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WikiLeaks To Reveal Swiss Bank A/Cs Of SL Politicians

By Vimukthi Yapa

In a startling revelation Reuters and the BBC have announced that they will reveal information unearthed by WikiLeaks of secret bank accounts held in Swiss banks operated by prominent politicians and business magnates from across  the world. Though unconfirmed by the Swiss banks, it is reported through findings of WikiLeaks that amongst those who have such accounts, names of some prominent Sri Lankan politicians too appear.
So far it is not known whether these politicians from Sri Lanka are from the governing party or otherwise.  However the concerned politicians  have panicked having got wind that this WikiLeaks report would be released shortly.
It is reported that a high ranking employee from the Swiss bank named Radolf Elmer has released two compact discs with the names of all such politicians and businessmen from across the globe to Julian Assange, the head of WikiLeaks on January 17 in London. These compact discs reveal the names of over 40 politicians and businessmen numbering over 200 spread across the globe. Julian Assange is to publish this information on his web site shortly. The Swiss bank in question has already dismissed Radolf Elmer for releasing this information to Julian Assange.

64 Comments for “WikiLeaks To Reveal Swiss Bank A/Cs Of SL Politicians”

  1. raj

    Good luck for all politicians who have swiss bank account and preaching others to work for the country. Thanks again for WikiLeaks for preventing publics from being fooled by their statement.

    • Hora Silva


    • jayasena

      thanks wikileaks, Final straw for ?

    • Hey just revealing names is nt the solution we all already know the names of most of the people…mission will be accomplished only when these names are sentenced to harsh punishment.
      people need to come together and force the govt. to send them to where they deserve to be…

    • I just wanna know the detail of china corruption officals’ overseas accounts,anybody can reveal?

  2. kudu

    yeah wikileaks bring it on

    • Perv Silva

      YES. bring it and let there be no exceptions to any NAMES that need to be revealed,..Give us the WHOLE strory with ALL the names.

  3. Sanj

    Yes. We saw the news on BBC. What actions to be taken further in SL authorities. They will soon ban the site.

  4. Ruwan Ferdinandez

    This inform ation hopefully will be useful for us but it says the guy was sacked by the bank in 2002. If that is the case the information will not be about the current lot but only Gamini \dissanaike and anuruddha Ratwatte will be caught, which will not be that interesting..But we’ll know it soon hopefully.

    • kudu namal

      At least we will have a chance of recovering some of the Mahaveli money . We all know into who pocket it went.

      • harinath

        sir why dont you tell about those who invested money in swiss banks to the society
        you are doing very good work regaurding the mistakes done by indian govt
        hattsoff to u


      Ruwan. I wonder whom you are trying to protect and for what reason.

      • Ruwan Ferdinandez

        Justice, is it difficult to digest when somebody does not try to protect any politician? Does everybody have to belong to a party? That’s perhaps the difference between the people I know and people like you. What I say is, the mega corruptions took place when lot of dosh was around, that was in 1980s and recent war years (mid 1990s and post 2004). Unortunately, only the pre-2002 will be disclosed here. Don’t understand?? Well, there’s not a lot I could do.

  5. Dorothy

    Hope this is just not a mere threat but a truly ethical endeavor to call in the political leaders to be more transparent. So establish the rule of true leadership ,sans selfish greed to make headway in the world of power based on monetary gains. A restoration of old values are needed today where leadership involved sacrifice .


    I hope sri lankans have the guts to stand up and fight for whats right , rather than been taken for a ride.

    • Mine Only Pakse

      Yes,,,interesting …When the country is struggling with Cost of living, ravaged by floods and destructions to thousands and needing all the help, our man jumps on a flight and goes on a private(wonder why?) trip to the US…Gee..this shows leadership and concern from the leader of the country…

      Oh boy..what a funny way to show coincern for the people and country of Sri Lanka…

    • lal m

      If they are from governing party,Mr. MR will remove them from party and their positions.So he himself and their members will be happy.

  7. An appeal from Tsunami victims from Kanattas

    God Kataragama (Skanda), we appeal to you to give the “Justice” for our funds.
    ——— 2004 Tsunami killed people from their “Tombs”——-

  8. The investigation into the Rs 450 Million undeclared income of the Deputy Minister Rohitha Abeygoonawardena by the bribery commission is stalled as he reportedly has refused to appear before the commission.
    So, even if billions are discovered/exposed in swiss banks in the names of our politicians, NOTHING will happen.


    Soon we will find out where the MONEY is hidden that should have gone towards helping the Tsunami victims and subsequently the war victims. All the money that was poured in from the world, ended up in many high ranking politicians… soon we will know.

  10. Buruwa

    Yet another ploy by the LTTE activists in th west to tarnish the image of SriLanka and its rulers.Dont believe Wikileaks only stick to state media please my dear countrymen!!!!

  11. pathum

    We are eagerly waiting to see. . Any way good thing those culprits names be released weather its governent or opposition!!!

  12. Lion

    Well done however nothing will happen to the SL politicans.Srilakan voters are easy to be fool around.

