Israeli Connection: Surprise And Shame

The news that Sri Lanka is to boost relations with Israel in the agricultural field comes as a surprise considering the treatment we have received from the Zionist state in the past.

Way back in 1991 Commodore Douglas Ivan Attanayake told an inquiry the Israelis had tampered with the engines of the three Super Dvora boats the government had purchased thus preventing the boats from travelling at its rated speed. The Commodore said if the tampering had not been detected the engines would have seized and would have had to be thrown away. Initially Israel refused to entertain our complaint and it was through Lloyds that Israel agreed to replace the engines. Why did Israel tamper with the engines?

In his lid blowing book By Way Of Deception, Victor Ostrovosky said the Israelis described our army personnel as monkeys. After a hard days work they were probably having fun at the expense of our boys. That they trained the LTTE whilst training our army personnel at the same time is no secret. India’s Subramaniam Swamy is on record boasting it was he who had introduced the LTTE to the Israeli Mossad.

The Jain Commission probing the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi reported there were links between the LTTE and Israel’s spy agency Mossad. Evidence for this report was provided by RAW and IB.  On July 15, 1995 the Lanka Guardian edited by the legendary, fearless and irreplaceable Meryn Silva, reported ‘hard evidence of Israel supplying arms to the LTTE’ under the headline ‘Australian Police Confirm Israel Supplied Arms To The LTTE’. Add to this the fact that an Israeli arms shipment to the government was conveniently hijacked by the LTTE. In 1994 the Israelis abused Sri Lanka’s port rules when they were nabbed with four containers of chemicals they use to manufacture nerve gas. There was no apology. That’s how much they respect our sovereignty.

In 2007 a Sri Lankan expert on defence died under mysterious circumstances while on a trip to Israel where he was to inspect arms and attend a workshop. Dr. D.A. Munindrasa’s family does not accept the cause of death, according to media reports.
More recently the Israelis humiliated a government minister who had to travel via Tel Aviv to attend a Palestinian trade conference. He was refused the VIP lounge even though the Palestinians had paid for this facility. The Israelis even refused his diplomatic vehicle from entering occupied Palestine via the Allenby Bridge at which point he was compelled to take a taxi to reach his destination. But you can be sure when the Israeli agricultural minister arrives in Sri Lanka in January our reporters will go gaga over his visit. In fact four reporters from different newspapers in Sri Lanka are currently on an all expenses paid jaunt to Israel on the invitation of the racist regime.  This trip may be the result of the Israeli ambassador’s recent visit to prominent media organisations in Sri Lanka where he lectured journalists on the purity of the apartheid state fitting perfectly with Lord Acton’s description of ambassador’s lying abroad for their countries.

It is often said Israel helped us defeat the LTTE. But this ‘help’ was actually trade in arms and ammunition and it didn’t come cheap. When our High Commissioner to Pakistan went to Gen. Yahya Khan to find out how much we owed the country for the arms and ammunition Pakistan supplied to fight an armed insurrection here, he said Pakistan doesn’t take money from friends when they are in trouble. Now that’s help!  It is also possible the Israeli push to entrench themselves in Sri Lanka could be to act as an agent for the US which wants to counter China’s influence in Sri Lanka. The fact that we have to seek assistance from Israel in the field of agriculture comes as a shame. We have been an agrarian society for well over 2500 years and Jews have never been known for their prowess in agriculture. The Israelis’ claim to ‘making the desert bloom’ is an absolute myth. What they have done is steal the arable land from the Palestinians and cultivate it for themselves. The Palestinians were exporting jaffa oranges to France long before the establishment of Israel.

If at all we really need help in agriculture we could always turn to India, Pakistan or Bangladesh – all SAARC countries. After all they grow enough food to feed their near 1.5 billion people. Or do we think it would be below our dignity to ask for help from our neighbours and instead go to those we have been trained to think are superior to us?

