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Shavendra Denies War Crimes

Sri Lanka’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Major General Shavendra Silva has reportedly denied accusation of war crimes against him said that if there had been any violations it will surface one day.
“If there had been any violations… it will surface one day. If there were, then the military will take action against those responsible,” Major General Silva had said at a Church in Framingham, USA on Saturday.
The media has reported that Winchester resident and native Tamil Suba Suntharalingam and a handful of others protested Silva’s visit, holding signs at the intersection of Maplewood and Elm streets before going inside to listen.
In his speech, Silva had cautioned Sri Lankans in the crowd about the various eyewitness reports about the last days of the conflict, in which critics of the government allege the military killed innocent Tamil civilians while it attempted to wipe out the Tigers.
Silva, who was flanked by bodyguards, had said the operation was actually a humanitarian effort, with his forces rescuing civilian Tamils “from the jaws of (Tiger) terrorists.”
He had said Tiger fighters took hundreds of thousands of civilians hostage during their final stand, placing them in a circle around their ranks as a “human shield” against military bullets.
Silva had said the government succeeded in freeing the civilians, and that the only civilians killed were shot by Tamils as they fled from their captors.
“If there had been any violations … it will surface one day,” he had said. “If there were, then the military will take action against those responsible.
“If I am a war criminal as you say, one day I’ll be investigated … and punished,” he had added.
Silva had said he thinks his surviving a 2009 attempt on his life by a suicide bomber is a sign of his innocence.

6 Comments for “Shavendra Denies War Crimes”

  1. Bruz

    Now Shavendra denies. Every one denies, no one want to or will accept anything.
    Denial has become important part of life. All from top to bottom DENIES.
    Sarath F denies,Shavendra denies, army spokesman denies
    No minorities in Sri lanka- so says SL president. No problems for Tamils,
    so no need for any solution, now that LTTE is gone, is another argument by Prez & Tissa Attanayake too. Murders,kidnappings,abductions in North are just denied.
    North is going fine, everything is undr control – they say.No war crimes, only humanitarian rescue.No one were kept in barbed wire camps. It was only an act of safeguarding them.Not a single civilian killed, but the people who were in No fire zone never came out alive. But everything is denied , time & again. Lesson learned & time wasting commission went on accepting everything including or mainly the DENIALS.
    There is no accountability or acceptance of any kind. Until some one start accepting
    or take responsibilty for anything & everything happenned , things will just go on or even get worse. More deaths, destructions,kidnappings,burning & destroying of libraries or media outlets will continue for ever, until there is nothing left to burn or destroy.

    How long we are going to tolerate this? How can it be justified ?
    Only the time will tell, may be ! Until then, be prepared to suffer more.

  2. LJ

    Hitler said to his cohorts that since he escaped many assassination attempts on him it was devine intervention and he had absolute resolve.

  3. Flinders Street

    How long can you go on denying the truth. All countries are aware of the human rights abuses committed against Tamils on a daily basis. Rajapakse will only be able to travel to India.

  4. Sree

    All countries are aware of Human rights abuses committed BY Tamils! Tamil hard luck stories no longer have any credibility anywhere in the world anymore- only a few marginal politicians who need the Tamil grocers in London to vote for them join this charade now! MR will travel anywhere he likes- sorry I can’t say the same thing about Prbhakaran funded by the likes of Flinders Street (grocer?) here!

  5. Priyanka

    when someone ever commit crimes, mostly they never acknowledge beacuse most don’t want to go for guilty plea. Even Milosovic did not acknowledge that he committed war crimes. Only War Crime tribunal found him committed war crimes.

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