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Enjoying Mervyn

Mervyn Silva is just the news. The story is us. Whatever’s said and done, people voted him in this time.
Whatever drama he caused on the MegaStar show, he was put there and got more ratings, the worse he behaved. Mervyn is not just a part of Mahinda, he’s a part of you and me. He’s something we encourage and enjoy.

Mahinda’s Pet

People ask why Mahinda keeps Mervyn around. The answer should be somewhat obvious. Imagine knowing someone who could help you sort out any land dispute, romantic competitor or anything? He’d sort it out through fear, intimidation and violence, but he’d sort it out. Imagine walking into a carnivorous car mechanics or an idling government office with the good doctor by your side? You’d be served and out the door ASAP.
I’ve been reading the book Layer Cake by J.J. Donnely. It’s about a cerebral cocaine dealer who survives only with a partner as muscle. This partner does little except drive around, look scary and occasionally unleash a bit of the old ultra-violence. For this, he gets 50 per cent. For the coke dealer to survive, he needs chaos on a leash.
This, essentially, is what Mervyn Silva is. Chaos on a leash. The leash is hard for us to see, but every time Mervyn leaves the room, he bows to touch the leg of Mahinda’s chair. The leash is surely there.

The MegaStar

The issue, however, is not why Mahinda needs Mervyn. The issue is, why do we. It is likely that many of you are reading this story because it’s about Mervyn. Indeed, anytime he gets up to anything, we sell papers. There is such demand for all things Mervyn, that Swarnavahini asked him to judge a talent show and then acts surprised when he behaves like himself.
In his time on Swarnavahini’s MegaStar, Mervyn has said he would like to drink milk from a female contestant, challenged the host to a fight and verbally abused the other judges. In the finale, audience members grew enraged over a surprise result and attacked the stage. Mervyn and his bodyguards made things worse. This seems like a bad thing, but thousands more watched the finale (on YouTube or through the news) than would have otherwise. Mervyn doubtless boosted ratings for Swarnavahini. Because, though we claim we don’t like him, we certainly like to watch.

The People’s Jester

Mervyn has long had a relationship with the ruling families of Sri Lanka; the Bandaranaikes and now the Rajapaksas. He did not have a relationship with enough people to actually win a seat in parliament, that had to be given via the national list. In the last parliamentary election, however, he won of his own accord. Now Mervyn — formerly accused of all manner of violence and wrong doing — is mainstream enough to appear on a national talent show.
On that talent show, he actually referred to drinking milk from Upeksha Swarnamali, which is somewhat typical behaviour. That is not the point, however, that’s just Mervyn. It’s entertaining, but it’s nothing new. What is different is that — within this forum — the other men just laughed. Upeksha looked the other way and only Rosy Senanayake stood up to defend her, getting blackguarded by Mervyn in return.
Mervyn has slowly but surely transitioned to household respectability. Swarnavahini saw it fit to introduce him to their studio, thus into our homes. The Daily Mirror runs his every curse and whim as a news alert. He’s not forcing himself on the public, the public demands him, enjoys him and demands more.  As do you, since you’re reading this article right now. That’s Mervyn Silva. People pretend they want him to leave, but they can’t wait till he comes back, doing something crazy and new.

45 Comments for “Enjoying Mervyn”

  1. gamaya

    You are indeed right. I just read this article first above else because I wanted to know what Mervin did next. I feel ashamed. I will stop reading about him from now on.

  2. True Democrat

    If your organisation is professional enough , you need to do only one thing. please have a news black out Do not publish any item on Mervyn Silva.
    He likes cheap publicity and , sad to say, our society has no standards and not intesested in moral values.
    We have a politician as our nation’s president , who will look after them, and not a statesman. We need a statesman as a president .

    I am very sad about my homeland. May triple gem bless Sri Lanka.

    • TRN

      I agree with you. The rotting society elects its own kind. Where has the damma and the followers of damma?

      How can the taxpayers money be wasted on a useless jack in the box.

  3. True Love Sri Lankan

    You are right, People of Sri Lanka need him to entertain them. Until People chenge we will see more actions from Mervin Silva. Shame on Swarnawahini to bring this kind of person.

