Govt.: A Lot Of Development Work For SL

Media and Information Minister Keheliya Rambukwella says that following the end of the three decade long war, Sri Lanka had a lot to catch up on in relation to development.

Rambukwella told a public function in the Kandy District that one cannot be satisfied the country’s current position when looking back after achieving peace.

He said that many countries in the Asian region, especially those that have consulted Sri Lanka and have sought advice and have learnt lessons from the country were now ahead of Sri Lanka.

Rambukwella blamed the three decade long war for this situation. He said that the war prevented Sri Lankans from exploring their true potential due to the uncertainty that prevailed.

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  1. Anuk

    True development is welcome but the development people such as Keheliya must be the ‘Self development’ such as the plundering of the Foreing emploment dept. under his care.

    He made a profit making govt. department a huge loss of millions and have given vehicles to many henchman who did not even sight this deppartment according to Sanday leader article!!

  2. Dhammika


  3. Ela Kolla

    Hehehe.. other countries consulted and sort advice from SL??? Wow… they must’ve been desperate…

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