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Journalists Prevented From Entering Into Boosa Camp

Several journalists and a BBC correspondent have been prevented from covering the sessions of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) at the Boosa detention camp in Galle.

LLRC Secretary, S.B. Athugoda had informed 10 local journalists and the BBC correspondent when they had arrived at the detention camp that they needed clearance from the Defence Ministry to enter the camp.

The journalists had then informed the official that they had arrived on an invitation from the LLRC and had received permission from the Director General of the Media Center for National Security (MCNS).

However, the journalists had not been granted access into the camp to cover the LLRC session.

4 Comments for “Journalists Prevented From Entering Into Boosa Camp”

  1. raj

    one of the most dangerous place to prisoners is Boosa where torturing is normal. We need an UN panel to investigate on abuses on prisoners.

    • Gamunu Wijesinghe

      Why don’t you suggest the same for guantanamo prison? Isn’t it the most dangerous prison on earth? You seem to be conveniently omitting atrocities committed by the west when making unsubstantiated allegations. You are an LTTE sympathiser who is hell bent on getting the UN investigations on allegations made mainly by your clan and others with a vested interest.

      • ila

        you should convice your war criminals to face an inquiry on accussed war crimes, then I can talk about others. be an example first. Just call your uncle MGR.

  2. Gamunu Wijesinghe

    Why should they be allowed? Do the British and the Yanks entertain reporters from other nations into high security jails in their countries? Can anyone have free access to guantanamo?
    These are high security jails in SriLanka and must be kept as such. The West will only question other countries of accountability and transparency, but when it comes to their back yard they will resist any such intervention.

    This does not mean I advocate a total black out of information and condone what happens in jails as correct. This is an internal matter. If the West want to play the game they must do so on a level playing field.

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