  13. Tissamaharama

    Depending on who is exposed, this too will be branded as an act of treachery by the West to undemine the sovereignity of the country

  14. Alpenrock

    I have never seen any politicians who save their well earned millions of $$$$
    with proof went to jail in the history of south asian politics.

  15. david

    Chinese are the worst people to have friendship. MR and company is new to China’s game. They mean business and and they don’t walk with you. I hope MR finally understood about China. The Chinese Premier went to India and he never thought of their Srilankan friend for a stop over on the way to India.

    China on the way to bankrupt. US (Obama) is very firm with China when it comes to business. China made all theier money from export their goods to Europe and North America. Do you guys know the export percentage to Chana from North America and Europe compared to China’s export to these countries?? You won;t believe the gap is huge. If Europe and North America stop buying from China they will go bankrupt in one year. So don’t think Chaina is great.

    Lot of people talk bad about USA and UK. I believe all the people talk bad are all living in these countries. All these people when they arrive USA/Canada and europe told thye authorities that they helped Tamil /JVP people and the Srilankan authorities are behind them and that was the reason that they leaft e the country as asylum seekers.

    I will challenge with the Singhalese asylum seekers if this is true or not. I know all the Lawyers they hired to fight for their cases.

    • gamunu

      I am used to your drivel. They never had substance because they are from some one with little understanding of relevance. Even I must be mad to respond to your comments. I have to do this because you keep on doing it using Sunday Leader which is in my view is still a valued Newspaper.

      Your views on Chainese econmy shows vividly what a fool you are in this field. I suggets you stick to some thing you are good at.,

      Your previous postings on SriLanka and Chainese relationship is utter rubbish and is a sign of a disgruntled loser. I know Tamils are hurt that Chinese supported GOSL into pulverising the LTTE and they are involved in development programmes in SL. No one else from the west wanted to help SL when they tried to eradicate LTTE. Do you remember how Milliband tried to save the Sun God. What were his motives? Did he like VP? No he had the Tamil vote base that he needed to win his electorate. That was their reason. Do you suggest they are more supportive than the asian neighbours?

      So try not give lectures to SriLankans on their international matters. May be you want SriLanka to rub shoulders with the Norwegeans?

      Tamils (like you) also know, no matter how much the diaspora Tamils try to agitate nations against SriLanka it will not work. These are pressure groups who are leaderless and aimless but with money to spend. There are western Sharks like Professor Boyle who will be happy to represent them because that is mega bucks for him.

      Where did you get your information from to write “China is on the way to bankruptcy” “Obama very firm on China when it comes to economy”Do you live on another planet? Have you been reading Syndicate TamilNet or some thing? This shows what a twisted individual you are. If Americans are so strong with their economy why give them the red carpet treatment and bother to ask China to consider revalue their currency and encourage imports from USA. If they stop importing countries like China where can they meet the domestic consumer demand? American econmy is in a mess. It is shrinking while China, India and some other Asian nations are on a up. Even japan is pushed to third from their second place. They will suffer for their sins.

      On the issue of emigration, let me put some sense into your head. All sinhalese were/are professionals who enter these countries for studies or economic reasons not as Asylum seekers. Though Tamils too seek migration on those basis but most Tamils since 1983 have gone there on asylum basis. these are facts that you need to know. Even students who managed to get visas on LTTE payroll have ended up as active LTTE recruits. You can challenge me on this any day. Get your facts right before you challenge any one. I lived in Europe and I know all about it. This doesn’t mean all Tamils are tigers.

    • peter casie chetty

      You have not got a clue buddy. China is allowed to do what she wants as long as the trade between the two giants is balanced. Only China keeps tellin the Us to clean up its own act before trying to lecture anyone. Obama cannot dictate terms to anyone because Human Rights is non existant in the US. The richest country in the world cannot provide health care for the poor unlike the UK, France and Germany because lany of the poor are blacks and hispanics.

  16. rathnasiri

    Justice…! Srilankans always have guts to stand up and fight.But they always struggle to realize and define what is right and what is wrong…! Matuarity of way of progressive thinking in the society is far below.People are still willing to go with cheap political parties who offers freesssss…! Free bread, free fuels… ect rather than realizing what would happen to the country and theeconomy if government gives thos free cost…! our mind set should be changed at first if we need to develop..

    Many do not understand what is a” state visit” and what is a” private visit”..? They think that a private visit is for a holiday vacation.. Private visit is not necessaraly mean for aholiday vacations.. It is used by a head of state to avoid protocols and lime lights of a state visit, in order to visit as a head of state for many other important reasons too..

    On WikiLeaks revails, Swiss accounts are not much as secret as they used to be..! We can not stop or blame politicians for opening up any accounts there as far as the money earned by legal means.If the means are illegal, yes, it is a matter of concern ans such act should be condemned…! There should be laws to ban them for life in politics and bring back the money….!

    • gamunu

      Very well put it Rathnasiri. There is a mindset amongst many in SriLanka that a private visits are for leisure only. At least now these individuals may stop making such comments.

