“Paba” In A Foul Spin

By Raisa Wickrematunge

A last minute emergency switch led to Parliamentarian Upeksha Swarnamali castigating a Derana TV director after an old interview featuring her was aired on Monday, November (15).
Director News and Current Affairs, Derana, Shehan Baranage said the issue had arisen after a scheduled interview with the Deputy Minister of Research fell through. ‘On Monday, the day of filming, he was ill and couldn’t make it for our political show 360 Degrees,’ Baranage explained. Finding themselves in a tight spot, Baranage said they had handpicked an old interview featuring Swarnamali, since it was one of the more popular with a wide response from viewers.
However at about 11.30 pm on the 15th, Swarnamali had phoned Baranage and demanded to know why the station had not asked for her permission before airing the interview.
Baranage said she had then launched into a tirade, using foul language and threatening him saying, “Don’t think I’ll just let you wait like this.” He added that the voice of another person could be heard, egging Swarnamali on.
Baranage said he had requested that Swarnamali use language befitting a parliamentarian. “She used to talk so nicely. I was shocked,” Baranage said. He added that Derana had meant no harm in airing the interview for a second time. Swarnamali had called Baranage as many as 10 to 15 times, continuing to complain. A final text message sent  from her at 6:30 am the following day read, “I hate you all.”
Swarnamali did not answer repeated phone calls when the The Sunday Leader tried contacting her for comment.
Swarnamali recently switched sides defecting from the United National Party to join the government.

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  1. Ruwan Ferdinandez

    The way to go Derana. Find all these uneducated, silly parlimentarians who do not know what their job is or what the parliament is or even why the people voted for them, make them look fool and broadcast them as often as you could. Either they’ll learn, or they’ll avoid the public service (which they are not there for anyway) or at least, new ones will realise that unless they are prepared to serve the nation honestly, the politics is not for them. Basically they have to go to school before they goto parliament.

  2. raymond

    Since our “Kukku Patiya” has used foul language ….. is it possible that the “voice of another person” is none other than Merv the Perv???


    PABA , BABA wenda epa……..

  4. Ariyadamma

    You are a disgrace to this historic country politics. When our honorable President is trying to mend all the unwanted issues a small pup scale politician like you behaving this way. The 360 degree programme the answers given by you miss is very foolish and childish – if executive presidency is not suitable as you said what was the alternative. If you had done social studies not political science any grade 10 child knows the West Minister system which is prevailing in Great Britain and what we had earlier before 1977. This clearly indicates you are misfit Swarnamali.
    What is 18th amendment and why does it suitable for the country? Did you vote without knowing this. Also our President never was in Seethala Kamaraya – but even he spent time in prison. What nonsense you were talking? I went out of the seeing this after you scolded the Derana Director. I hope they repeat this once again for the public to watch giving lot of publicity of the date and time since Gampaha has voted for a misfit to the parliament.

  5. weerasuriya

    Re telecasting of this program is very relevant as it is very good opportunity for those who have not watched it .

  6. Sam Silva

    The true colours of the low and immoral person continues to be evident…It is not from how you look, but what morals and principles you live by..To jump ship and vote for the 18th amendment because you were to receive a sum of money……remember,,,would the people have voted for you ….on the UNP ticket if they knew you were going to jump ship and vote for the 18th amendment…I don’t think so…..so for me, you are just another let down case who can go to hell for all we care…Your looks don’t mean 5 cents to me..I have met more honourable ladies,with beautiful minds and priniples…and that is beauty that will last forever..

  7. Adrian

    This is not the right press culture. This director should have ask it from Ms. Upeksha before airing the controversial program. I think the knowledge on political affairs of Ms. Upeksha is a shame for a parliamentarian. However it is not her mistake people who sent her to the parliament.

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      What kind of a ‘press culture’ would that be, if the TV has to get the permission from the interviewees to air it? The woman accepted the invitation for the interview knowing it will go on air. You seem to have misunderstood the word ‘controversial’??? That episode was never controversial but it made the young MP look like a buffoon when she was exposed. She should have sought somebody’s advice on what politics is and what MPs do before stepping into poltics. The record belongs to the TV and airing is there business. If they have to seek permission from the people in them, they would never be able to broadcast any interviews from yesteryears.

  8. The voters never read the CV of each candidates.

    • Adrian

      Come on man. Its there duty. They should know the pedigree and the education of politicians they are going to vote. Everyone asks about the education of politicians. What about voters? Don’t they need right education to vote? Since our voters can be cheated very easily this type of foolish politicians could enter to the Parliament.