Hameed Abdul Karim

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  1. Darren

    Mr. Abdul Kareim is using flat falsehoods and half truths to smear Israel’s image. Israel is a friend of Sri Lanka, has always been one and will continue to be one. Israel did not steal lands from the Palestinians. Israel is the modern embodiment of Palestine, where Jews and Muslims have lived together from time immemorial. The reason some Palestinians migrated from palestine was a result of a war imposed by Arab countries in 1948. Israel did turn a desert into a blooming garden. Go visit that country and you will be amazed. There is no room in this globalized world to haters like Mr. Abdel Karim with his anti-Israel agendas.

    • Jayantha

      Yes darren thses guys dont know there birth rights history dosnt have muslims they ocupied after jews were taken to over by nazis and gradually they build up now asking more like in sri lanka just give a plot of land like pigs they give birth alll the time

  2. HT

    Brilliant Article and a timely piece for all Sri Lankans! Israel was no help for Sri Lanka to win the war–but a like cunning businessman who was selling to both sides-the state and the terrorists, and hence not a State with principles. Sri Lanka must always be with the Palestineians whose land has been stolen by these Zionists. Israel is a bully but thrid world countries like Sri lanka must show that we can stand on out own two feet!

    • jayantha

      your wrong do you kno the history of middleast who send aways the Zionists from middleast the orgin of the lands were not arabs they took over when jews were wiped off during greeks were settle non of muslims were living there talk abt that

  3. Rover

    The Arabs started war because the Israelis started systematic robbing and occupation of Palestinian lands starting 1947. To this day they keep expanding their stolen territory aided by the Americans. These lands should be given back to the Palestinians.

  4. jayantha

    All muslims are not terrorist but terrorist are muslims so lets Israel help us again .
    see our nations working in middleast . non complaints of deaths or injuries sexual harresment from Israel but in arabs ???????

  5. Jayantha

    ” We have been an agrarian society for well over 2500 years and Jews have never been known for their prowess in agriculture. The Israelis’ claim to ‘making the desert bloom’ is an absolute myth. What they have done is steal the arable land from the Palestinians and cultivate it for themselves. The Palestinians were exporting jaffa oranges to France long before the establishment of Israel.”



  6. moulana

    zionists are racists according to U.N.resloution 5916 [1975], zionism is the root of entire racism according to U.N.sponsered 200sep. 9th Durban anti racsim coference , we all know very well how zionist mosad criminal organisation spreading the seed of racism all over the world for example late zionist assasinated our president ranasinga premadasa in 1990 appointed zion commission enquery confirmed that ‘anty cow salughtering movement ‘ in sri lanka founded by late president J.R.Jayawardana’sdughtering law mrs. Penny jetawardana who confirmed by answering 3 questions. the questions are follows 1. did you get money from isreal to bribe sri lanka medias to propagate anty cow salughtering sentiments among singhalese against muslims ?.2. we have bank money transsection evidence to your personel account from an isreali firm for this job can you deny this ? visited isreal and facilitate many singhalese organisations to isreal for this particular subject by this case do you beleive its very importent to sri lanka rather then terrorism and powerty etc?
    now its crystol clear that LTTE terrorist facist organazation is from isreal. western plot south sudan new independent state requested exile LTTE so called priminster and his cbinet minister to attend independent declaration ceromany in Darfur sudan, LTTE terrorist trained south sudan racist separatist to fight against sudan army. south sudan independent is entirely zionist imperial job. zionists used there LTTE pimps for this task.
    we salute his excellency Mahinda Rajpaksha and his brothe Gothapaya rajapaksha for wiping out LTTE criminals from sri lanka. we request all singhalese people to unite more and more be vigilant with zionist a true muslim its my duty to thanks HIS EXCELLENCY Mahinda Rrajapaksha for killing one of the most ruthless animal Prabaharan who was in the form of human. zionist isreal will collapse very soon . and zionist LTTE already become bone and dust no more LTTE HERE very near future no more LTTE terrorist role model Imposter isreal here . thanks

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