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Democracy Denied

By Rosy Senanayake

Rosy Senanayake

My decision to enter politics and the commitment with which I take my responsibilities has always been based on the fundamental freedoms that we, as Sri Lankans, have enjoyed since independence.
As a student, I remember my civic studies teacher explain my rights as a citizen as enshrined in the constitution – something that was always taken for granted.
What happened on the 4th of February this year, a day when we celebrate independence from British rule, has surely been the ultimate assault on such privileges. We were treated to an extravagant display of pomp and pageantry in the morning, followed by speeches that were meant to inspire the country.
All this was then turned into a farce when a peaceful demonstration was mercilessly targeted and savagely attacked that same evening.
The protest was to highlight the plight of General Sarath Fonseka, accepted by all — including the Executive —- to be a vital factor in defeating the LTTE. On this day our only intention was to bring to the attention of the country that a grave injustice is being perpetrated on such a hero by incarcerating him as a common criminal. It is clear that a vast majority of the people feel accordingly and as citizens and as politicians, we have a duty to bring forth this travesty and to continuously ask for his redemption. It is with this intention that we marched peacefully towards Borella junction on Maradana Road, ironically away from the prison.
What happened is now well known but my personal experience was particularly harrowing. As thugs who looked very obviously trained in such activity, charged towards us with iron bars, clubs and huge stones; I was caught in the middle of what was a professional and well-planned operation. By some miracle, I was able to get into a moving vehicle that was leaving — thanks to my personal security officer. In addition to physically protecting me, he was able to throw out a lit petrol bomb that was put into the vehicle from the rear; where the glass was already shattered by an iron rod.
Many viewers would have seen on television the flaming vehicle pull away from a situation that was meant to cause serious bodily harm to all who took part. In addition, my personal vehicle was smashed beyond recognition by the mob, breaking every glass and denting it all round in a willful act of destruction. My driver, who held up his hands to protect himself from iron rods, had his fingers crushed and required emergency surgery – we await to see if he will be able to use his hands again.
It is now evident that persons who have been allocated to ‘control’ this area, as it is the common practice of the present regime, had taken on the responsibility entrusted to them with a vengeance. It is also clear that those who have activated a personal vendetta on the General, since he announced his interest in politics, supported such an action.
I personally think that the greatest shame was the ‘see no evil’ stance by the Police; as hundreds of them looked on, we were subjected to ferocious violence. The guardians of the law, as we have always seen them, were clearly under direct orders to do nothing – an order so converse to their entrusted role. Knowing my father-in-law, the former IGP Stanley Senanayake, and the principals he stood for, it is unthinkable that the modern-day Police could blatantly ignore such a crime due to political pressure.
So what of those among us who consider this a serious violation of our democratic rights? They are the silent majority that suffers quietly, as extravagant spending by the state has resulted in no real relief for the people.  In a country where housewives dread the journey to the market and where embarrassed mothers endure untold agony when unable to put even the basic of meals on the table, we continue to borrow from international loan sharks just to keep going and to fund self-congratulatory tamashas.
The people of Sri Lanka little realise that we are mortgaged to the third generation to come, as they are hoodwinked by the state media and spin doctors to believe that prosperity is just around the corner.
That is the very reason that we were attacked on Independence Day – a day set aside to celebrate the freeing of shackles from our colonial masters. The truth is a bitter pill and the message was that anyone who dares to exercise their right to draw attention to such double standards, including the media, can expect retribution with an iron fist.
However, I write today to say that it will not deter us – or those who truly value democracy in this country. As it is said, there are none so blind as those who will not see – the days of glossing over the shortcomings and laughing off the hard-pressed citizens with impunity are coming to a close. As many international autocrats have realised, you can sit on a powder keg only for so long and the resultant explosion will be first felt by those who oppress the fundamental rights of democracy.

Fire And Stone: An Eyewitness Account Of February 4

By Raisa Wickrematunge

Ruthlessly smashed with iron rods

Priyantha is out of a job for at least three months. A driver for UNP MP Rosy Senanayake, his fingers were brutally broken during a February 4 protest march. The march, meant to be a show of solidarity with former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka, was attacked by an armed gang. Speaking from his home village in Baaraluwa, Gampaha, Priyantha spoke of the chain of events that led to his injuries.
The party supporters and MPs had performed a bodhi pooja and moved forward around 100 metres when the attack started, Priyantha said.

