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JVP Challenges SB For Open Debate

The JVP has challenged Higher Education Minister S. B. Dissanayaka for an open debate on the crises ridden university system in the country and the alleged suppression of student movements.
JVP parliamentarian Anura Kumara Dissanayake says the government’s suppressive actions have increased the level of student unrest in the country. He told the media that the government was trying to avoid the situation by accusing the JVP of creating clashes in universities.

According to Dissanayake, the university students have genuine grievances and are also concerned over the possibility of losing free education in the country.

He has said the government’s decision to permit the establishment of private universities would undermine the current free education system.

Dissanayake notes the government needs to address the grievances of the students.

9 Comments for “JVP Challenges SB For Open Debate”

  1. Appuhamy

    Anura, why can’t you have it debated in the parliament? Both SB and You meet in the parliament. After a humiliating defeat in the general election, you have no shame. You are still trying to gain a political mileage from any issue assuming people in Sri Lanka are fools.

    • mkdk

      well Appuhamy,me too thought that we dont have Idiots in Sri lanka, but after reading your comment , I have my doubts!

  2. Percy Mandawala

    This is the time for JVP criticizers to send SB to the open live debate. I doubt SB will come to this debate and sure he will give lame excuses because he knows that Anura will undress him in public. He is only good at shadow boxing. Similar thing happened during Presidential election where MR avoided direct challenge by GSF for a public live debate.

  3. Mathews

    Yesterday (31st October) night Derana news said that they invited Anura Kumara and SB for their programme WaadaPitiya to debate on this. They said that JVP had informed them Sunil Handuneththi is coming instead of Anura Kumara. WaadaPitiya was telecast the same night on Derana. So Percy?

  4. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    S.B.Dissanayake is out of mind and out of the Topic. He acts as a ganster and can’t control his Sitha, Kaya and Wachanaya. He should be and must be exemplary to the Nation and must have an impeccable behaviour to handle in-experienced(life ) young students.Instead of shouting he should learn the political careers of Mrs. Bandaranayake, JR. Jayawardene, Mahinda Rajapakse and Ranil Wickramasinghe. They were not shouting like mad dogs in the streets.

  5. dharma

    srilanka government who ever interest in students education please do not bring them to ploitics. .please allowed the university authorities to maintain the law and order to the university students.IF they are impunity they have face the court orders.

  6. I agree with this comment.
    Debates are not for dictators.

  7. Paul

    Watch Wada Pitiya on Derana tonight.I am sure SB will have no place to run.He will surely get flared up facing Sunil Handunneththi and definitely find ways to arrest Sunil.

  8. Free Thinker

    We do not want more debates, just quick actions required to put university education in order and stop this JVP sponsered unruly behaviour by few “students”. JVP is pretending to be the guardians of free education. In Srilanka private schools function well along with the govt. schools and what is wrong about extending that to universities too. It allows more students to have tertiary education and benificiel to many parents who cannot afford to send their kids abroad. In almost all the developing countries in our region have private universities.

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