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Below The Belt Punishment For Three Wheeler Driver

By Ranee Mohamed

The driver of a three wheeler who knocked a man causing him minor injuries last Tuesday (19), was given a punishment hitherto unheard of in the Godakawela area on Wednesday night, according to residents.
Speaking to The Sunday Leader, a resident said that the incident occurred on the Embilipitiya – Ratnapura Highway in an area called Koswetiya.
“There was a funeral in the area and the road was crowded. When a three wheeler knocked down a man at about 9.45 p.m on Tuesday, the driver was assaulted that night,” said the resident.
That however was not the end of the punishment. Little did he know that the punishment was to continue on the next day too.
“A gang tracked him on Wednesday night at about 9.30, stripped him naked and attacked his genitals with knives,” alleged the resident.
The injured man had attempted to escape and eyewitnesses say that there were signs of an agonised attempt to get away, with footprints almost six feet apart.
“But the victim was found about 100 meters away, where he had  struggled and bled to  death due to the injuries which were concentrated only on his genitals,” said the  source speaking from Koswetiya. A friend, a soldier who had been in the three wheeler at that time has been found assaulted, with his hands and legs tied together.
The attacks have taken place about 50 meters away from the Koswetiya Police Checkpoint.
The deceased victim has been described as a quiet young man on whom both his mother and grandmother depended on for their livelihood. He has been identified as Udunuwara Galanagedera Tillakaratne  Mudiyanselage Jayantha Kumara, born on September 7, 1983.
Godakawella Police are inquiring into the matter, but refused to comment.
Police media spokesperson SP Prashantha Jayakody when contacted on Thursday night said  that the details of the incident are in the process of reaching  him and that he will look into the matter.

19 Comments for “Below The Belt Punishment For Three Wheeler Driver”

  1. Magay Rata

    This is the law and order of the country.
    The President and the Govt has the responsibility and obligation to provide security to ALL individuals and protect them.That is a pledge they take when elected.This is a promise they make when they ask you for the vote.
    Sadly, it appears that they are the biggest violators of this basic but important function .The president, the minister of defence .I will not hold my breath for the president to ask for an enquiry…I challenge all concerned to say that they will have an enquiry and will also have an answer by a specific date..If not, it will be another forgotten case, once some politician pulls some strings.

    • ashok

      what a foolish comment?IN UK and in USA or in any other country there are more atrocties commited by killers.In Italy Mafia dissolved a 12 year old in Acid.In USA a pregnant woman’s tummy opened and her unborn child was stolen while the woman bled to death.So according to your theory Obama and Cameron should stand for trial?What about Premadasa’s killing of 50,000 and torturing many thousands?

      • sham

        oohhhhh… that alright then.. carry on!

      • Kannan

        Sympathizing a man who’s penis have been cut to death is a FOOLISH comment for you? Now the very question here is, Sri Lanka is Buddhist country? But America , England and Italy are not Buddhist countries. Buddhism is preaching even not to harm an insect, Our president recently preached in UN that Buddhist philosophy should be followed in the world as en example. Whereas this kind of cruelty is taking place in his country and am sure who involved Buddists, because these pure sinhala Buddhist areas.
        This shows we have Buddhists in Sri Lanka?

        • Sri Lankan

          This incident shows that many Buddhists have become Christians and without following Buddhist philosophy they are following the uncivilized Americans, Britishers and Italians.

  2. bash

    Yes, as usual the police will be looking into the matter untill all get fed up or forget, that’s it

  3. Rathnaweera

    This is not the first time we hear that the people in this country has taken law into their hands and carrying out such punishments. We have seen burning of busses, damge to public and private property and even taking away the lives of people.

    This is not the first time we hear that the people in this country have taken law into their hands and carrying out such punishments. We have seen burning of busses, damage to public and private property and even taking away the lives of people.
    This has been taking place due to the inaction of those (not all officers) responsible to ensure peace and security of this Country. The so called “peace officers” referred to in the Code of Criminal Procedure does not exist on the ground.
    If meaningful action is not taken by the IGP or those responsible to ensure the enforcement of the law, all peace loving citizens will be in dire straits.

    • Kassapa

      I know this area. People here are not educated and very stupid and cowardice, I would say. Raping girls, murder, alcoholism is at abundance and trend is upwards. This kind of things cannot be stopped without strengthening law and order. When state is corrup, Police is corrup, who can stop this kind of things? Peple will also take law in to their hands. I have my sympathy with the family of the poor three wheel driver. It looks like a revene attack, either way this looks very barbaric. I can say that some people ( I mean at least 30%) are not having any religion in most parts of Sri Lanka although they call themselves buddhists. These people have very low literacy and their main income is unskiled labour jobs. These are very people who can easily be used by politicians for their advantage and MR must love this kind..

  4. R.M.B Senanayake

    Wth the conversion of the Police to a political outfit of the ruling party, law and justice have broken down. So the people will take the law into their own hands

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      RMB, I have a question for you. Are you always on weed when your desired party is not in power? Honestly, where were you when the police was depoliticised and placed under a ‘commission’ in 2003 or so? Did anything change? I made a complaint, they took it down with all my points but it’s been 7 years, they never attended. But a neighbour, a Major in the Army made a counter complaint a week later, which was duly attended by the police on the same day. The police is corrupt and it is down to the nature, attitude and the calibre of the people in service. They will always take bribes from culrpits and intimidate and force victims to surrender.De-politicisation will shift the power from politicians to bureacrats. The solution is obvious, the police has to be de-militarised and made a civil service again. Nevertheless, that is not the reason why this poor man had to meet such a cruel fate, which makes my blood boil. It is the attitude of some people. They always believe they have the ability and the right to do whatever they wish to do. Some of them may have police protection, some have political blessings but quite often they are self-made gangsters who have always been around.

  5. Entire police statement is lies.

  6. Hakeem

    A young life taken away. What a shame. Looks like violence is in are nature!!!. Just think back to the young man who was forced to drown at wellawatha by police men and people watching buy. These a few incidents but is very worrying

    • Sam Silva

      So does anyone know what happened to the policemen who were responsinble for that man’s death…Has the case died another natural death as per usual.

      • sham

        the policeman died of a heartattack while in custoday.. don’t know what happend with the case.. didn’t hear anything about a court case.. therefore don’t know what happend to the other policeman involved.

  7. Sapumal

    Do we have to live with such violent society? I dont think you can see anything like this even in Africa. It is look like there is police hand in the incident or some kind of influence.Where is that Dharma Rajjaya Now? It is sole responsibility of the Govt. potect law and Order in the country for its own citizens.That is why people voted them! That is why they pay their Taxes.Not to pay high salaries for officials to enjoy their luxury lives.If they cannot do that it is better to go home!

  8. Aru

    People take the law into their own hands as the punishment and law enforcement is inadequate. At the moment anybody could do anything and get away with it. Matters could be rectified if offenders are severely punished.

  9. This is nothing compared to what our shameless MR & Co. were doing & is doing, for them a human life is not worth anything, not even a stray dog on the street. SL has gone down the drain, its no good place anymore to live, the President is for life followed by his son, its just another North Vietnam.

  10. When the top is rotten to the core what can one expect from the bottom. Murder is one thing, but to kill like that? And we are supposed to be a Buddhist country. I hang my scaly head in shame!

  11. kalutra Kalutantry

    Asok, well said bro. What the hell the President got to do with a crime on the street. The man has no brain

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