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Deputy Minister Cader Released

The Colombo High Court today (29) released a deputy minister of the government and two other suspects from all charges over an alleged misappropriation of Samurdhi Funds.

Colombo High Court Judge Kumudini Wickramasinghe released Deputy Environment Minister Abdul Cader and two others of charges of misappropriating Samurdhi Funds.

Cader defected to the government from the UNP a few months back.

The state counsel had stated that it was difficult to continue with the case since the original documents regarding the case have been misplaced.

The state counsel had also said that the key witness in the case, former Samurdhi Commissioner General Dr. Kumari Navaratna, could not be summoned as she is overseas.
The state counsel had therefore requested court to dismiss the indictment charges.
Judge Wickramasinghe had then permitted the dismissal of the indictment charges and had ordered that the three suspects including Minister Abdul Cader be released.
Cader and two other suspects were charged with misappropriating 690 bags of rice belonging to the Samurdhi Social Development Trust Fund and making the government suffer losses amounting to millions of rupees.

7 Comments for “Deputy Minister Cader Released”

  1. M R should drop him from the cabinet

  2. raymond

    One can misappropriate and if found guilty, one can decide to join the ranks of MR’s gang and hey presto, the charges are withdrawn ??????

  3. Percy Mandawala

    Case documents missing and absence of a key witness is the reason for his discharge. Then AG withdraws the case. This is one of the methods applied by the rogues to go scot free. This is how the justice is served in Srilanka today.

  4. san

    MR Can not drop Cader, If he drops cader then he has to drop many many from the list of ministers. All are bunch of corrupt.

  5. I Hussein

    Of course this was the deal (to cross over), wasnt it?

  6. Aiyo Silva

    Pathetically disgusting to say the least about the state of affairs in our Sri Lanka..From the top and boss, the judicial system , the ministers and judges are all one big bunch of corrupt crooks….The common masses will pay for this and suffer to no end in the coming years.

  7. musthafa

    so this is the deal,what ever said and done HARAM is HARAM.Dont forget he has to answer Allah.H A R A M I.All that millions . . . He and all his Daughters few months ago in Dubai to buy Bathroom Fittings? ? ?

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