  17. ajay

    Thanks for wikileaks to publish this information..lets put an end to all these politicians and the others who have accounts in the swiss…..good luck……

  18. sandman

    Sorry Raj, we are so very foolish that we cannot even fool ourselves !!!! We are so very short sighted, that there would be people here praising and singing songs of glory to any politician named by WikiLeaks.

  19. PRASAD

    Pawwwwwwwwwww Asanga , kawda me Asanga? Koi shchool ekkekda?

  20. tsunami

    if any one leaks even it wont be a problem for our politician….because srilankan people have a problem of “AMNESIA”(loss of memory)….once the leaks out about our politician’s swiss bank account details our fellow lankans will talk about this for a week or two then the ICC world cup will start & will forget the leaks and worry about the beat…..thats why still we are called as 3RD WORLD COUNTRY…

  21. manojh

    Great work by radolf and i hope this will atleast will curtail in the past.All caught should be jailed for life

  22. Yoga

    Our politicians earned every penny through hard work. They leave their money there for safety. After all, they are all relatives of our king. The crown land is their land. They have the right to sell it, keep it or lend it!!
    Anybody who questions their action is a national traitor.

  23. Dhanushka

    Let us wait and see which politician(s) has put their ill gotten money in the Swiss Banks. It is “ill gotten” because, not a single politician in Sri Lanka can claim for any substantial wealth through inheritances received from their grand fathers or great grand fathers. Not even the current leaders of major political parties.

  24. Sena2

    This news, no doubt, should have sent shock waves through the hearts of those crafty politicians and businessmen who have secret holdings of funds in Swiss Bank accounts. Let us hope that Assange will divulge the promised information soon. That will be great service!


  26. Kandappar

    Looks like the whistleblower had got cold footed or some deal had been made with him!

  27. Monkey Boon


  28. Gayathri

    Awaiting for the information fast. Wikileaks please do this fast.

  29. vintage voter


  30. Vintage voter


  31. Che


  32. Weerasuriya

    We well come your decision. then we can see who are real hero’s/ patriotic of our country.

  33. dagobert

    SL put out the names first with WL reports and then do a write up

  34. Ardneham

    The Swiss Govt. should be partly blamed. They had all the right to seek a Certificate
    from the Govt. of the nationality of person making a Deposit/Transfer to his/her
    Credit of over say 100,000/-USD or equivalent. This “due diligence” part is played
    against normal Customers – not Politicians of the Countries.

  35. uni

    immediately WikiLeaks will be blamed as part of LTTE :)

  36. reza

    allmost all the srilankan politicians r corrupted.plz name a single honest politician if any body could. i challenge.

  37. Priyanka

    I think WikiLeaks has over written Gothabaya Rajapakse, Defense Seceretary’s sensorship. Sri Lankans are enjoying the real freedom of speech. Thanks again for WikiLeaks.


    Maybe Wimal or Mervyn will start a hunger strike to oppose this been published or to declare it false. This government is full of such jokers and nothing is impossible. As long as they act the King is happy and rewards them a little bit more than before. The old Andare story in present era.

  39. Arichandre

    The poor people have no food to eat. but the politicians deposited the people’s money to the Swiss bank.

    We should kick them out of our country at first.

  40. nethan

    In Sri Lanka money laundering is carried out mostly by top government officials and politicians. Just before the presidential election alleged someone’s wife moved very huge amount of money out of Sri Lanka to S’gapore in the fear of SF may win that election. Probably that money too channel to Swiss bank account. On top of it time to time “white van thugs” kidnap Tamil and Muslim business men all over Sri Lanka including Colombo and collect ransome money. All this blood money would have ended up in Swiss Account.

  41. velu

    Is that the reason why MR is in US?

  42. George

    Not only Srilanka, all asian countries’ politicians have swiss secret bank accounts except China. Almost all congress party ministers and the leaders in trap of Wikyleasks. thats, why Primininster of India said he never tell the names of swiss bank account holder to the citizen of indian. Wikileaks is the best media in our globe to bring all culprites to the light.

  43. peter casie chetty

    They should be denounced whoever they are. Politicians should not be above the law or the taxation. Art. 23 of the bribery act can be brought in to see how Mervyn and his son bought Aravindra type fast cars on push bicycle budgets.

  44. kalutra Kalutantry

    This wikileaks guy must be stopped for releasing such details. This is not honest at all and this guy should be locked up.

  45. our current lot is not naive , some of them have invested in Singapore/US in multi million dollar range and remains may be in Bahamas ( have a wild guess who has invested in Singapore )

  46. pathum

    they will say do what u can do, this is the way we do things here!!!

  47. TrueLankan

    We need the names Assenge! we’re impressed by your bravery!

  48. How we can stop our rupee from becoming swiss frank.. This process has become worst because of our ignorance.So now please don’t ignore n vote the solution both in election n on Poll or survey on about this problem

  49. I’m extremely inspired with your writing abilities and also with the format for your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice high quality writing, it is uncommon to see a nice blog like this one nowadays..

  50. Dushitha Rajapaksha

    Definitely Basil Rajapakska the number 01.Namal and Percy Mahendra, the President are among with others. Out of 40 names majority will be from Sri Lanka.

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