Priyantha’s Account

“Suddenly people started running. It was chaos. There was fire… petrol bombs,” the driver said. Due to the crowd, Priyantha struggled to turn the vehicle around. The  attackers pelted the vehicle with chunks of concrete, shattering the windscreen. Opening the window to try and move the vehicle, Priyantha found himself surrounded by a hundred people. “They had iron rods, chains, poles and stones. I was frightened,” he said. His glasses were broken. When he put his hands up to defend himself against the gang members, his fingers were broken too.
At this point, the vehicle was near Punchi Borella, Priyantha said. Unable to drive, Priyantha jumped out and ran for help. He admitted himself to the Accident Ward, General Hospital, where he spent three days. His hands required emergency surgery.
“I will not be able to drive for three to four months,” Priyantha said. The driver said that to his knowledge, six vehicles in total were damaged by the attackers. He said he had no idea who might be behind the attack. “When people do bad things like this, they should be punished. Otherwise, you can just murder people and get away with it,” Priyantha said.

Caught In The Middle

Rosy Senanayake herself was not in her vehicle when the attack occurred. By her account, the protesters were peacefully chanting slogans and were right near Bishop’s House when the attack occurred. “Suddenly petrol bombs were being thrown in our direction. Directly in front of us was a pick-up with media personnel, shooting footage of the protesters. The pick-up did a right-about turn and everyone started running in different directions,” Senanayake said.
At the time, Senanayake was near the island in the middle of the road. “I started running along the island. At the time I had no idea how close the attackers were to me. Later, in news footage, I saw a man with a stone and a pole almost parallel to me,” she said.
Senanayake was caught right in the midst of the attack. As she was running she saw a white vehicle speeding towards her. “I was nervous, thinking it could be more attackers, but I recognised it at last as the vehicle of a UNP supporter,” she said. People were charging, and she didn’t have time to think twice. “The vehicle drove over the island, slowing down enough for me to hang on the door. I knocked my knee. My security officer put me in the vehicle, between the seats,” she described. Once Senanayake was in, gang members began to pelt the vehicle with rocks. The back windscreen shattered. A petrol bomb was thrown into the rear of the vehicle, its glass already smashed by an iron rod, but Senanayake’s security guard threw it out. “I was screaming and begging the driver to move faster, but of course it was impossible, with other vehicles in front of us,” Senanayake said.
Senanayake’s personal vehicle was also heavily damaged, with every window smashed and the vehicle body dented in what she described as a ‘wilful act of destruction.’

Attackers Were Trained

Of the attackers themselves, Senanayake said they appeared trained and fearless. “They knew our security guards had weapons, though they didn’t use them. This was a well-planned attack. They charged with clubs, poles, iron bars and petrol bombs,” Senanayake said. She added that everything happened lightning fast. “I’ve only seen such things in movies. It’s a miracle I was not touched. If not for that vehicle, I would have been attacked,” Senanayake said. She added that the actions of the gang members showed clear intent to cause serious injury. “Fortunately we have trained security. But there were innocent bystanders and media personnel. Where is democracy and freedom of expression?” an impassioned Senanayake asked.
The parliamentarians filed a complaint at Police Headquarters that same night, particularly concerning the inaction of the Borella Police when the attack occurred. “They looked on with indifference, in their hundreds,” Senanayake said. She accused the policemen who did not intervene of being political stooges.
Rosy Senanayake also sent a letter to Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa detailing the incident. She referred to the inaction of the police (at least one of whom was a Deputy Inspector General) as a breach of parliamentary privilege, and asked that an impartial inquiry be carried out to ascertain why they had not taken steps to safeguard the protesters. As the Speaker was impartial, Senanayake said she had hope that the culprits would ultimately be brought to justice.
Ironically, February 4 was Independence Day. But for the protesters, as Senanayake said, “There was nothing to celebrate.”

53 Comments for “Democracy Denied”

  1. Chandima

    I feel that the IGP explain once and for all the purpose of having a police force in the country.

    What is the point of having puppets…. dogs would have been better- at least they will bark!

    We have clearly seen pictures of many many such situation where thugs with poles behind police lines….. yet not a single one caught… absolutely unimaginable.

    No wonder they can not solve ‘unseen’ crimes too ! If this happend in any other country, the police in charge would have been dismissed immediately but I have no doubt they would have got promotions.

