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RW Asks For STF Security For SF

Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has called for the deployment of Special Task Force (STF) personnel to provide security for former Army Commander and DNA Leader Sarath Fonseka.

Fonseka is currently serving a jail term in the Welikada Prison.

Wickremesinghe has reportedly told parliament that STF security should be provided to Fonseka when he travels between the prison and the Colombo High Court.

He noted that the security provided to Fonseka on Monday (4) when he was brought to court was inadequate.

Afterwards, Wickremesinghe called on Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms Minister D.E.W.Gunasekara to provide facilities to Fonseka as contained in the Prison Ordinance.

Gunasekara in response said that he had spoken to the DIG and instructed him to put in place a special security arrangement for Fonseka when he is transported to courts.

6 Comments for “RW Asks For STF Security For SF”

  1. Dear Mr. Ranil, Are you working honestly or according to MR requist.

  2. why not make the court proceedings inside welikada premises insted of transporting SF .

  3. Lankan

    This is all utter wast of public money and MR dynasty drama: All world knows that except supporters of MR. Do we need such unnecessary trouble now: What is Srilankan needs is peace in politics not political revenge and wobbling: Why do we go backward in politics: Political stability is a must now to lead the country into progress but it seems that MR makes more instability than stability with his unnecessary actions: it may be he was forced to revenge SF by his family circles:

  4. Babu

    STF security for what ? Just you people keep away from the road without making any protest there.Do it in another place. Ask anoma fonseka to go to a temple to do boodhi puja instead of high court premices. You forget what i did in the May Day rally? SF supporters only make troubles for his safety.If you say it is a must ok, they (STF) will come and beat all who blocked the road preventing the prisson vehicle moving.Then you can make another issue over that.What a cunning person you are???

  5. gamunu

    Of all the people this joker who rediculed SF is demanding SF gets STF guard. If this is not politicallly driven I am not sure what is. He is an idiot who brushes off demands for his expulsion yet he has the “balls” to make demands from others. Is he from another planet or is he a Ranil stooge?

  6. muzammil

    Rani is playing politics.He’s not doing any politics.He better joins the govt and
    save the tax payer on opposition wasting time and money.His presence is the
    guarantee that we are a democracy.Or else it’s the opposite.He strengthens
    govt hands by his every unsuccessful and fail guaranteed action.

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