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JVP Protest Against Rising CoL

The JVP today (18) held a protest at the Lipton Circus against the tax burden, rising cost of living and wastage of public funds and utilities.

The JVP has launched an island wide protest campaign against the burdens faced by the people and the rising cost of living.

JVP affiliated trade unions, students fronts and party leaders participated in the protest,which was held a few days prior to the 2011 budget presentation that is to take place on Monday (22).

Meanwhile, a former JVP MP said that several buses with party supporters and a lorry carrying material for the protest were blocked by the police in various parts of the country.

“Nevertheless, we went ahead with the protest and will continue,” he said.

2 Comments for “JVP Protest Against Rising CoL”

  1. Tiny

    Ooops no, no no…..dear JVP

    How can the govt. simply improve cost of living because they need money for more important things such as ..

    -Joy trips spending Rs 1400 million
    -How can the president buy fleet of luxury cars costing billions ?
    -how can cabinet ministers spend Rs 300 million for elections when they earn Rs 38 laks ( quote Mr Champika Ranawaka)
    -How can the ministers such as previous foreign minister spend Rs 100 million on foreign trips
    -How can govt. dump more than Rs 33 billion to prop up Mihin air ?
    -How can the president have inaguration with out spending Rs 5 billion?
    - Also the govt. need to find Rs 600 billion for the commonwealth games in 2018 to satisfy presidential ego
    -How can the govt.henchman survive with out Rs 870 billion ( quote Dr Harsha De Silva) of bribary and corruption
    - etc etc

    Surely the millions of workers need to know above govt. priorities…. the JVP need to realise how can the govt. reduce cost of living?????

  2. mkdk

    UNITE!!! for a better tomorrow! UNITE!!! to toppel this corupted regime! UNITE! for democracy!!!

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