    We have known, criminals handed over to police being killed, political opponents killed by, police watch when people torch opposition offices/ houses etc etc

    Well what can we expect from a country, where the judgement of the president is such that he gives a Ministership in Public Relations to someone who ties a human to a tree!!!

    • Tamil

      Just one quastion
      when tamils were beaten , killed and arrested where was your quest for democracy. If a tamil complains about violation how come you guys are so silent. do you know that tamils knew this will happen when you were silent at our funeral.

      This may not get published, or some one may call me a tiger. but the bottom line is you are in the reciving end. Your heros has become the vilans.
      Thats call Karma.

      • Chandima

        When any citizen is beaten or killed unlawfully it should be criticised.

        But the LTTE were the biggest tamil ( as well as innocent sinhalese)killers, child kidnappers, tormentors, attackers etc….

        My question to you is, did you protest with all your might to the LTTE at that time????

        If you did not , don’t point your finger at the govt!!!

  2. Lal.Fernando

    Dear Rosy,

    What a sad episode this would have been,I do not know of your father in law, but I have heard of him.He was a man with education, respect and dignity who dispense his authority with respect and honesty. He was educated and honest. I hope all our Sri Lankan people will follow the footsteps of Egypt. That was a great example. How many educated and honest ministers in the present government now.They are thugs and un educated scum bags. What goes around comes around.

    • My Lanka

      Hi Lal,,You mean our corrupt ministers and politicians are now called ”SCUM DOG MILLIONAIRES” fittingly so,,,,they have amassed so much of ill gotten gains that they are not one bit bothered.

  3. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Hi Rosy; the problem in your party is indicipline. You don’t have patience like Hon.J.R. Jayawardene and who is this man Premadasa(jr).

  4. farook

    Surely due to the media coverage, all the thugs could be identified and brought to book.

    • Chandima

      If there were 5 yr old children or people with disabilities or 80 yr old women instead of the police, they would caught at least one or two. Hundreds of policeman can not catch a single culprit attacking people in front of their eyes is simply beyond belief!!!!!

      If not the only other explanation is that the police was there only to protect the thugs, hooligans, criminals, underworld but not ordinary citizens. This is the situation in every such incident in the country.

      Rosy and others should charge the police for millions of rupees for the damages for simply not doing the duty. This is one way of prventing such in the future!!I

      Sadly this is the govt. in action today!!!

  5. Jothi

    Well said Rosy. Speak up until this despotic regime is brought down soon.
    What has become of Sri Lanka under the Rajapakse regime? Sri Lanka oh! Sri Lanka. Our hearts bleed for you.

    • Dylan

      Dear Rosy,

      You are a courageous politician and a firm believer in speaking the truth.Your party is heading in the right direction even with leadership struggles to bring down this iron regime.Do not worry. God is watching over everything and none of us can escape his judgement. Look,what happened in Egypt.Democracy is BY THE PEOPLE / FOR THE PEOPLE.So why not Srilanka??? Every patriotic citizen must rise against this corrupt regime and bring it down now and not wait for 3 decades like HOSNI MUBARAK

      • Colombage

        If you know nothing about how true democracy works, it is sad. But do not propose dirty and shady individuals to carry out the task of changing what is wrong with our political system.

  6. Asanka Gunawardene

    Nicely written article by Rosy.

    Why is MR @ Co so scared of dissenting views? Has he gone mad out of all the power he yields to the point that he has lost all sanity?

    What goes around,comes around..Only time will tell.

  7. Sibanda

    I pity you Sri Lankans living in a military state in third world conditions and poor living standards. To add to this you have a corrupt government and you cannot express your views freely. No wonder I left many years ago and now live a comfortable peaceful high quality life where I can express my views freely and not get killed.

    • Calahan

      Do you know western people look upon you as a product of the third world? asylum seeker.

  8. Sad Voter

    Rosy is married to the former well respected IGP Stanly Senanayaka’s third son who is an old Anandian. His two brothers captained Ananda cricket team.(Sanjeewa and Saliya). Stanly’s wife is Maya who was the daughter of legendary P De S Kularathna who was a principal at Ananda College for twenty five years.
    Now the present IGP Dr Balasuriya is an old Anandian and Gotabhaya and Sarath Fonseka too came from the same school.

    Hey IGP, show some backborn and find the culprits or if your political masters do not allow you to do that resign as a gentleman. As an old Anandian I feel ashamed and I know very well this is not the behaviour taught to us in that great school.

