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The Sex Lives Of Politicians

In Sri Lanka the third rail is sex. It’s an issue no one touches, like the electrified third rail on a railway. In Sri Lanka sex ‘scandals’ are simply not discussed. Extra-marital affairs, homosexuality, pre-marital rape, these all get brushed under the rug.

Dumindha and Ranjan

A politician’s sex life is their business, for better or worse.
Prominent members of the opposition are reportedly gay. Some are obviously homosexual, former fashion designers making gay jokes in Parliament. Some are simply effete and have no children. It is perhaps to our credit that people of this perfectly healthy and positive sexual orientation can serve in government, but it is to their discredit that these gay politicians do almost nothing for gay rights. It is to our national discredit that we seem to say it’s OK to be gay, as long as you get married to a woman. This is not an issue we face. It’s simply one we don’t touch.
These politicians, of course, are not the bad ones. There are those like R. Dumindha Silva who was charged with abduction and statutory rape, until those charges were dropped. Later he was charged with threatening the actress Anarkalee, till those charges were also dropped. In an advanced democracy, the mere hint of impropriety would force a politician to resign. In Colombo, he was the second highest vote getter, with the cases still pending. It’s like we don’t care what issues come up, as long as they go away.
In Sri Lankan politics no one has touched the third rail. Until Ranjan Ramanayake. In one shot, the actor MP Ranjan Ramanayake has put sex on the table, or at least, sexuality for money. Ranjan has been accused of defrauding a village teacher of Rs. 1 million by claiming to marry her. It’s not clear whether there is a legal basis or enforceable contract here, but he is in jail and he has not made bail.
Will this go the way of Dumindha Silva’s cases? He was in a storm or two until he crossed over to the government side. Alternately, will this go the way of Ranjan’s movies? Will he be crucified, cast aside until he returns to make his enemies pee in their pants, dispensing justice from his biceps?
Or, more likely, will we laugh for a while and then forget? Boys will be boys, men will be men, and politicians will be animals. We seem content to let that go. None of these scandals seem to provoke much interest in how women are treated in general.
There are countless stories like the Ranjan scandal reported by Ranee Mohammed in The Sunday Leader features section. The women are often laughed at in the comments online. Marital rape and abuse are common in Sri Lankan marriages. These women are counseled to return and try to make it work. The average woman reporting abuse in a police station is humiliated and made to wait. Indeed, an average woman cannot take the bus without harassment.
Perhaps we don’t look at the sex lives of politicians because we don’t want to look at ourselves. So, sex remains the third rail of Sri Lankan politics. Look, but don’t touch.

21 Comments for “The Sex Lives Of Politicians”

  1. gavfla

    I totally agree…. true and honest journalism.

  2. “Boys will be boys, men will be men, and politicians will be animals” ? No, politicians not a simpal animal, A man who was nothing, but political man would be a BEAST”

  3. Nilame

    Sex lives of the politicians? Ask from the Ex wives & Royal Pimps. Poor people needs only Bread & Dhaal.

  4. Slaphead

    There are at least 30 Gay members of parliment, they should speak up on behalf of the Gay movement.

    • panakku

      what rights are the gay people missing in SL? marriage rights?

      ranil and mangala are practically living together.

  5. Apollo

    Have heard rumours from more than one former “f-buddy” that Duminda’s member is comically short (a couple of inches). Perhaps that has something to do with his threatening of his former partners. And what’s this about him beating up Nalin F?

  6. SMD

    I love the goon commentators here on the Sunday leader. i’m officially leaving this site. You have no life. you come here an rant like an old mother about poor people, then agree with every article published and make a comment like this average sri lanka lol.

    your all a bunch of idiots with no life. Go get a Girlfriend instead of ranting on about poor people on a news column.

    • Anay Panay

      Hey SMD..relax…did yu get offended or did the article touch a sensitive nerve in you..If so, pls come out and tell why..Its OK…,even if you are gay or whatever…if you are having something going on with a politician ..that’s OK too,,,,as long as you dont do what the poiliticians do by robbing etc.

    • Sarath

      Ooooh, looks like the article touched a nerve, hasn’t it?

  7. See My Willie Ratte Watte

    Saucy caption . Read the article avidly to find out if told us how often our lankan politicians had elections. The old and dictatorial types like DM Jayaratne didnt have any at all. The middle aged and dying embers like S.B Dissanayke had it once evely six months while the young and hot-blooded like Namal Rajapkse, being very democratic had it evely morning, just like Comrade Mao.

  8. Big mouth

    It sounds as Only the oppositions are gay , I can’t believe sir . – BM

  9. how about pedophiles they are the worst of all. We need to openly talk about these things and show younger generations why they are bad. then they will keep away. even most of the Gays if u handle early stages show them why its not right-normal they can be helped. as time goes by it becomes too hard even there hormones change and become an addiction like any other addiction.

    • Jihad

      Pisso, being gay is not an illness. thats the way gay/lesbeans are born. you cannot change them, instead support them and acccept them as human beings….better yet, you read lots and educate yourself.

  10. UrMaN

    This is why you say, for some people Aththa Thiththai..

  11. Tara

    What are you talking about?
    In any country this is just normal for politicians and no one even bother to discus- the simple reason is that nothing can be changed
    Sri Lanka doesn’t make any difference; you can not change any thing even talking about
    What about arrange marriage, and so on. Isn’t this old time story?
    Any one talk about how many politicians are having “double life”. they have he money and the power to do what they want, it no need to discuss about it- as we say the “dogs are barking” and the lives is still going on

  12. Daya

    Ranee Mohamed did an excellent first article on paedophilia in Gurutalawa, the poor relation among the S.Thomas’ school. Yes, it is the children of the relatively poor who suffer at the hands of the minuscule well-to-do Anglican Community that runs that school. The Male Nurse has been sacked; let him remain unpunished since the parents don’t want their children exposed to court appearances. But, are we content to not differentiate between gays and paedophiles? If so, let’s allow the story to be forgotten and episcopal abuse of power to flourish.

  13. Godwin

    I think the best deterrent against promiscuity and adultery is capital punishment. Years of perpetual and unquestioned democracy with its inherent unbridled freedoms has precipitated a polarization based on power and influence.Rapists, the current parliament has many of them, can always exercise their influence to coalesce with the government to escape indictment. This poses a gross travesty on the judicial system. We can continue to unravel the ugliness called democracy which is intrinsically inimical to the very survival of the human race. It basically works against the natural proclivity of man. Not most are perspicacious to share this perception. This may sound controversial but an unbiased analysis of contemporary history will reveal cogently what I am talking about.

  14. pathum

    Nice pics of two “Pigs” one from government and one from opposition. Both are known rapists or womanizers. Both have bodies like Rambo thanks to hormorne injections! And both are dubious culprits. One drug load, other card board!

  15. Kiri Gamarala

    The world moves on with three things: money, power and sex. Politicians enjoy all three, think they are divine rights and would do anything to protect them.

  16. [...] Sri Lanka it’s also quite possible to be a gay politician, as I wrote in The Leader, “In Sri Lanka sex ‘scandals’ are simply not discussed. Extra-marital affairs, [...]

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