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Govt: Attack Aimed At Tarnishing Image

The government has today (31) that the arson attack on the office of a news website was cried out by persons trying to bring disrepute to the government.

Media Minister and Government Spokesperson Keheliya Rambukwella has told the media that the attack on LankaeNews was an attempt to tarnish the government’s image with the people.

According to him, the attack has been carried out simultaneously to the commencement of election campaigning for the local government elections.

Rambukwella has also observed that the Government had no intention off creating trouble for media organizations or news websites, as the government has supported the media to carry out their work.

He has further noted that the intentions of groups like those who have attacked the LankaeNews office have been witnessed during the abductions and attacks on media personnel in the past.

8 Comments for “Govt: Attack Aimed At Tarnishing Image”

  1. raj

    Please read the link below CNN report about the attack to determine government claims or denial of the attack:

  2. ajith


  3. Karu

    Government didn’t project a good image and there is nothing to tarnish. SL has become a lawless land and thans to our president for this achievement. Sirasa was bombed and Lasantha was executed by thugs controlled by certain parties. Tissa was illegally kept behind the bar and chared under our stupid terrorism act. This arson is another feather to MR’s hat. In this context we host literacy festival. Isn’t it a joke?

  4. Gunarathne Banda

    Is he saying lankaenews was attacked by themselves?

  5. Percy Mandawala

    Keheliya, do not talk rubbish. There is no image left to tarnish. It has already gone from bad to worst.

  6. Sarath

    This corrupt, violent government’s image is already tarnished. Most people hate them. The burning of LankaENews will only enhance the image of the web site and further increase the peoples’ hatred of the government.

  7. Crap Pakse

    Such similar incidents have happened too often for too long with similar resuts..
    If it is so, let us challenge the president and the govtg to find and prove such accusations.
    I thought Kehe;oiya had some dignity and integrity..all in the payroll to lookm after their own pockets.
    Another tall story

  8. motleyfool

    If the Ministers logic holds true, then shouldn’t the government respond in kind against those who are braking the law. Isn’t this the responsibility of the government to bring the miscreants behind these dastardly attacks to justice? The failure of the government to uphold the rule of law in itself portrays to the world that this government is made like the minister himself. This is why the world has recognized us as a failed state by branding my beloved country as a pariah state. Resulting from similar incidents, I wonder whether this government has any more credibility or image left to be tarnished.

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