    • TRN

      This is the problem of alll the pvt media .. they are only thinking about popularity that will bring them money. Not accountable for social justice or morality.

  4. Pot stirrer

    Any news of Mervin is interesting. He reminds me of not some one who descends from “Dutugemunu Raja Wamsaya” whom he claims to be but as a modern “Andare” The only difference is that it’s an insult to any one from “Dutugemunu Raja Wamsaya” (I hope the author will agree) If you really analyse his behaviour he needs psychological treatment (I’m not a doctor) There is no body in his electorate that can challenge him. The Government Department employees, the Police Department etc are under him. He is the supreme commander of Kelaniya Kingdom. He rules everything. Probably more and more uneducated people from his electorate must be joining his army like pup dogs following him around and getting free food off him. It will be interesting to find out with his power and being a devoted Buddhist whether he has eliminated underworld gangs, bootleggers and drug dealers from his Kelaniya Kingdom. If you know if this is true please make a comment.

  5. Suba

    Mervyn tries to compensate his lack of performance by using various methods of entertainment.

  6. I agree 100 percent with your view,yes I read this article first as I wanted to know what the Joker did recently. I love thi Joker to remain and creates dramas like this,he is entertaining ! lol

    • garawi

      You love to see ‘ what this joker does next’ ?? Would you also like to be the poor Grama Niladhari officer who could not attend a Dengu meeting called illegaly by Mervyn, because his son was sick, and Mervyn tied him on to a tree in the public and shown on every TV channel , Internet and also on international TV channels? Do not be so selfish man! Think about the others as well!

  7. sampath

    I cant agree more! Mervyn is the symbol of evil in Parliament. Most of us envy him. But we cannot wait until he does something! We need him to make news. At the end, he has got 150,000 votes. This only proves the ‘fool base’ of this country is so huge even Mervyn with his small brain can take advantage of it!.. Also it proves the wisdom of MR when all decend people wanted him to sack Mervyn, he was sure about ‘fool base’ which will give him enough votes through Mervyn…

  8. True or false?
    Soon after the 1970 election victory, the young MP in parliament was walking down the corridor of the then parliament with his youthful followers from the deep South. In that group was the cantankerous young Mervyn Silva wearing shorts as he always did those days. JR Jayawardena MP was in the corridor speaking to another MP. The village idiot in shorts Mervyn while passing JRJ slapped him on the buttocks and shouted “Ohela dan apey yatathey thamai”! JRJ ignored it. But the then youngest MP simply turned around slapped Mervyn so hard shouting “Yakko, tho dannawada paradunata eya watina kenek kiyala” that Mervyn fell off the corridor. Mervyn never tried such pranks in his presence again.

    • TRN

      ‘village idoit’ it is. The rulers of our country ?? We need to pay taxes for the maitainance of these idiots???

  9. R.M.B Senanayake

    Mervyn is our national character. He is outwardly what we are all inwardly- a nation where truth and morals have no value and where lies and deceit are a way of life we all follow.The public appreciates Mervyn because he is what they want to be- a hero or a role model. Swarnawahini has good business judgment indeed in selecting him

    • TRN

      I don’t agree that public has made him a hero or role model… but public thinks of him only an village idiot bringing cheap entertainment.
      Swarnavahini is trying to hang to anything to save its popularity…it a big bussiness money //// no values…

      The media is one big factor for the deterioration fo our society.

  10. Citizen Silva

    You are correct Indica…Merv the Perv is an EXHIBITIONIST. We should ignore his antics…Soma Edirisinghe & Co. are a sorry lot…but they achieved their ratings via Merv the Perv…

  11. Free Thinker

    Media thrives on negative dramatic news. They are in a business and in Srilanka anything said and done by Mervyn is newsworthy. Even in western world you wakeup and listen to the news full of bomb blasts , earthslips, stabbings,etc,etc…. . Though many say that blue films are not good to the society they will see them at any given opportunity. Food for thought…

  12. pathum

    The “Swarnawahinee” should be banned by introducing a drug dealer, a criminal a thug to the public domain. Surely everyone can laugh at this man( or animal rather) senseless and dry third class jokes. But the fate of heroin addicts and their families thanks to his “Band of mega drug dealers” is not a joke at all! By introducing this thug the Swarnawahinee and its “Madam” has shown what are they made of and what they stand for. Its no wonder since both of them put up a innocent face to the public while doing the opposite, and yes both holds “Doctorates” no one knows for what!

