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Civil Defence Forces Sell Vegetables (Photos)

Civil Defence Authority personnel sold vegetables grown on their property at selected locations yesterday.

The move came amidst the rising prices of essential commodities. The vegetables were sold in Nugegoda, Moratuwa, Kotehena, Piliyandala, Kiribathgoda and Bambalapitiya.

Photos show people examining the produce sold by the Civil Defence Authorities.

12 Comments for “Civil Defence Forces Sell Vegetables (Photos)”

  1. It is a fantastic idea. Why can’t we add some ministers and deputies also to sell vegetables. I understand that senior ministers have no office so until such time they get the office they can sell vegetables. My only concern is that when they sell vegetables do they need guns as well. We can also ask the navy to confisicate fish from our Indian brothers and sell the same in the Pettah fish market. Defence Secretary can ovesea the operation using camers so that no wrong doings in the market. Can’t we make Galle Face Green as the open vegetable market. Appoint Sajith Goonewardne as the Monitor. But please make sure no family memebers from our Royal family is allowed in selling. We can pay 10% commission to our famous Mr 10%. Our country will certainly prosper.

  2. USA

    yes…if they do it right….right now they are forcing famers give their harvest low price.SLA dictate the price… will suffer

  3. Sri Lankan

    Civil Defence Force was a great success and full credit should go to Sarath Weerasekara who gave the correct leadership to this organisation who admiredly gave the protection to the border villages.

    This is just another novel idea of this organisation and I salute them. This helps the otherwise unemployed village lads.

    Now my biggest concern is Sarath joining the parliment. He had a sqeeky clean image as a soldier and I wonder whether his image will get tarnished as a result of sitting in the same side as Mervin and the clan!! I hope not.

  4. Asanka Gunawardene

    Man, when militar start selling vegetables, it says that something has seriousely gone wrong in our local trade system. How come the Royal family cant figure out a decent solution?

    Miracle of Asia….! My foot.

  5. Creator

    put your foot in the mouth!
    The poor farmers from Nuwara Eliya, Dambulla cannot sell their crops because it changes hand more than 5 times before comming to Colombo. Fruits, Vegetables are less than Rs 10 per kilo threy go rotting because mudalalis and politicians make money. In any country 5-10% profit is more than suffix but here they are robbing poor people more than 1000% of the price. Has any govmnt tried to stop this? How come if the vehicle price has come down they are still hiking the transport prices?
    Army should take over fish / vegetab;le buissness.
    Whats wrong?

  6. dear
    we wish u at all,to now we are free,to do some thing to the people.Every day we pray for the incessant people.& grow up Them so do our nation

  7. bampi akka

    Vegetables soooooo xpensive Aney. Now everybody wann make money by selling vegetables. The Army start and soon Gina Madam also selling vegetables from Liberty Plasha.

  8. Realist

    This is like trying to empty the sea by gathering water into a pot.The prices msut go up for the producers to maintain their purchasing power which hs come down owing to money printing

  9. mel

    This is another form of subsidizing food. Even in the US the government subsidizes potatoes, tobacco etc. This may be a good idea in SL as long as they do not harm emerging small businesses.

  10. Martin Thomas

    Sri Lankan army has chased away the poor Tamils from their homes and properties in North and East of the country so that they could cultivate in their lands under the guise of High Security Zone and selling the produce to the people in South. By this, they can still keep the poor people in IDP camps and deprive them to go back to their homes to settledown and take control of their lives. This is what the Mahinda and his family wants to do to keep the Tamils to depend on him for their day to day living and make them to live like beggers for the rest of their lives.

  11. Ravana

    pl publish some contact details of the forces personnel in charge of buying produce.

    There are people (particularly home gardeners’) who will prefer to deal with the forces than the mudalalis’ who buy cheap and sell expensive.

    Better to allow the forces to buy cheap and sell cheap !

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