Exclusive: Plot To Kill The Editor Of The Sunday Leader

(October 7, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)
At a secret meeting of senior officials of the Sri Lankan intelligence service attached to the Defence Ministry held in Colombo, a plan has been hatched to assassinate the Chief Editor of The Sunday Leader, Frederica Jansz, the Sri Lanka Guardian learns.
According to the information provided to the Sri Lanka Guardian of the military intelligence, ‘killing the editor is the best option to turn the heat over the situation. Even it will help to direct the accusation at General Sarath Fonseka’s men for the assassination’.
The Sunday Leader Editor gave evidence before the Court that the CID has badly handled her official note book of the interview that she gave them for investigations. ‘I did not give it in this state. A complete note book I used during the interview was given,’ she said in the Court.
She further said, ‘I usually tape record interviews, but on this occasion used a note book.’ The Court will sit again on October 11 to further hear the case.

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  1. Mike Brown

    That day will be the “Bestial Day” or the “Boston Tea Party Day of Sri Lanka. The “Berlin Wall” of Sri Lanka will be torn down. Chovcheskev & his entire family will be shot, and the country will be rescued. Bring it on. That will the new day of Independence. These “Yankee Green card holders”, if I say in your slang, “If you have the Balls” bring it on. Send the ‘White Van’ to start the clean-up. 20 million people are sick of this ‘Mob’ End is near.

  2. raj

    Though I am a Tamil, I respect Lasantha Wickramasinghe, and the current editor. At the same time we all know who were behind the murder of Lasantha. Therefore, the current editor should leave Sri Lanka for her safety. I do respect the current editor. I or any of the Sunday Leader supporters do not want to see any harm to the current editor. She should leave the country for her safety. There is a murder clan attached to higher authority. If I could raise Lasantha murder issue with any politician in the country where I live, I will certainly raise it.

    • Sivanesan

      Hey Raj, guys like you are known as “Scare mongering” Tamilians. This tactic was developed and used by Your Late leader Prabhakaran. Objective was to create exodus of bogus refugee claimants. You may be one of the beneficiaries of this carefully planned plot to garner the support for LTTE cause in the foriegn countries. Now LTTE is defeated, please do not resurrect this ghost again. Let us (Tamils) in sri Lanka live as Sri Lankans with other communities in peace and harmony. We have lot to enjoy in sri Lanka than anywhere else as True Sri Lankans. Enough is Enough. we had enough of LTTE propaganda.

      • siripala

        Well said Sivanesan !
        You are great sri lankan like Lakshman kadri. There were never any racial profiling in Sri lanka, 1968 , 1977 , 1983, 1987 riots were all created by tamils, all houses were bernt by tamils in Colombo. Army only killed Pirabaharan and all civilin deaths by tamils. All political leaders like kumar ponnambalam, Raviraj, Josph pararajasingam all killed themselves ! yes shot them self to give sri lanka bad name. hospitals, refugee camps, even infants killed them self to scare rest of world. Even Channel 4 video was cartoon. Even sarath Fonseka was nice guy till he was hit by praba’s wich doctors spell.
        Now my friend Sivanesan or what ever you actual name is give me some of the stuff Mervin gave you to sniff 

        I am sure you are in a surangana loke. being a singhalese i knew what happend to tamils and you have no clue ? Funny Guy !!!!!

      • Punchi Putha

        Dear Sivanesan,

        Why you accuse Raj of scaremongering? Any thing can happen in the “land like no other”. We cannot blame you from dreaming of living in peace and harmony with sinhalese, but the current regime will sour the relationship with tamils and sinhalese. They will make it worse, just one example of sending lorry loads of sinhalese and making them settle in Jaffna. Yours will be a dream forever and you will see how this regime is going to ruin the country.

      • raj


        i doubt if you were tamil. I am not scare mongering as you claimed. I am talking aobut the reality. you are either living in the dark without knowing what is going on in Sri Lanka or attached to the same clan who involved in murder of Lasantha. So called terrorist arre sleeping with the current government. Karuna and KP are evidence. As I mentioned, I do not associate either terrorists or murderers/war criminals.

  3. Randi

    What is wrong with these people? Are they afraid of criticism and exposure?
    We are now living in a police state, and it is frightening that people are now being killed to silence the truth from coming out. Life seems to be cheap in Sri Lanka.
    I hope Ms. Jansz will take precautionary measures and take care of herself.
    It seems journalists are becoming an endangered species.

  4. Manula

    Randi, dont think what ever in any paper is true…

    • Randi

      I understand the there is no truth in all the newspapers, but whatever is printed in it, does not mean someone who is trying to voice an opinion has to be killed because the government does not like what he is saying. The murder of any journalist for any reason, is flat WRONG.

  5. Manula

    Randi, dont think what ever in any paper articles are true… some are fabricated stories only…

  6. The “Sunday Leader” may have got it wrong at times, but the truth remains that it has exposed many scandals. The authorities never followed up. Lasantha’s murder investigation is a terrible farce. The Joker of the Pack – Vermin Silva says he has evidence. Was he sleeping all this time and the CID says it cannot summon the joker.
    Now when Frederica is following on the footsteps of Lasantha, she is targeted. Why? For doing her job? So the powers that be can go on the rampage?
    For those who say that these reports are fabrications, I say, go to court, file a case. Everyone knows even the courts are in the clutches of the powers that be.
    What happens next? Kill Frederica and blame it on another 3 Wheeler driver and that’s it. There will never be any protection for her.
    So, whats new in this god-forsaken country?

  7. Insider

    Aren’t we trying to create real tiger out of a useless “Paper tiger”. It seems a lot people are hallucinating theses days making a big story out of a corrupt general who is incarcerated for breaking the law. On top of that we are entertained by another twist to the evolving national drama by involving an editor of a news paper. All these are different acts of a national drama, created to divert people’s attention from real economic, social, security and ethnic issues faced by the country.

  8. Horagay Horapakse

    This is the story of SLankan life…The govt just cannot take factual and honest criticism.Spedcially the leaders….This path wontlast for long..The people are not fools anymore..This regime is under more scrutiny than ever…

  9. gamarala

    The editor should have numbered the pages of her notebook and initialled/signed each page AND kept a photocopy of at least the relevant pages, before handing it over to the police.

  10. Concerned

    Must be a trick for easy visa!

  11. Bruz

    Very sad & serious things happenning around.One of the few news papers giving us some real news is Sunday Leader. Lots of readers respect the news paper.We all need that kind of unbiased reporting ,not found in many dailies today.
    Frederica Janz, Tisaranee Gunasekera,Indi , Kusal Perera & many others are all wonderful columnist , who write sensible articles & opinions. I love them all for what they write, how they write, how much risk they take in the name of real journalism.
    Lasantha is their beacon & they continue the tradition. I bow my head to all of them for giving us unbiased reading material about our beloved land.
    I can only pray for their well being & safety under the circumstansces.
    May god buddha,Lord Shiva,Jesus christ Allah bless them all with courage , long & healthy life.

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