By Paneetha Ameresekere Business Editor National Insurance Trust Fund (NITF), successor to the Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion and Terrorism Fund (SRCC&T Fund) was set-up four years ago as a reinsurer to the local insurance industry. An unregulated body (with the possible exception of being regulated by the Auditor General (AG), in the unlikelihood event his [...]

Ethics And Values Are No More

We are a group of concerned citizens including university academics who are writing this letter to express our concern over the incident reported in The Sunday Leader of September 19 and 26, 2010. According to these reports the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura sent six female students in a university vehicle to [...]

Sri Lanka’s “Free” Media

Media bosses who are nothing but political stooges dominate the “independent” press The Sri Lankan media such as it is represented by The Editors Guild of Sri Lanka, The Newspaper Publishers Society and the Sri Lanka Press Institute, is so captive that they continue to be held – nay, to be servile and subservient to [...]

How Can A Mother Live Without Her Sons?

By Ranee Mohamed The story of one woman who took the law into her own hands and went in search of her young sons. It was not merely a story that The Sunday Leader published on February 21, 2010 : it was a heartbreaking appeal by a young mother who begged us to get her [...]

This Is A Hit

The Sunday Leader’s biggest headlines generally involve itself, which is kinda sad. Now, however, the ‘private’ media is ganging up on the paper, which is even worse. Behind it all, Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Ranil Wickremesinghe are laughing. They get two birds with one stone. The Sunday Times has attacked the Editor of this paper using [...]

Sri Lankan Born ‘Container King’ Ian Kiru Karan Becomes German Minister

From rags to riches: documents the progress of Hamburg’s flagship entrepreneur, Ian Karan Kiru’s career, as he becomes Hamburg’s Economic Senator. Ian Kiru Karan who was born in Point Pedro in 1939, moved to Germany in 1970 after studying in the United Kingdom — where he went on to build one of the world’s [...]

Come Off It! Sri Lanka Isn’t Paradise On Earth!

Contrary to the attempts to spin-doctor every excess of the current regime and its sins of omission by those whose names hardly need specifying to anyone familiar with the media in this country, Sri Lanka has very serious problems that stem, primarily, from the militarism, racism, triumphalism and brutality that appears to pervade society and [...]


Winter’s Bone: When Life Is Cruel Fight It By Sumaya Samarasinghe Once in a while, a film hits you in such a way that even a few days after watching it, you cannot help thinking about what you have seen. Winter’s Bone is one of those. It shows a side of America no one really [...]

No Glory For America

Wikileaks highlight US duplicity in Iraq “Truth does not need a policy objective” – Julian Assange Wikileaks Founder may seek safe haven By Faraz Shauketaly Most of the world suspected it one way or another: that the United States and its principal ally, Great Britain, did not act quite as honourably as their leaders claimed; [...]

Viewing Deck To Be Constructed At Maththala Airport

By Abdul H. Azeez The government will construct a viewing deck at the site of the Maththala airport to facilitate public viewing of its construction. Sri Lanka’s second international airport is to be constructed in phases and phase one is set to be completed in December 2012 at a total cost of USD 260 million. [...]

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