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My ‘Thaththi’

By Aadesh Wickrematunge

Lasantha and family at Sea World, Queensland, September ‘08, Lasantha and Aadesh and Aadesh saying goodbye to Thaththi

One day about two years ago, I was at home here in Melbourne playing with my stuff when I heard a commotion. My mother was crying and people were coming to the house. My mother said my dad had been hurt so we got ready immediately to leave to Sri Lanka.
At the airport I was playing about at the transit lounge. I asked Ammi whether Thaththi was in hospital. “He will ask me for 100 kisses I know,” I said happily. Then Ammi told me the truth. I couldn’t believe it. I said, “No, it can’t be,” and I cried.
When we came to Colombo, it was the worst day of my life. Seeing my father who loved me so much and I loved so much, dead, was the saddest thing ever.
My father loved us with his whole life. Each time he came to Australia, the first few days we would always go shopping. That was after we played the ‘100 kisses’ game. He would ask me “are you Ammi’s Putha or Thaththi’s Putha?” and I would say “Thaththi’s” but if ever I said “Ammi’s Putha,” I would get tickled unmercifully.
He was such fun, always joking, teasing us and buying us lots and lots of things. The last trip we did together was to the Gold Coast in Queensland and we had so much fun going on all the rides. Thaththi would scream like a girl! It was so funny. But Thaththi was very sensitive too. Whenever he left, he would hug all of us and cry.
I am going to high school, Year 7, this year and he won’t be able to see me. I miss him so, so much. I would like to be a journalist like him and re-live his philosophy of “Unbowed And Unafraid.”

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  1. Palpola

    Your are a very good Putha. Your father was a very good thathi. Sri Lankans are very bad. Fonseka is very good. Leader paper is very good.

  2. Dear Aadesh, I am sure you are very proud of your father. As a youngster growing up I saw a lot of attrocities by the Srilankan Forces against Tamil people and heard of the attrocities let loose against Sinhala people in thename of JVP in the late eighties (white van mobs). Lasantha was not afraid of any one and a brave soul. Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims alike should be proud of this son of the beautiful land. – long live honest journalism, long live freedom to oppressed people!

  3. Lal.Fernando

    Dear Asdesh,
    I known how much you miss your loving thaththi. But please remember he is gone on his eternal journey.He will be your guardian angel.So your beloved thaththi, will always protect and guide you. Infront of our eyes those who did this to your thaththi, will suffer. Dear Asdesh, study hard and do your thaththi proud.I know you can do this.Take care of your self and ammi.

  4. Fathi

    Dear Aadesh, I had never heard of you dad before his death however when I did it was the news of his death…plus what a brave and good man he was. Today when I read your letter my heart bled for you and for the little ones who have lost their dads. We are outsiders who will remember your dad ones in a way but I know you are never ever going to forget him. Please remember you dad knows and feels all the love you have for him, so keep on loving him as if he is with you and remember you now have to try even harder to be the best son that he wanted you to be…as that is what you dad would have wished and he is waiting for the whole wide world to tell you are the best as we said your dad was even though we never knew him and never met him………Aunty Fathi..

  5. John

    I have seen him on T.V. live chat programs and in my honest opinion He was a man of Justice. So you ,as his son should consider your self as a
    Great Son of Justice. Remember He and your Mother are your
    Guardian Angels.

  6. Thank For The send this link.
    Great Article…Letter..
    Very good son…..Go..Go ahed…!

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