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Govt.: IIFA Brought In Only Rs. 25mn

The government has stated that while Rs. Rs 475 million had been spent on the Indian International Film Awards (IIFA), only Rs. 25 million was earned through ticket sales.

Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa had informed this to parliament in response to an oral question posed by UNP MP Ravi Karunanayake.

Rajapaksa has stated in his answer that 25 VIP packages of US$ 10,000 each have been sold.

The answer that was tabled in parliament states that some of the celebrities who have been invited had not participated in the event.

11 Comments for “Govt.: IIFA Brought In Only Rs. 25mn”

  1. pathum

    Great ratio isn’t it 475:25 Very good in Rajapaksa standards. But cost doesn’t matter here people.Sri Lanka is a rich country and can afford to loose 450Mio in three days. What is more important is the King and his Sons had the chance to mingle with those Hindi film stars. So we should bear the loss. (and many generations to come) Long live the “Noda” King!

  2. Accountant

    This is good even 475 Million investment got 25 Million, persantage is, 0.0526315, ” President`s American Tour with 120 fools” out turn is 0.000000(Zero).

  3. Lasith

    Lanka the great !

    - Our president shows his POWER to the UN/USA by spending Rs 1400 million on a joy ride and booking 4 floors of a posh hotel when Obama books only 10 rooms.

    - Our president shows his PASSION (to cars) by wasting billions on his fleet of cars

    -Our govt. shows its COMMITTMENT ( to fun) by spending almost Rs 1/2 billion for IIFA

    -Our govt. shows its SERIOUSNESS ( to wastage) by pumping Rs 33 billion to Mihin air.

    -Our govt. shows its CAPABILITIES by banning heavy vehicle from a overhead bridge costing Rs 134,000 /sq meter

    -Our govt. shows its PROTECTION ( of culprits) by turning a blind eye to COPE report and another Rs 870 billion lost in bribary and corruption.

    -Our president shows his INTEGRITY by reappointing a minister who tied a govt. servent to a tree.

    Lanka- a land like no other……

  4. mahela

    what a brilliant dealing.we have lost 450mn for only dancing with hindi stars.dear Namal, we can bear any lost for your joy

  5. LJaya

    If you do business like this, very soon you will be bankkrupt. No wonder why the government has no proper business acumen. Spend money on ad-hoc basis with no tangible gains. Is this “mihinda chinthana”?

  6. bash

    No wonder all these low life movie stars of India proudly participated, because of the free dole from our government…. What a fool the voters are

  7. priyantha-eu

    don’t worry boys this is CHINTANAYA…………….kings money then why are u worry SUBA ANAGATAYAKA pera nimithi

  8. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Thanks lot Lasith.
    I earlier too wrote to this newspaper that the Loads coditions during the design of a bridge structure in a heavily loaded location should be checked according to the following codes;

    1). BS 5400 loads – United Kingdom
    2). Ontario Highway Bridge Design Code (OHBDC) – CANADA
    3). American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials(AASHTO) – USA

    Suppose that a bridge is designed to the BS 5400. this should be checked against the OHBDC and the AASHTO.

  9. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    In this instant it is not a good practice to crticize only the politicians. The very senior engineers should also be blamed. They are not like lawers and doctors but voice less people.

  10. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Hon.Premadasa once expressed in public that he needed not engineers but only Masons to construct bridges.Really Hon.Premadasa was a very good man. But he was misguided by a man. The same happend to Hon.Wijethunga,
    Hon Chandrika, Hon.Marapana, Hon.Rajapakse. They all were misguided by that man. Now you could see the ultimate result. The Colombo-Kandy expressway, the Kandy Kurunegala Putlum (KKP) road project and ultimately steal Fly-overs in Colombo.

  11. Ela Kolla

    Only 25Milion earned as far as the country needs to know… BUT howmuch went in to so many other peoples profit portfolio??

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