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‘One Shot’ Fires At The Government

By Nirmala Kannangara

Ranjan Ramanayake

Actor-turned-politician Ranjan Ramanayake accused the government of masterminding his recent arrest and claimed that he wouldn’t have undergone such a traumatic situation had he supported the government on the controversial 18th Amendment.
Speaking to The Sunday Leader  after he was bailed out by the Kandy court, Ramanayake said that he had to serve a jail term for an offense he has not committed, but simply for refusing to support the government on the 18th Amendment.
Ramanayake was arrested on Thursday, October 14 and by Kandy police. According to Police Spokesperson SP Preshantha Jayakody, Ramanayake had taken Rs. 1 million from a female school teacher in Kandy, promising to marry her.
“This is what the genuine opposition politicians or supporters in Sri Lanka would have to face if they do not support the government. This is not new to the world as we have seen countries that had dictatorship regimes and as to how their leaders have treated opponents. For example, take Zimbabwe – the Robert Mugabe regime, Iraq – the Saddam Hussein regime and even in Myanmar none of their leaders’ opponents were able to live peacefully. It is the same thing that is happening in our country. The more you criticize the present regime, the more your life is at risk,” claimed Ramanayake.
According to Ramanayake, he has been arrested by a police team who came in civvies without a court order or a letter from the speaker.
“I was arrested while I was at a discussion with the Deputy Mayor of Sri Jayewardenepura, Kotte, bypassing the normal procedure. The police officers who came to arrest me were in civvies and neither carried an arrest order or a letter from the speaker. Violating all these norms, they arrested me for an offence I have never committed. Even one of my staffers, Upul, who is on the Parliamentary Affairs Ministry payroll, was assaulted by this police team when he requested them to produce my arrest warrant to him,” Ramanayake said.
According to Ramanayake, this female school teacher in question is 42 year old Namal Wijeratne from the Katugastota Rahula Maha Vidyalaya whom, according to him, has been known to him for the past ten years.
“Since 2000 she was one of my fans and has sent me letters, cards, cakes, pillow covers etc. although I knew nothing about her. I knew that she was coming on the wrong track and tried to avoid her many times, but still she kept on calling and sending me letters and gifts. Even once she sent me one of her photographs in a bikini and asked me to comment on her figure. When I ignored her, then she started to comment on my film One Shot and even went beyond, praising my half covered body. Then I knew what her mentality was and ignored her. But she kept on calling me and sending me gifts. Other than this I did not have any other relationship with her, or taken money as she has stated,” Ramanayake said.
Speaking further, Ramanayake queried as to why he would take Rs. 1 million from a woman when he had the opportunity to take Rs. 100 million and many more perks with positions from the government, had he voted for the 18th Amendment in parliament last month.
Accusing the government of pushing the legal authorities to take any possible action against him for not supporting the government on the 18th Amendment, Ramanayake said that he would have been a free man if he supported the 18th Amendment.
“I knew from the beginning that the government was hunting for me because they could not ‘buy’ me for money. From the time I started to contest the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council Election in 2008, the government was eyeing me and wanted me to support them to which they were willing to reward me handsomely. But since I was not greedy for money or positions, I did not want to betray my policies and the party. I have concrete evidence to prove as to how government big wigs offered to pay me Rs. 100 million, give me a luxury jeep and a house at Kalapura in Mt. Lavinia in order to get my support for them,” Ramanayake said.
According to Ramanayake, he has never been summoned by any legal authority, although he has openly stated that the government tried to bribe him on many occasions and is ready to prove to them as he has all the evidence to establish this.
“All this happened because I did not crossover to the government. Even the day I was arrested, one of the leading SLFP parliamentarians from the Colombo District met me at my lawyer’s residence and wanted me to extend my support to the President, assuring me that legal action of any form would not be taken against me. Notwithstanding, once I was told by a certain leader in the government that the doors of Temple Trees are open for me any time,” he claimed.
He further said that from the time he became the Opposition Leader of the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council, he has been receiving death threats and although he made several requests to the authorities to provide him a weapon for his safety, it has not been granted.
“Since then I have been receiving death threats. My vehicle came under attack and all this worsened when I campaigned for the former army commander at the January presidential election. It was I who was with Sarath Fonseka when he was released from Cinnamon Lakeside on that fateful day and no sooner my visuals with Fonseka were shown over TV, I was threatened with death,” Ramanayake charged.
Several attempts to contact the complainant, Ms. Namal Wijeratne by The Sunday Leader failed as the Principal of Sri Rahula Maha Vidyalaya Katugastota, E.M. Edirisinghe, refused to call Ms. Wijeratne to the phone.

40 Comments for “‘One Shot’ Fires At The Government”

  1. Democrat

    Ranjan is an attractive film star and future potential UNP leader. Now, with 18th Amendment (sans 17th) , the police, election commission, public administration even judicial all going to be slaves to MR dictator.
    Praba has been dealt with, how are you going to eliminate the monster MR you created? Otherwise, they are going to destroy the democratic Sri Lanka that we know of, very soon.

