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Mervyn Gets A Brand New Jaguar

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

The brand new Jaguar XJ imported by Silva and The Customs Declaration Form for the Jag

Deputy Highways Minister Mervyn Silva has returned to the limelight and this time by getting himself a brand new Jaguar XJ luxury petrol car. The burdens of a rising cost of living, persons affected by floods and a war seem to be of no concern to certain members of the government.

The real value of the Jaguar is Rs. 18,418,969.00 (Rs. 18.4 million) inclusive of taxes amounting to Rs. 10,678,427.00 (Rs. 10.6 million).
However, the Deputy Minister’s vehicle in this instance has cost only Rs. 11,284,208.00 (Rs. 11.2 million) since it is free of several import duties. The taxes applied to Silva’s Jaguar amounts only to Rs. 3,543,208.00 (Rs. 3.5 million).
Silva’s vehicle has been imported into the country duty free and has been billed to the Highways Ministry located at the 9th floor, Sethsiripaya, Battaramulla.
The Highways Ministry is directly under the purview of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
The LC for the vehicle has been issued by the International Division of the Bank of Ceylon under the reference number NU/G/SH/10/189.
A copy of the Sri Lanka Customs — Goods Declaration Form in the possession of The Sunday Leader states that Sam Koralage, Public Relations Officer to the Deputy Minister of Highways, has signed the document and endorsed the importing of the vehicle.
The Sunday Leader contacted the Highways Ministry to verify if Koralage was an official on Silva’s staff. The Ministry confirmed that Koralage is indeed Silva’s Public Relations Officer.
Silva’s Jaguar that is originally from Great Britain had been imported to the country from Port Klang in Malaysia on the vessel, MS Challenger that reached Colombo on November 6. The Jaguar, which is red in colour, bears the chassis number SAJAC22F3ALV04200 and engine number 10030908491508PN.
Interestingly, the Highways Ministry has spent over Rs. 11 million to purchase a brand new Jaguar for its Deputy Minster Silva just a few weeks prior to the swearing in of President Rajapaksa to his second term in office that is to take place this week.
It was initially believed that the President might do a Cabinet reshuffle following his swearing-in ceremony, which was later postponed.
During the period of uncertainty many ministers believed that they might lose their current portfolios in the reshuffle. Hence, many ministers started to act in haste to sort out ‘their’ matters while some have opted to lie low.
The Highways Ministry is one of the key ministries involved in many ambitious development programmes especially rebuilding the road network and new highways.
And throwing in a spanking new Jaguar XJ for its Deputy Minister appears to be mere chicken feed for the Ministry.

61 Comments for “Mervyn Gets A Brand New Jaguar”

  1. Tiny

    For the immence service to the nation no body should question his right to have this.

    Just to list a few…..
    - Tied a govt. servent to a tree- would have been found guilty even 1000 yrs ago
    -says aware of the murderer of Lasantha-
    - Welikade prisoners have informed that he is the drug lord
    - talks in filth
    -Humiliated by TV workers assault
    -Directly attacked TV workers following above
    -Has assaulted, threatned opposition politicos and many others
    -Known killers are his security
    -Many public assaults- recent Uni student, protestors
    -Closing of Kelaniya liquor shops arbitarily trying to show he is a saint!
    -Saying wants to drink milk from a female artist.

    Surely the deserving people appointed by the president deserves nothing less !!

    • Amal

      Well said Tiny, With his capabilities and IQ, would not have been able to drive even an ordinary car.

    • Big

      Short and sweet….Well analyzed……. convincing !!!
      Pig like silva having a jaguar is a discrase for the brand..That bull does not worh getting tied to a bullock cart even….

  2. raymond

    A richly deserved reward by the King to his court jester who keeps the public also entertained!!

    • Nodoooo King

      Since Mervin is “Andare” of our time…..The king himself must have given this small “Bonus” for his immense services to the Ruling Family

      This Only Happens in “Puduma LAnthaya”

    • duminda


  3. Yakolis

    Has the Secretary to the Ministry of Highways delegated authority under the Financial Regulations to Sam Koralage, Public Relations Officer to the Deputy Minister of Highways, for that PRO to officially place and order for the import of a vehicle costing several millions of Rupees? If not, what has the Auditor General got to say about this abuse of financial authority?

  4. NotCorrupt

    The heroin, Cocaine and Ecstacy can now be hastily delivered in comfort and style! What a bunch of jokers!

    When are we going to rise up???

  5. Citison

    At a time when thousands are displaced and their life, property are destructed due to floods ,it is unfortuante how the corrupted politicians are spending tax payers money and the expatriate workers. money for the own benefit. If the minister says it is not from tax payers money, then he should prove from where he was able to get that money.



    • Motta Horapakse

      Ooi..COMMEDIAN( correct spelling should be Comedian)….Can you write in English please.

  7. Nirmal

    1. How does this fellow earn so much money to buy a Car for 11 Mn ? 2. does he declare his income and does he pay tax ? how much money and commission is he taking ? Has this fellow good to SL ? this is why SL is still remain as a 3 world country. shame for all voters who gave power to these type of utter useless fellows.

