LankaeNews Office Set On Fire

The office premises of the LankaeNews news website had been set on fire by a group of unidentified persons around 2 am today (31).

Although the fire brigade had managed to control the fire, the office had been completely destroyed.
LankaeNews has stated that the office was set on fire at around 2.00 am today, by a group of unknown personnel who had broken into the premises.

“By now everything that was inside the building has been destroyed,” LankaeNews has stated.
The Thalangama police is inquiring into the incident.

LankaeNews is a popular website among Sri Lankans as well as expatriates for exposes on corruption and has been critical of the government.

10 Comments for “LankaeNews Office Set On Fire”

  1. Bruz

    Appoint another famous presidential commission & just forget about it sooner or later. The matter is closed, so be happy.Eat kiri buth & kavun to celeberate it, Sri lankan style.Looks like these “un-identified Guys” won’t leave anything standing until identified or exposed ! It’s time to start a ministry for “un-identified people “

  2. dh

    It,s sad news to start the day with. What is happening to our country. Why they affraid of the truth. The underworld is more powerful than the government. If so, who is ruling the country. Please do not try to convert Sri Lanka to another Tunisia or Yemen. These thugs are doing everything for money and some of the ministers are behind them. For me it’ll be a another incident only. Nothing will happen. Poor mother of Sri Lanka.

  3. D Day Lanka

    THis is the undemocratic way of the supposedly democratic country.
    Mr President…..Any Idea on this one….or is it another one of those top level enquiries.???

  4. Ragu

    These attacks on media will continue if poeple don’t standup against this intimidation tackticks carried out by the government to silence the truth.

  5. LankaLiar

    This is a humanitarian operation according to you know who. I think we must appoint a commission to find the culprits and bring them to justice.

  6. ila

    according to Gotha, Freedom of Speech is nice to hear on BBC.

  7. Sunday Leader, why not publish the comments made against LEN???????

  8. kavi

    Happy Sri Lanka Literary Festival …… real jokers.

  9. LEN is a cheap website depending on publishing images of skimpily clad girls. Their news articles are full of bull and there were cartoons with unthinkable images drawn by a not so talented cartoonist. They have no respect what so ever for humans.

    I think they did this to themselves to get cheap publicity. Look at their latest cartoon. Do they think that they can stand next in line with Sunday leader and Sirasa? Compared to Sunday Leader and Sirasa, what is LEN? Look at their office building. Does it look like a genuine news media office. It’s like a petti kade.

    Why do the govt do such a thing just before the election knowing that it will tarnish it’s own image? Either this is the work of their own (LEN) or JVP/UNP. They are the only people who would benefit from such an act.

  10. meka hari wadakne. Me dawaswala kage hari oluwata dammath aaka aanduwe wadak da?

    Media wala ewunta waathayak giyath aanduwada pali?

    Mole thiyena ewun mewa gana hithapalla.

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