  13. Titus

    It is so sad this Lanka gives so much prominence to a lowest of the lowest in the society to provide entertainment, position, power and influence. If he was in other place in the world he would have been atleast in life imprisonment. Thriving of these shameful people is society is a slap on the face of decency and sadly these are the standards of our govenrment and the president!
    just look at the list- ( just the tip of a iceburg)
    - Tied a govt. servent to a tree- would have been found guilty even 1000 yrs ago
    -says aware of the murderer of Lasantha-
    - Today Welikade prisoners have informed that he is the drug lord
    - talks in filth
    -Humiliated by TV workers assault
    -Directly attacked TV workers following above
    -Has assaulted, threatned opposition politicos and many others
    -Known killers are his security
    -Many public assaults- recent Uni student, protestors
    -Closing of Kelaniya liquor shops arbitarily trying to show he is a saint!
    -Saying wants to drink milk from a female ( as above)

    These are the humans our president and other responsible organisations think that they should be given highest positions of the land is a disgrace beyond belief!!

    I am sure even if he kills in front of the president he will say- Oh, he is just play acting !!!

  14. Anonymous

    One need no qualification as a rocket scientist to put Meryin on the TV to earn the
    maximum. This is what the Tv Station did. Given further opportunities this scoundrel will find a place in any “Show” in Sri Lanka if Viewers are to increase.

    The public thirsts for news and specially political oriented ones. Does not Meryn who
    has gained a Nationalist slot in the highest institute in Sri Lanka deserve to be
    seen and heard on TV? The Author has not dealt deeply into the Commercial Value
    in todays media for political clown in the name of Dr. Meryin.

  15. How sad that we see a wicked man as witty and entertaining..

    God have mercy on us all.

    • Entertaining, maybe, because of his silly antics. But he is far from being witty. Mervyn is a first rate cad and no one in his right mind should involve him in any way in their enterprises. Swarnawahini flopped by taking him on as a judge and lost my entire family and friends as it’s fans. We canceled the channel in our TV set.

  16. narakbadu

    May triple gem bless Sri Lanka.
    Havent’ it has richly so!!!!!!

    with people like Marvin, gotta, MR…………..

  17. pinky

    Yes I also enjoyed Mervyn’s whims and fancies. I waited to watch Mega Star because I like to hear his jokes.

  18. Dushantha Kurera

    I have read only the bad news reports of Mervyn. However, there should be some good in him too, Otherwise he would have not been elected as a MP . Yes He does some crazy things too whcih is very damaging to the govt but he must be having some strengths for him to survive in a Sri Lankan Political envoirment where you will loose the elections if you are not good enough for the electors !!…. I know some will jump and say the Electorate is dumb !!! No the electorate is not dumb but the guys who target him and who publish news items (as shown in the article) are Dumb !!!!! He is sometimes a saviour for the Opposition as they can talk about him only in an argument against the Govt or MR …….Why is MR keeping him ??? is everybody’s question. If Mervyn is not there, parliament will be a boring place !!!!!!!!!

  19. Reader

    Can anyboy say how he became a DOCTOR and from which University?

    • TRN

      There was a time where a doctorate could be bought for money.. i don;t want to mention the name of person who managed the unstitutiona as he is dead and gone now… I’m not sure if this institutions is still continuing.

  20. TOT

    NOT only the Milk Saga, If you have watched the programme ( Final ) poperly and listen to the dialogues propely , at One momant Mervyn even made a comment to Kamals question when Kamal was saying somthing about MErvyn Wife … MErvyn shot back saying ‘ If U had put an Application to my wife, she is still fit, etc etc ‘

    these are thirdclass remarks made infront of your wife, about your wife.,,,,by yourslef, non other than Mervyn.

    • drbd

      is he not in the same party with the lady who he tried to insult,
      but insulted himself, so badly?