  8. sandman

    This circus goes on and on and on……………………………..

  9. Upul

    Sam Koralage was in UK prior to 2005 and left UK due to investigations by UK police and Financial Services Authority. He has done a “Sakviti” style froud in UK and cheated millions of UK pounds from Sri lankans and other nationals living in UK their hard earned money. Some still paying their loans given to Sam/
    Now I came to know why and how he became public relation officer of Mervin. The UK autorities investigations can be evaded by staying with Mervin. But I ttell you Sam Koralge cannot hide the all Mighty God, same for Mervin. Truth will come out one day.

    • LankaLiar

      Good work. True Sri Lankan spirit.

    • Princess

      Upul, The truth came out even before you knew about it !!!

      It has been proved and accepted by the Superior Courts in UK, UK Police and Financial Services Authority that Sam Koralage is free from above mentioned charges, and proved not guilty for the said fiancial fraud. It’s been proven that he has not committed any offence, felony or misdemeanor as such.

      I kindly request you to stop accusing him with false information which is no longer valid. Hence l must clearly mention that his formal relationship with the Minister Mervin Silva has not been benefited Sam Koralage in any means as mentioned above in your comment. Thank you!

      • upul

        Princess, Send me the proof of Sam Koralage is fee from those charges. He ran away from UK before the court hearing started. He never attended the court hearing. I am living in UK and I can prove that Sam Koralage is the one who collected money with his signature on the “hora” agreements from a company he formed called Europe Lanka investment. I can send copies of these agreements to publish in Sunday Leader. As I said truth will come out sooner than later.

  10. mahendra

    Luxury car for deputy minister spending about Rs.10 million need to be take a note in spending money when we have so much of economic problems. Its high time the Govt should select proirities if president want to develope the country.. Present president is the only one who gave a patrotice leadeship should take these seriously to overcome the obstacles to develope the country economically.

  11. sam silva

    Disgracefully Disgusting….Rewarded for what..We can all see how MR rewards this fellow of a Mervyn despite the whole nation knowing what a useless person we have in Mervyn, MR continues to support and favour him…Now we can all easily come to a reasonably sound conclusion about why…Do we need top guess?? Don’t think so…
    No point asking MR anyway..Like water on a duck’s back.

  12. Randi

    Typical Sri Lankan politics. Reward the pariahs, scum bags, dishonest johnnies. MR keeps losing any credibility by having a thug like Vermin in his government. Whatever happened to high standards, and Intellectual Ministers? We have got a bunch of hooligans running the country.

  13. Bashir

    Why only a Jaguar XJ? For his services to King and country he should get a brand new Rolls Royce. After all these are manufactured in India also now as it is owned by Tata.
    In what car will the King be transported for the coronation? Will it be the national way of using Planquin Bearers, which will be far more fitting and also be a fantastic tourist attraction?

  14. Podiputha

    Too bad he imported just one Jaguar. Owners of jaguars will tell you that ideally one needs two such cars -one to drive while the other is in the shop being repaired.

  15. Gon wassa

    Shame . The country goes to the dogs while some ride Jaguars.

  16. toronto

    I totally agree with all of you. He is a true pariah. Their end is not so far. As true Buddhists, I believe that they will pay for all these very soon.

  17. Asoka

    What a big deal and I myself own a similar and I bought it bit more expensive than silva.
    who cares!!

    • Rod Rogers

      Yeah why would you care? It is the starving man who has to suffer further. You bought it with your own money, this low pariah received the car bought from poor people’s money.

  18. sam

    Rewards for murderers, drug traffickers, thugs etc. Why blame Mervyn? Blame his masters!!

    This itself will earn Human rights/war criminal charges on whoever who is in power!!!! Is this is not aiding and abetting murder, crime etc.?

  19. n.c.wijeratne


    • Rod Rogers

      Sorry NC. Merwyn does not do that job anymore. He might if UNP comes to power and pulls SF out of prison. Then you can ask this pig to come and clean your toilets. But then again, he stinks worse than a toilet. It might get worse after the cleaning by Merwyn.

  20. LJaya

    He is a hypocrite and a scavenger

  21. pinto


    • n.c.wijeratne

      Its not Presidents money-NEITHER IS IT MEVYNS

      • Rod Rogers

        You see NC, we left SL in 1984. I am a Jaffna Tamil, who hated the LTTE, all armed groups and the Government. Today living abroad I am sad for the people who are left behind. There are no jobs, no money, no food…….no hope. The LTTE took the Tamils back about 50 years. The consecutive governments took the whole country about 50 years. Who wins, people who left the country have some or other moved on, but the people who are left in SL are going back even further. SF should have put on a coupe when he was in charge of the Military. What’s the point of talking now. I only wish we all had brotherly love for each other back then, instead of looking at each other as Tamil, Sinhala, Muslim or whatever others belong to.

    • Nirmal

      He is using our money pinto thats why we are worried. this is the money of the tax payers. mervyngei & presidentgei ammage salli neme.