  2. Yakolis

    The devilish wrath of an aging woman scorned? Anyway, aren’t the cops open to a charge of violation of Fundamental Rights?

  3. Pol Tokkah

    One rule for those in the Govt..and another rule for those in the opposition.
    This is the current regime’s way of ruling and governing.

  4. bash

    The usual practice of the Sri Lankan police is after harassing for about 2 – 3 years, it will be forwarded to the attorney general and he will rule that there is no crime committed, but until then Ramanayake will will on bail liable to be arrested anytime. THIS IS THE SRI LANKAN LEGAL SYSTEM, THAT IS MISUSED BY THE POLICE TO THE MAXIMUM TO HARASS INNOCENTS

    • Sri Lankan

      The legal system is the same everywhere. For example, it takes the same amount of time, and a LOT more money for a legal battle in the US.

  5. Ruwan Ferdinandez

    The folks at the Sunday Leader may not have been to school but the schools are there for a reason, the principals are not non-executive chairmen. They have no time to waste on adultery enquiries. The best way to contact the teacher is; get her mobile number from Ranjan perhaps.

    What a silly man this guy is! So the teacher sent pillow cases and cake by email, did she? He knows when she became a fan as well. Clearly, he gets more fun out of women like this particular teacher than joining the government. Luckily for him, the government provides ammunition for him to defend himself.

  6. Dear Mr. Ramanayake. I am salute you.But artist are not suit to parliament.Parliament must be with professional team. What Paba, Gamini fonseka,done inside the house.This is weakness of voters & political parties.

  7. Deshapria

    I don’t believe you, Ranjan!

  8. SENSE

    Well, well, well….there are two side to a story Ranjan. Not all are gullible fools. The GOSL are no saints as we all know now but you too ain’t no saint.
    Those who know you and your activities would say that you are quite capable of acts as claimed here. Perhaps you may recall having sold your house south of Colombo recently, collected the money and then refused to leave the premises? The new owner had to use a bunch of contract hooligans to throw you out physically? Well that’s the story we here from the source……. Like to comment on that?

    • pathum

      Thats true. Everyone knows the Rajapaksa government is trying its best to cripple the opposition. But that doesn’t mean a crime should not be pardoned or neglected just because he is an actor or parlimantarian. If hes not guilty why he offered to pay the dues. That is Rs1,000,000/- Mr. Ranjan or oneshot who ever. U are as bad as an actor and as a polititian. Both are failed charactors. U just pretend to fight against injustice but does the exact opposite! Bad shot oneshot!

  9. Lawyer

    Ranjan has enough evidences to keep the woman in question 10 miles away from him through a court order. Why he is not taking a court action against her? why he accepted gifts from her?? acceptance of gifts is a prohibited in the professional world. Ranjan must know it too. law is equal for every one in SL. or you are a stupid artist.

  10. Manula

    Ranjan, don’t tell different stories… we know government try to take some members from opposition to support the 18th amendment… NOT ONLY YOU.. don’t mix that with this story this is a different story. will see this case…

  11. Sri Lankan

    He should disclose to media as to who offered him money to cross over, if he is a gentleman.

    I think very soon he will be with the MR’s team.

  12. Wijebahu

    Government MP’S can engage in any criminal activity still they don’t have to worry. but for opposition no room to make any mistakes. you will be arrested and thrown into the Jail. This is the environment created by Rajapakse regime.

  13. Mr. Ranjan,
    Obviously, if you join the government, govt. would let this happened and pay off 1 million to her. Now, govt. has no reason to protect you.
    First of all, you must understand that you are a law maker. generally, when you have a court case you should not comment it on public. Once you win the case, you can organise pageants all over the country.
    (And, don’t mistaken as you are Vijaya Kumaranathunga. Also, keep in mind that your leader along with his uncle took political revenge from him.)

  14. pinky

    I think the first wrong this happened the recorded clip played at the programme of Derana 360. Because anyone can record a statement like that saying that this person has taken money from me, without any proof. If you have a grudge with a person, you can tell that. Why Derana telecast it.

    There are women who go behind men and when they cannot catch them they create a story, I feel this is that type of thing. If it is a true story, then why Sunday Leader tried to contact that women, it failed and why that particular lady cannot make a statement to a newspaper regarding this case. I feel this is fabricated by that woman. When the case is called, we can know the truth. Dear Ranjan, we are on your side until than woman proves the case.

  15. pinky

    how do you know whether Ranjan has accepted the gifts from that woman or not. He said that that woman has sent gifts only. Always my father used to say, he is only a suspect, until he is convicted. But because we do not have an impartial judiciary system in Sri Lanka, politician can interfere with it, you cannot expect fairness in it


    Well Mr.Lawyer you say LAW is equal for every one in Sri Lanka . IS IT REALLY HAPPENING IN SRI LANKA MR.LAWYER .

  17. UNP Man

    This Ranjan brings women to his home every night. Very bad character. I am sure he has misused school teacher too. Are sri lankans that foolish to send this type of bull to the parliament? Recent trend in Sri Lanka indicated that people do not think any future but for a short term goal. Look a film and get a thrill in the night. Following day, vote the actor and select as a legislature body of the country. Otherwise how these actors an players can go to parliament? Parliament must have lawyers, educators, doctors who can make our law of the country.

