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Over 12,000 Arrested For Throwing Garbage

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mahinda Balasuriya has said that police environment protection units located across the country in almost all the police stations have arrested more than 12,800 persons during the last month for throwing garbage in public places.

Most of the garbage throwers had come in their vehicles and thrown the garbage on the wayside.

The IGP has also said, “We also arrested 840 suspects for putting up unauthorized structures, 720 for illegal felling and 2,032 for illicit sand mining.”

The police have also set up 143 environment protection units island wide to help the Municipal and Urban Councils and also the Environment Ministry to arrest such individuals and to combat pollution of the environment in every police division.

4 Comments for “Over 12,000 Arrested For Throwing Garbage”

  1. kukku

    where are people supposed to put garbage if theres no dumpin place in the area? in the police station? goverment & puppies. first make an arrangment to dump garbage.

    • Jaffna Tamil

      The Police station? They already have too much garbage in there in uniforms. They may have to find a different place.

  2. garawi

    Apart from the councils collecting household normal garbage on a basic manner Sri Lanka does not have a well organized garbage disposal system. Many a time one would want to dispose of an old fridge, TV, or a furniture piece or even some other hard rubbish. These are normally collected in the back yard if you have one or inside the house if you don’t. creating breeding ground for rats and mosquitoes.

    I have seen the electricity board itself dumping the branches cut off trees that are dangerously close to the power lines just by the side of the road and some times in private properties.
    If we are looking to be a developed country the government should set up recyclable garbage collection centers where these will be collected. People otherwise throw them out simply because they have no way to collect them at home.

  3. Aru

    Garbage collection centres and dustbins are a must if we are to arrest the NIMBY syndrome. An efficient garbage collection system and deterrent fines to prevent environmental pollution and threat of disease are the respective duties of the local authorities, the CEA, the police and the PHIs. Throwing garbage on the roadsides is no answer to the problem, instead the relevant authorities should be pressurized into finding a lasting solution. For once the Police are doing some good work and they should be commended for it. People who lack civic consciousness and become a public nuisance should be prosecuted. Environmental pollution is a matter of serious concern as it is the cause of climate change we are experiencing right now. If this due to the irresponsible actions of a few they should be punished according to the law of the land. The police should also be commended for taking action against illicit felling and sand mining. Illegal felling results in the loss of floral diversity together with soil erosion resulting in land degradation. Sand mining too has its adverse effects like salt water intrusion, flash floods and affecting spawning grounds of fish, some of which are endemic species. So, keep up your good work POLICE.

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