    • Rod Rogers

      Pinto, have you ever gone to school. Is the President buying these cars for this low life thug with his own hard earned money? what is wrong with you? can’t you see the problems in the country, people are crying for food, graduates are without jobs……and this piece of dirt gets a jag after washing the banda estate toilets.

  22. Percy Mandawala

    There is no limit to the damage these government politicos are doing to the public trust and the country. Most of the public still not aware that the country is running by a bunch of thieves. The irony is that they are still trying to blame the opposition and JVP in particular for everything.

  23. narakbadu

    People voted for this government (2ND TIME) must be feeling self satisfied now.
    This is such a good class act…
    Will these peiple ever think, that they will also have to feel the pain when they go to buy a loaf of bread which suddenly given a price hike.
    What a country we all live in???
    Democracy my FOOT!!!!

  24. marcus fernando

    we have wait and see , rettribution

  25. silva

    People with empty mind and head put thamasa’s in order to show off while million of displaced people suffering. This most non buddhist , non christian country in the world. why do you celebrate after coming to power with hora votes.

  26. Lord

    A woman in a man life can do wonders to the rightful owner. Without doubt S.L will be a wonder of the world not only Asia, by the way our politicians lives are led before entering into politics and after. Rags to riches, this is the way to go MR & company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. raj

    if you can do rowdy work for highler level people, you will get a luxury car and so. if even if you helped to do white van service, you be awarded a luxury car for your service in Sri Lanka.

  28. sali

    why not rolls roys??? i like to see more luxary cars on the roads of gost town. and many voters begging on the same road. its not their mistake, its our’s , yes we vote for these culprits, lets beg..

  29. sarath usa

    Not only this rasquel leading a xtra luxuary life, what about Weerawansa?

    • Motta Horapakse

      All are filthy scum..One minister no better than the other…..of course , led by the main minister..M inister R oyal.

  30. Chathuranga

    Oh please !!! give me a break. I am politically neutral (so spare me the green/blue hate), but it does not change the fact that if you guys had the same power/money, you’d do the same thing. You’d get your car before you take care of flood victims.

    Stop being such hypocrites.

  31. senarath

    The respectable people in future will never buy Jaguar in Sri Lanka.

  32. raymond

    One more Jaguar coming up for Mervin’s ukku pattiya!!!

  33. Alpha Romeo

    Great jokes for mervin silva:
    After having a great feedback as a talent show Judge, Mervin decides to go modeling.
    Once he enters the herd of buffaloes and resting his elbows on the back of the cattle he poses for the photo. Next day the photo appears on the front page of Daily News.
    GUESS THE CAPTION !! Hon Minister Mervin Silva, third from left !

    Mervin Silva to a long-distance telephone operator : “COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME THE TIME DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KELANIYA AND KANDAHAR ?
    Operator : “JUST A MINUTE,SIR…”

    And the man’s companion says, “JACK DANIELS, SINGLE.”
    The bartender approaches Mervin and asks, “AND YOU, SIR ?”
    Mervin replies: “Mervin silva, MARRIED.”


    We must buy one helicopter to fly when road are really not in good condition.we need to respect all the minsters better than katharagama daviyo.thanks to people of the country,we must stop election as well,so all new minsters can keep the position and any saving from election stop and buy new cars to MP’S FAMILY AS WELL.

  35. Jazzy

    Like giving the” Wandura a Kette”

  36. SHIRAN


  37. Its a shame for the president. Itis time for him to act to protect himself.

  38. Ram

    So what ? its a beautiful car , let him have it . more Sunday leader attack him
    more he do crazy things , well if that’s you’ll are waiting for .

  39. Maruthi

    What about the new Jaguars the Judges got.

  40. C.Fernando

    Hon. Dr. Mervyn Silva hails from low cast poor family from Hambantota District. He is not an educated person like his colleagues Hon. Johnstan and Hon. Mahindananda. They all have studied up to ninth grade and dropped out from the school. His father was a coconut tree climber according to Hon. Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa and earned for their living by selling young coconuts in the wayside. As a child, Dr. also has helped his father in his kurumba business run by the family. After leaving school, Dr. Mervyn got a Shop Assistant’s job in the CWE. According to Dr. Mervyn, he did not have money at least to buy a foot bike to go for the job though now he possesses 7 brand new cars including a Jaguar.
    He belongs to southern “Haliya” cast and normally these Haliyas are talkative and ready to do anything for money. He is a good voodooist. In his younger age, he made his living by helping a “Matara Kattadiya” other than selling young coconuts.
    This kattadiya was a gay person and very fond of the young boy who is ready to perform any thing for his master. While going outside the village for performing witchcrafts he took this young fella as a helper. Later he taught all his “Shilpa” , witchcraft, to young fellow. In a later stage, he used the same thing (Hunian) against his master making him committed suicide.
    People of the Hambantota area, even Maharajano, knows about the power of the fella in witchcraft (Hunian) and
    reluctantly bears up any wrong thing he does.

  41. Last End

    DAMN….. i spent 15mil for Toyota Prado. if i am a minister or something i can get a Jaguar XJ for 11mil. life is limited for civil peoples!

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