    • ra bomu

      Myyyyyyyyy!! Rosy married to true blooded Sinhala buddhist Anadians. why aney she now converting everybody to christianity. Soon Ranil will also have to change his name to Ranil Deadly Wickremasinge and Sajith will change his name to Sajith Soulamon Premadasa. Funny, no.

    • Manjula Abu Dhabi

      looks likes Sri Lanka’s downfall is Ananda College. Is Prbhakaran also from Ananda???????????????

      • Abu Dhabi Sinhaya

        If that is true it is realy sad as the guys all came from that school!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Helaya

          Abu Dhabi sinhaya must be refering to Prabakarans killers such as defence secretary, army chief and the platoon leader!!!!!!!!!

    • Meenachchi

      What is your point; There were many controversies around this family including a “Murder Case”- Do you remember how the doctor has poisoned the wife.. And how about Rosy’s past including the time at the tea board. So crazy man or “sad voter” do not bring irrelevant matters to the discussion.

      • Plain Truth

        Hay…get your facts correct. Do not try to defame the great sinhalese budhist educationalist Kularathna by bringing irrelevent murder case happened in Galle who had the same surname. If not for him many of the greatt budhist educational institutionsthriving now wouldn’t be there including some great girls budhist schools. You are really sick.

        • Colombage

          You are again trying to hoodwink the readers by bringing religion into the discussion. My dear it is the same Kularatne family. (If you need more information read the police reports filed by a courageous OIC at that time Mr. P……. who never had any promotion as a result of his investigation under so called righteous family) Do not bring your foul argument. The truth always will remain as the guiding light of our destiny. The point is the country can do better without Rosies and Ranils.

  9. vintage voter


  10. Rosy, if you don’t attack your own party at a time like this, who would pay much attention to it. So the trick worked very well. But, there are people who have brains to understand why the protest was helt after dark.

    • correction: “………the protest was held after dark.

      • Buddhadasa

        How can you say these were from the UNP as I know they are all from Mervyn’s and Thilanga’s crowd. I have been and am in the SLFP for last 14 years and know most of these guys. They are real thugs.

      • Ana Mana

        Sshhhh! Shady ladies always operate only after dark. And Punchi Borella is a nice spot for them ….. I mean after dark.

    • Area Resident

      Mala S ! Were you there ? Close to 5.00 p.m. Punchi Borella junction was full of cops, including Top Brass with Motorolas. At that time no white clad worshippers for Sumati’s so called Bodhi Pooja were seen anywhere in the vicinity. Two big buses were see nearby guarded by cops. Did Rosy’s Party have such control over the cops to do what you say they did?

      Area Resident

  11. Area Resident

    Correction. Close to 6.00 p.m.

  12. Meenachchi

    Another woman who shot to fame for her looks have come to defend a convicted criminal. He may have been the person who called shots in the army but he was corruptive and has committed crimes. He was judged accordingly. Only another corrupt and equally shameless person have the audacity to defend Sarath Fonseka. If it is not for the proportional representation introduced by dirty harry or JR Rosy will not be in the parliament. What has happened to our beloved country. Are these the very same people we can trust with democratic ideals. Those who does not have any respect for the Law and Order of the country. We need to change entire political system to get rid of Rosy, Ranil and other similar guys in the governing coalition.

  13. Rossi I am sorry you went through this nasty experience but your UNP was responsible for the lack police indifference in 83 I went through 58 riots the police did a good job after the Governor general took over ( Had SWRD) not hesitated we could have saved lots of lives
    Now it is happening to the majority community now you know how we Tamils felt when the police were watching doing nothing during the riots I salute the good natured Sinhalese,Muslims and burghers who saved their fellow Tamils
    The Genie is out of the bottle


  14. Yes. We need well civilised opposition.We are worried of future UNP Leader behaviour. He should cooperate & united with all. Even they contest with JVP, there are lot of members opposition today. Laxman Nipunarachchi is good example.People are one feet ahead. Mr. Dayasiri is well civilised young leader.

  15. Bulto

    Rosy I pray you stay safe from all the thugs and hoodlums running our country now. Take care Sri Lanka needs you.

    I will gladly vote for you as President of Sri Lanka. I know you can do good. I have seen your performance in the International arena. You make Sri Lanka proud. You are a classy lady.