      • muzammil

        Adrian,do you think great academics like Dr Mervin was elected by stupid people?People know whom to vote.Look at the MPs and judje the nation.

  9. MaPer

    Why is she so offended by what she herself had said. Why did she have to use foul language? Probably, acted under duress by her husband, who has the backing of the VIPs like Sajin, who orchestrated Pabha’s switchover. Public would like to know who or what is her husband.

  10. M.H.Sheriff

    I have lost confidence in Sunday Leaders Comments column.

    • raymond

      M.H.Sheriff – Comments are moderated and then published by the Sunday Leader. I would suggest that you read “Daily Error”, ” The Iceland” and not forgetting “Daily Nonsense” etc.

    • dp

      amen to that..!’ your comment is awaiting moderation..’..for how long? some remain so for 2 to 3 days..the editor should either run it or delete it [giving a reason]

  11. VICTOR

    Derana should have got Upeksha’s permission before airing the interview again. Circumstances had changed and that would have been the ethical thing to do.
    I too would have reacted the same way as Derana did not accept it was their mistake.

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Circumstances may have changed, but has her knowledge and committment to politics (or to night clubs) changed as well? This programme would remind the voters, from either side that they should elect representatives who are committed to deliver not just familiar faces.

    • dp

      very true…knowing very well that Upeksha was a mess at that interview re telecasting without permission just showed the news directors class..

  12. Suba

    A little learning is a dangerous thing…………………………

  13. Anura

    Will you and media STOP publishing news about such a not worthy politicians (Paba). Your people are completely responsible for grooming them for cheap publicity on account of your newspapers. You all can see the results from very knowm personality Mervin Silva. STOP cheap publishing and lte them burried with no one knows about them. Publish the good work doing by any politicians.


    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      It is nothing to do with experience. She doesn’t know anything about politics, governance and responsibilities. Basically, a politician has to learn ‘conviction politics’, otherwise they should find other jobs that they could do. There are people who understand what needs to be done to develop the country, what is wrong about the constitution and where we should go. people like this silly woman should leave it for them to dabble with politics.

  15. bash

    Good for these types of people, who thinks the country and its people are like in the movies or teledrama, we all are people living in the real world, feeling pain, hunger etc… When they in one side say one thing and after crossing say and do exact opposite. When old interviews are telecast ed, people remember what these hypocrites said before AND THEY JUST CANT TAKE IT AND THE WOLF IN THE SHEEP CLOTHES COMES OUT….

  16. Anupam

    Paba – why on earth Derana get permission to repeat telecast. Why did you come if you was so uneducated on this issue. You maybe talking good English then get involved with the same individuals whom you move around with. Take Rosie for example she is fluent in both languages if you cannot talk Sinhala correct then what is the reason you should be in parliament? send your husband who can talk Sinhala well. Tell everyone to interview you in English if you want to be with the English speaking society. You have mixed up things and Anarkali is better in understanding – please do us a favour – go out from politics you young chick ! You are good for nothing !

  17. garawi

    Quite right. Permission is required to retransmit as the circumstances have changed as long as Paba is concerned. I in her place would file legal action.

  18. sisira

    ”untaught is better than ill taught “.Paba belongs to this catagary. now she faced lot of experience. but she never learn a lesson.

  19. A Goooooood lesson for the UNP.

  20. Senator

    I’m sure the best solution to her problem would be for Derana to re-telecast the program.

  21. Hussain

    360′ is a live show. but she is a actor for any director who diarect for lyrics.but no reheasal for this program. live show know nothing.this is a reason.

    • fazal

      True, derana is taking these as fun to telecast when they dont have any other
      thing to telecast, derana should have asked permission from paba first,

  22. Calistus Jayatilleke

    She is behaving in this despicable manner only after that “….. patiya” expressed a desire to drink some milk from her in public!. Maybe that poisonous mouth has infected her to be just like the patiya and transformed her behaviour into a female thug mouthing expletives. What a transformation for the “baba” who not so long ago behaved like a baby and now all of a sudden, with the background support of powerful politicians, she is trying to show her colours in threatening people just like the other government parliamentarians. What a disgrace to the country.

  23. Raja Rajapakse


  24. dagobert

    SL is indulging in thrash………bankrupt for worthy news.
    Raisa, you are a disgrace to your father…………. Focus your abilities on important issued and to the youth culture of today.

  25. Citizen

    Naturally, what can we expect of these uneducated lot whose only profession is to be a class-less politician. Worst still, when people of this type enter politics oldest profession becomes the chosen thing to do!

  26. Hameed

    Paba act in teledrama this serial, but suitable in parliament as baba serial.

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