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Ministry Bars Wheat Flour Based Food From Hospitals

The Health Ministry in a surprising move has barred the sale of wheat flour based food items in the cafeterias of all government hospitals.

The Ministry last week barred the sale of short eats in the canteens of government schools.

A Ministry spokespersonn quoted in the media saying that Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena arrived at decision to encourage the consumption of wheat flour based food items, which is considered to lack proper nutritional values.

The decision is to be implemented in government hospitals with immediate effect. Therefore, bread, buns, cake and other short eats prepared with wheat flour would be barred from the hospital cafeterias.
The government last month announced that wheat flour prices would be increased to promote the consumption of rice and other nutritious food among the people.

6 Comments for “Ministry Bars Wheat Flour Based Food From Hospitals”

  1. mkdk

    Forced democracy! I think in the early 40s , Germans were forced to think “right” and were froced to take the “right” path, well , today,sri lankans too can be happy for they too have a strong leader, who knows what is good for them! I wish them Good luck, they are going to need it more than any!

  2. People Stand For Democracy

    “Sirima Bandaranayaka Ugaya” coming back to Srilanka. Very soon. People have to be in “Queues” (Poling) ” to by their nessery items.That is the foolish Srilankan Voters get for their foolish commitment.

  3. "Chandadapu Ekek"

    This is the start from Wheat Flour, next Sugar, next Bomby Onions, Chillies,Rice, finally Medicine.Srilanka Economy is very good.

  4. Che

    Very Interesting, Sri Lanka maybe gradually Closing It’s economy, a move that will greatly be applauded by the Majority,but Detrimental to the Process of Development and Modernization, It is Definitely not an appropriate move in a Global Village, where all Countries need to be Interdependent on each other, and are part of the Global Society, Separating oneself from the world will just make Sri Lanka a Pariah State, The Colors are Not Good at all, before such decisions are made one should have Understood that a lot of Citizens may loose their Livelihood for such a Drastic decisions, This Decision may also send negative messages to Many other Businesses involved in the Trade, a very Bad Mistake indeed, or was it Intentional? to create disharmony.

  5. I would really like to know what is in the breakfast menu of the parliament these days!

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