    • Meenachchi

      That will be the day. What a goofy and scary thought. those who know Rosy must be laughing from “where sun does not shine”. Some have gone so bankrupt in ideas, they have resorted to come-up with absurd ideas. The present government must have courage to change the constitution to get rid of the “Proportional method of electing” members of the parliament. Then characters like Rosy will not come into the picture. However, this government knows as long as Rosies and Ranils alike are in the parliament, Rajapaksas will continue to rule for at least another 30 years. Guys or Gals like Bulto will continue to support Rosy and other similar figures. They are not political leaders, they are the CURSE of beloved motherland -Sri Lanka.

  16. thugs

    thugs are more openling operating in sri lanka
    there are thugs involved with all politicians all over the world.
    those so called expats living so called luxury lives around materialistic monolithic cultures do know what ‘thugs’ or police will do.. specially after 911 …. you get shot in the head
    how ever back in sri lanka, thugs work more openly.. so as citizens it would be wise to have a good weapon around .. for self preservation …

  17. Democrat

    If SF can be in Jail, MR can be in jail too one day. we should send father and son home like in Egypt. Use the social media to spread the truth about MR and the thugs. UNP should solve the leadership proble first. Why not Rosy become the leader of UNP.

    • nondi sajith

      Are you mad? We had two women leaders so far and see what a mess they put us into. Be careful about what you wish. There are enough able and willing men in the party . No need for able and willing women to take over.

  18. sensiv

    The old story continues. The Organized thugs will come and the police will look away. 1956 was the year in which this behaviour started at the Galle face Green against the Satyagraha by Chelvanayakam. It continues.

  19. JG

    Was there CCTV in this area? If not make sure next protest or demo is in a CCTV area

  20. Rosh

    what r we fools?? why hold “peaceful protests after sun-set?? surely not to respect the Ind -day celebrations held in the morning right?? UNP is not known to do such honorable acts! And..why o why this pretty face howling?? Oh wiat…was it the same grand “lady” who claimed “buddhism should not be granted favourable treatment under the constitution”?? hello…we know who you are and the past too…so stop sheding Croc tears….General SF my foot!!

  21. Dylan

    You are a well disciplined politician and stand far above all the so called members of present parliment. You did a great job as Ambassador to Malaysia and have no doubt that you will hold a senior ministerial post in the next UNP government. We need clean dignified politicians to take this country forward and you are one of them. Good luck and best wishes !!!!

  22. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Hi! Mrs.Senanayake; I would wish to suppose one thing in my mind. Around twenty years ago I worked in the Ududumbara electorate under the guidance of Hon.Thissa Attanayake. He is a very simple and well educated person with the Common Sence with the marginalised people. You could find lot of villages like Minuwangamuwa, Pitawela….ete.. following Madugoda . You could see Mahiyangana as a town but when you enter the villages really the situation sound very bad. Sometimes I feel the downstream Mahaweli project was a nightmare for farmers. You could travel through Loolwatta to Meemure from where you could get lot of ideas around the living standards of the poor people including the Tamil plantation labour. I think your vehicle is four wheeled and Priyantha will manage to drive with difficulties. Please follow Rangala area too. Please note that SriLanka is not a matured capitalist society. You could find lot of mal-nutritioned women from the villages of SriLanka. I think at that time Robert Knox(jr) met very healthy women from CEYLON. Today the picture is very different. We have to find true patriotc politicians to rule the country.

  23. aston martin

    Typical lanken style, where is your gratitude?? If there was no Rajapaksa there wouldn’t be any democracy under bunch traitors. Brabakaren would be running the show

    • Prabakaren was not interested in ruling the whole island.
      He was only fighting for freedom of the Tamils.

      His name is mentioned to keep the masses scared and give praise to the dictaors family rule.

  24. Hi Rosy,
    These stones are turned to be golden stones very soon.

  25. silva

    We killed tamil Prabakaran but Need Egypt like revolution.

  26. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Hi! Mr.Aston Martin;
    As you say Hon.MR is highly appreciated for that great achievement. But he is surrounded by highly corrupted goons and his reputation will disappear very soon if he couldn’t up lift the living standards of the MASSES who voted for him during the past presidential elections. The re-action may be very heavy. We need to see him as an excellent politico- economic dictator with the 18th ammendment to the constitution.

    He plans to survive for many decades more as absolute ruler of the country.
    This repression will rebound on him as happened in tunisia and egypt.