  21. garawi

    You are not correct in that we want him to leave and wait until he is back. I personally would like to see this guys back for good. You yourself wrote this article to get ratings to your article and to get more people to read it. That’s what you want! To see him mis-behaving and enjoy! But for me, no thanks! Get him out forever!

    • TRN

      agree… for the sake of good of all people get him out before regreting…

      After what he did to rupavahini employees all TV channels should have banned him… what a low stae swarnavahini had stooped to.

  22. Anton

    Yes Indika, you are very correct but sorry to say that you are also doing the same thing to give undue publicity to the dirtiest thug type of a politician in our history. The only difference is that your article shows clearly the true picture of this quack. All of us know that he is being sponsored by the top to get all their dirty work done by this stooge or rather the rabies infected ferocious hound who thrives on drug dealings.

  23. drbd

    Mervyn and the likes of him

    they will come in all forms,
    sells papers, makes news.
    they become the pawns and are already pawns,
    waiting to be disposed of,
    whenever the inconvinience is too great.
    soon he can be professor,
    or ambassador or trade rep,
    maybe bigger minister.
    all depends on the situation.
    His language, behaviour, is not too atypical for many
    fringe politicians,
    some even admire it,
    and because of his
    so called bad behaviour,
    others obtain brownie points for good behaviour,
    Just by exclusion.
    The abusive or bully tones are not exclusive,
    it is commonly heard, so often in Lanka,
    and almost all cuntries[but language is diffferent]

    so what is the big deal?

    Apparently he is badly needed.

  24. I used to believe that if the media stopped their reportage of this monster he’d become a ‘nothing’ and grope in the darkness he’s such a part of. Perhaps in time he’d go into oblivion. Of course he would bash a few more heads and tie some more victims to trees for a spell. But that will be short lived and Mervyn will just fade away or even die of loneliness – a miserable way to go!

  25. holmang

    it’s really funny, all the youtube videos have mervyn’s comments but but not rosy’s

  26. Sapumal

    Why we shouldnt read about him? It is not just because we are looking something for fun, also we want to educate ourselves who is right or wrong.But still we are unable to understand who is right.People vote for politicians, then they become slaves of these thugs. Are we wrong or are they wrong? The responsibility goes to where? may be someone can say the system..who create the system? For the the people. however what I am warring is why those lawyers who are aganst these things cannot go to courts to get an order to ban his democratic rights. wether its going to work or not doesnt matter….but it is going to be a good try at least.

  27. Who cares about those useless so called mega shows, there are so many things to worry in this country to worry about then result of mega show, these politicians they all are dirty minded, including Dayasiri.

  28. ananda

    Great article…. Mervyn may be untouchable now, but as time goes on his political enemies will increase in numbers – he who lives by the sword shall die by it…

  29. Ron Fernando

    It is not what Mervyn wants. It is what majority of people want. People make leaders or jokers according to their taste. Only in a fools paradise you can see and hear this type of behaviors

  30. If Mervyn Silva is “Chaos on a leash”… how would you describe the “4 Warlord Millionaire Brothers?”
    “Chaos WITHOUT a leash???”

  31. guru

    Mervyn in MR govt a is a continuation of that infamous Themis in Banda govt and AJ Ranasinghe in Premadasa govt. There is strong resemblences in all three pairs.
    All we know is that SL is in wrong hands.
    There wil eb more cartoons after the reshuffle.

  32. guru

    Mervyn in MR govt a is a continuation of that infamous Themis in Banda govt and AJ Ranasinghe in Premadasa govt. There is strong resemblences in all three pairs.
    All we know is that SL is in wrong hands.
    There will be more cartoons after the reshuffle.

  33. singhalaya

    mervin may be mahinda brother for second mother, or mervin murdered someone onbehalf MR if not he is secret relative of MR. people are thinking now. MR never ever take action against this uneducated thugs. in this government only few educated people are available, those MP;s also imported from UNP. Qualifications need for us to get jobs but those ministers doesnt need qualifications.

  34. bash

    Much more of mervin to come out, from the 2nd term onwards…..

  35. Senator

    But in the long run, His boss will have to pay for the lap dog’s sins, you wait and see.

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