    • UNP Man

      Moderator, please publish my comments like this. Please remove my first sentence so that the comment is more resaonable.

      Are sri lankans that foolish to send this type of bull to the parliament? Recent trend in Sri Lanka indicated that people do not think any future but for a short term goal. Look a film and get a thrill in the night. Following day, vote the actor and select as a legislature body of the country. Otherwise how these actors an players can go to parliament? Parliament must have lawyers, educators, doctors who can make our law of the country

  18. Ranjan thinks that he is Sri Lankan Shar Rukh Khan. He thinks he is popular. Kamal Addaraarachchi was popular, Sanath Gunatillake was popular, Palitha Silva was popular than this Franknstyn looking stupid idiot. Look at his mouth, nose and hair style. Does he look handsome at all?? When he first came to cinema everyone called him Konde Krale Nalu Batta. He even thought he could become the next Vije Kumaratunga. When he never achieved a place in girls’ hearts he went behind Sri Lankan house maids.

    The question is not the woman giving him gifts or government planning to punish him for not voting for the 18th ammendment. The question is whether he accepted money from this lady or not! He can blame the govt if he can prove that he was framed by manipulating this woman to give him money. First he said that the govt was after him and next he says that the woman is crazy. This is a very good lesson for Athi Pandithaya like Ranjan.

    Those who live around his house in Moratuwa knows what kind of a person he really is.

  19. n.c.wijeratne

    Do we have an Attorney General with a conscience willing to listen to the other side of the story?

    If we dont, then we have NO DEMOCRACY-IT IS A POLICE STATE.
    Sadam Hussein reborn in Sri Lanka?

  20. raj

    i don’t know how long the world can tolerate the Taliban style government which claims as if though democratic principles are upheld.

  21. Rampi

    This man is not a good person .

  22. Che


  23. x man

    Very, very, bad boy ranjo .you must be really love sick to talk all these nonsense

  24. Randi

    Unfortunately, we have come to a point where you do not know whom to believe.
    On the one hand Ranjan might be not be straightforward, and on the other hand this Rajapaksa regime does have a habit of “fixing” their opponents, so that they will not be a threat to their dynasty. Sarath Fonseka being the example.
    Sad situation.

  25. Ram

    What all this plasters in the face preparing for a shooting or trying to say you got molested by police. What joker this man ? give the poor womans money back you idiot.

  26. Sinhaya

    The teacher is going to teach this man a lesson he has not learnt yet.

  27. Lalin

    What ever the truth of this story, we see how the enormous wealth obtained by the govt. henchman through bribary, corruption etc where MPs are simply bought over.

    Sadly this is how our ‘democracy’ works! The so called MP’s are simply the pawns, they do politics just to grab money when there is an opportunity and not to do good for the country. Infact they destroy the country.

    It is simple for govt. hench man just to part millions buying people when they have earned billions.

    Billions and billions are in their pockets while the govt. even does not have money for election promises of salary increase of few thousands for millions of people.

    Sadly the same people will vote they back over and over again.

  28. Chanuka


    Many people will be in SL jail in near future. The way SL is going, who knows Jails may be better than live with out back bones.

  29. DAVID

    Well ranjan keep going. we are with you.

  30. Rajan’s arguments are not provan. They are his own declarations. The Govt has nothing to do with them. The courts will do the justice. the Govt will not interfere with court judgement. Are there any proofs that previously Govt has interfered?

  31. Sarath Munich

    RR has show his REAL FACE as a MP and a Film acter on TV. First on 360 % with Dilky and few days later in front of the Saudi Embassy. Also on mega star He ran ( without a single word to his foolish fans, like a LADY ) away.
    Mr. RR you think all Sri Lankans are that foolish like your incent voters.

  32. Jay Ranaweera

    ny sensible man will never make public comments when a court case is pending.This fellow’s guilt is well proven with his allegation that Govt has framed as he did not vote for 18th ammendment.What a FOOLISH THEORY?
    In that respect Govt will frame all those who voted against with Govt, but we have not heard any complaint.Its obvious that this guy is trying to get CHEAP POPULERITY WITH ANTI GOVT SLOGANS.

  33. tusith

    Can somebody enlighten me, from where that scholl teacher has got that much of money and why has she given to somebody without any document.
    She is not suppose to be a School Teacher !

  34. Hewa

    According to what I read regarding this case, police had asked RR to come to the police to give a statement regarding the complain. Then he did not come to the police and was absconding. If there is a complain against you, it is the duty of every citizen to respond you cannot hid behind your parliamentary privileges etc. Does he think that he is above the law.
    It may be true that if he had crossed over he wouldn’t have been arrested. But that doesn’t mean that he can do any crime and getaway with it as he is an opposition politician

  35. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    We are sure that the Government is innocent in this case.

  36. Jagath Herath

    Is that true that you didnot settle the credit card payment while you were working in USA illegally in a ‘Mac’ store?

    You came back to Sri Lanka by just throwing away this credit card.

    Mr. Suddhodana

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