  28. Batterypoosa

    Well done Mrs. Senanayake. I support your bravery and true leadership qualities. You`re not just a pretty face so keep up your determination and you will win! We`re with you all the way!

  29. බුටානිස් වතී

    Bernadine Rosemarie Senanayake (nee Fernando Ramanyake) – UNP parlimentarian. A ‘Born-Again-Christian’ she has become notorious for covert proselytizing.

    In an interview with the Lankadeepa about a year ago she said that Buddhism should not be given prominence in Sri Lankan society since this is a multi-cultural country (despite over 70 percent of Sri Lankans being Buddhists!). When her remarks drew angry protests from the Buddhist laity and the clergy she quickly denied it saying that the paper had misreported what she expressed.

    On another instance she arranged the distribution of Bibles to a school in Maligakanda where the students are almost entirely Buddhist and Muslim. On a tip-off three leading Buddhist monks, including the Venerable Daranagama Kusaladhamma rushed to the spot and collected all the Bibles which the students and staff readily surrendered to the bhikkus. This was reported prominently in the Divaina with a photo of the monks with the seized copies of the Bibles.

    Senanayake has been accused by Buddhist activists of converting among others the Mrs Dulanjalee Premadasa daughter of a late President Ranasinghe Premadasa and the entire family of a leading Buddhist businessman in the transport sector . According to the activists Senanayake had even tried unsuccessfully to convert All Ceylon Buddhist Congress former President Milina Sumathipala.

    The irony of it all is that she is the daughter-in-law of the late Stanley Senanayake former Inspector General of Police (a devout Buddhist) and Maya Senanayake, daughter of the late P. de S. Kularatne well-known Buddhist leader and former Principal Ananda College, Colombo.

    The UNP with its blinkers fails to realise that the likes of Rosy Senanayake not only damages the party’s image in the eyes of sensitive Buddhists but also can lead to unwanted religious friction in the country. It is the antics of such proselytisers that prompted Buddhists organizations to call for anti-conversion laws. Freedom to believe in a religion of one’s choice does not entail the freedom to convert. Buddhists and Hindus do not go uninvited to predominantly Christian areas and distribute copies of the Dhammapada and the Bhagavad Gita.

    The conversion craze is also politically-motivated. Behind this conspiracy are well-funded American Christian evangelist organizations that have spread their tentacles all over the Third World, especially in the poverty-stricken regions where they use medical services, education, and employment opportunities to convert indigenous populations. Most of the medical and charitable organizations based in majority Christian countries are fronts for proselytizing activities. The USA’s Faith Based Initiative law provides Christian missionary organizations to proselytize with American taxpayers’ money.

    Says Gregory F. Fegel (Pravda, October 21, 2008): “One of the largest international medical relief organizations based in the USA, Northwest Medical Teams, states in their recruitment brochure that their chief mission is to ‘spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ’, that their medical relief services are subordinate to their stated goal of proselytizing Christianity, and that their medical relief work is merely an ‘aegis’, or facade, for spreading Christianity.”

    The UNP of course will always turn a blind eye to this covert ‘religious’ aggression since it has close links with political organizations in predominantly Christian Western states, especially Ranil Wickremesinghe’s membership in the predominantly Christian International Democrat Union (IDU)

  30. Daya


    I have never met you in person, but I’ve seen you – well, all over the place.

    During the parliamentary election campaign I listened carefully to what you were saying. I voted for you.

    I am glad I voted for you!

    I am proud to have you as my representative in Parliament!

    Now, please study these blogs, and the comments they have engendered:…/st-thomas’-college-prefects-assault-fellow-thomian/ – Cached…/nine-thomians-assaulted-by-senior-prefects/ – Cached – Cached – Cached…/sub-warden-of-s-thomas’-to-be-charge-sheeted/ – Cached…/male-nurse-in-boys’-school-gets-‘treatment’-for-child-abuse/ – Cached

    As I’ve said, you represent me in Parliament and this school comes within your “electorate”. The government (and Parliament) have a say in the running of the school: – Cached

    so please do what you can.

    Thanks. Please let me know if you want more details, either posted here – or
    I’m sure I could track down your contact details.

    Lastly, stay firm on the main issue confronting the country: changing the leadership of your party. Rajapaksha wouldn’t be king if Ranil weren’t his acolyte!

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