% brother from Gota at Hard talk interview!!!
        etc etc ( list is endless!!!)
        and the biggest of all ( as per Vics) Rs 1400 million wasted on presidential cronies joy ride !!!

        Lanka will have to build many more prisons to put these culprits behind bars……. but

        sadly Lanka’s greatest soldier is behind bars !!!!

        Y’day, the president has said that he wants to build a law abiding disciplined society!!!!

        Yes sir, put yourself and your clan in jail first !!!

    • samare


  2. S.K. Mohammed

    Good news and warning to others who are abusing power. There were several allegations of abusing power by the relatives of the President on tender matters including oil blocks, airtel, mihinair etc.

    Hope he would take equal action against them too.

  3. I Hussein

    Action taken only against those who oppose.
    As long as you are pro, no actions against you whatsover. You can make anything up side down or make it topsy turvey.

  4. Suwimal

    There are two principle emotional factors that regulate the human behaviour. Shame and fear (Lajja, Baya). Country’s present leaders including the highest, lack both. Therefore we must brace ourselves for worse than incarcerating an outstanding war hero on a verdict given by men of shady characters.

  5. Ela Kolla

    Don’t be so naive S.K mohammed.. if he would, he;d first take action against himself.. I swear some people in this country are thick !!!
    Samaraweera ?? I’m not even gonna bother with you cos, you will deserve everything that is coming to you in the future as well…

  6. JVP and UNP are responsible for bringing SF to politics in the first place. SF should have kept his dignity and stay away from politics. The entire country loved SF for being a war hero but not as a person who was having a grudge against the government which gave him an opportunity to serve in the Army even after his retirement. SF completely forgot about his loyalties.

    • Sri Lankan

      I disagree. I think SF has a right to do politics.

      But his politics were driven by his hatred towards Rajapaksas and nothing else. He didn’t care about the country, armed forces, and made very irresponsible statements like the “white flag” story.

      SF is emotionally very unstable, and looses his temper like nothing.

      So he is a political failure. And his “white flag” story alone has created enough mess. It is not safe for the country to keep him at large with his unpredictable behavior now.

    • Yes I agree, SF tried to become another Musharaf. This is the result of being an ungrateful man who forgot who was running the country. His power greediness brough him into this status. The biggest mistake he did was the “White flag” story. Every county has it’s state secrets. Revealing them to a fellow country is a crime. Look what happened to US Army commander who said things against US govt. SF’s revengeful attitude brough so many troubles to SL.

  7. twinkle

    S.K. Mohammed
    Thanks for your comment. This will be for MR too.

  8. Col(Retd)PM Meena

    Dear Mr Mohammed
    Your comments seems to be genuine and affected officials must take note of these.Hope MR get wisdom to see things in correct perspective.

  9. Calistus Jayatilleke

    So, this is the “Rule according to Buddhist principles” that the President boasted of when he was in UN! How about repeating “Nahi Verani…..” and “Thanhaya Jaayathi Soko” several times and try to understand the meaning of Lord Buddha’s teaching before boasting about non-existent principles. Now it would be interesting to see what the Maha Nayakes who promised Fonseka’s wife they will intervene on behalf of Fonseka, will say. The so called King knows how to silence them by using his army of thugs. And also what the stupid “Manthri Hamuduruwos” of the “Hela Karumaya” will do. We are really on our way to beat all those Banana Republics and hopeless countries like Myanmar.

    • gamunu

      Calistus, Would you rather be in a Banana Republic run by RW & Co? You are taking parts from his speech for your posting. I am confused as to what relevance it is to “Thanhaya jaayathi soko” to the current issues surrounding SF. Please be specific. That phrase euits well with SF for his greedyness. Not the other way.

  10. Magay Passa

    Mahinda Horapakse will also get the same, if not more harsh treatment one day.
    This is not politics..This is not democracy.
    Mark my words..I am not alligned with any political party but it is unfair.
    Mahinda continues to behave like a irresponsible and vindictive person and chances are that he will be treated similarly one day…

  11. Lokay Modapakse

    This president is a shame and a disgrace..The majority of the masses will very soon realise the situation and in future will not wait for the ballot but will strive and change the system somehow..I believe it is just too much for an ordinary man to stomach all this madness from a few corrupt and crooked family members…who a keen to rob and ruin our precious country.

    • gamunu

      Lokey Modapakse,
      Are you talking of a REVOLUTION? Why only this president is a disgrace when JRJ also used his executive powers to take away civic rights of Mrs. B? Was that president any different to the present one or is it simply this one doesn’t belong to the UNP?

  12. I Hussein

    Ita really a pathetic situation. I cant imagine aa army general who defeated terrorism in this country has been jailed.
    He wasnt guilty when offered him high posts before the nomination. Waht a fabrication. Even if its true that SF had been involved in some malpractises he doesnt deserve this.
    (Jonston is clean now). This is really sad.
    Every day is not christmas.

    • gamunu

      Make up your mind!!. Are they fabricated or not? If not do you seriously think it is ok for him to carry out malpractices just because he was part of a team that defeated terrorism? He did not defeat terrorism on his own. He was given the political and logistical support by the preseident. It is time that you get that in to your head. No point going around bleating that SF was the hero who defeated VP. Only a few losers like you will beleive that.

  13. Karthik

    No surprise. Before a year itself the defence sec told that the policy of SL is “are you with us or against us” we are experiencing it

  14. Only a megalomaniac can do a thing like this. The first pic. shows a smiling President whose insides are burning with revenge. Hell is waiting for him with open arms!!

  15. Vasanthakumar.

    No one is perfect but unjust judgments about others is Sin. With what judgment you judge, you will be judged. Such an attitude will never lead to human happiness.

  16. kaivaaru

    You asked for it, General!

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