Minister: Govt. Not Acquiring Lands In The North

Deputy Resettlement Minister Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan has said the government has no plans to acquire land owned by the Tamil people in the Wanni.

Muralitharan has denied reports that the government has seized Tamils’ land especially in Puthukudiruppu and Murukandy areas.

The BBC has reported that Muralitharan had made the remarks at a meeting held in the Mullaitivu Government Agent’s (GA) office.

The BBC has reported that the Internally Displaced People (IDP) from Murukandy were earlier told by the government officials that they were not allowed to resettle in original lands.

The GA has reportedly said that their lands were acquired by the government and they would be offered alternative lands.

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarians who have reportedly raised the issue with the authorities after seeing the official documents.

Meanwhile, Muralitharan has reportedly added that only 20,000 IDPs are to be resettled in Mullaitivu area is demined.

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  1. raj

    some questiosn to find the validity of the message. If that is true, why not allow an independent journalist or UN or any other independent organization (not another government (India) which may issue a statement to please Sri Lanka and hide the truth), or why do I need to believe whatever this minister says is true? If possible, minister can give honest answer or not a cover up response.

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