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‘Don’t Make Sri Lankan Women Slaves!’

Protests continue to be held for Rizana Nafeek, the young Sri Lankan housemaid sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia.

This afternoon, the Women’s Movement For Freedom held a protest in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy, demanding her release.

Nafeek was given the death sentence when a 4 month old infant died while in her care. At the time, she was 17 years old, and was employed by a couple in Saudi Arabia, as a domestic worker. She was accused of strangling the young baby, and was said to have confessed. Later allegations arose that the confession was extracted under duress.

Photos show the impassioned protesters demanding Rizana’s release.

11 Comments for “‘Don’t Make Sri Lankan Women Slaves!’”

  1. Calistus Jayatilleke

    No point in holding demonstrations in front of Saudi Embassy: they should do so in front of the Bureau of Foreign Employment demanding regularizing of employment agencies and also in front of the Temple Trees demanding stoppage of women being sent for slavery in middle eastern countries.

  2. People are going to work as “Slaves” in foreign countries, because they have no way of “Living in Srilanka”.Cost of living is so much high, corrupted, world largest ruling party and the world first country spending 5/6 of the “Budget” to maintain the members of the ruling party.

  3. sangaralingham

    baby choked to death while fed by an in /unexperiencec young female from another country. how unfortunate. not a murder but accidental death.
    this is what i gather from newspapers report.

  4. Sapumal

    Without women there is no Sri Lankan nation.Without women there is no Development, pogress, or country to live.They are the backborn of the nation.Please…dont send them to slavery! treat them with respect, love, kindness and with social dignity. We dont need middle east Riyal for our women.Tell our corrupted politicians to buy Jaguar from their own money.we send our womens to middle east to nurish these corrupted politicians.If we think, if use our brains it easy for us to create alternative income generation to fill the gap.Thats how other countries developed in the past.We need creative approach in this.

  5. SHM

    It is not only slavery, slavery combined with torture of the worst kind. These women are sent to bring foreign exchange to the country but they are bringing wire nails and needles in dozens. This is an insult to our country. It is far better to die of poverty rather than being treated inhumanely by some heartless brutes. There have been isolated cases before but this has now increased to intolerable levels. When will we open our eyes and say ‘enough is enough’.

  6. DeMel


    Sri Lankan garment manufacturers are running garment factories in Bangladesh because of their inability to get female workers in Sri Lanka. The small and medium garment manufacturers are the worst affected as the workers prefer the prestigious factories.

    The value added by a worker in a garment factory is far higher than a housemaid working in Arab countries. The time has come to recognise the shortage of female workers to work in our export oriented factories. The solution is to black list countries with a high incidence of cruelty to housemaids from Sri Lanka, to increase the pool of workers available to work in our factories. As a self-respecting Nation Sri Lanka should not allow any Sri Lankan woman to work as a housemaid in any country that does not accept international norms.

  7. wanted man

    if there is no foring currency this government never enjoy at all. first important thing is stop sening housemaids to middleast and sent some skill workers who can survive without any problems in those countries. srilanka is the only south asian country sending housemaids for law salaries. if there is no houemaid, i think no need SLFEB. Srilanka will loose 1 $ US$ dollars per year if there is no housmaid sending to only saudi arabia. Mahinda only talking but he surviving from these innocent poor housemaid money. If mahinda thinking housemaids going to abroad is shame, he must stop his first term finish but he didnt. He need only power not poors feelings. He is big lier and he never follow buddhism.

  8. Dustin

    The whole world knows that Saudis are a bunch of sub-human species. It stems from their barbaric religion which should be banned in any decent country. If we get our act together we stop these animals from abusing SL women. But alas our corrupt regime prefers to pay pooja to these animals but offering our women as slave labour.

  9. Lucky

    Well said Dustin!!

  10. Pon

    So long as GOSL gets foreign exchange earned by hrad working Sri Lankan women the governmnet is happy. They will not do much to protect the women. It is the wealth of the middle eastern countries that makes them to treat the women from third world countries as slaves and play girls.

  11. jayagoda

    The highest foreign earner to SriLanka, how can you stop this Slave trade. I see them, every mornng old, feeble, poorly dressed coming to the roads of kuwait to throw garbage, You will be ashamed to drive your pajero or a Prado in the city of Colombo.They are our mothers, sisters and daughters.
    api wenuwen api. WE TALK OF OUR great COUNTRY,
    I wonder why we still vote. for this?

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