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Air Chief Marshal Roshan Retires (Photos)

Air Chief Marshal Roshan Goonatilake retired from the Air Force on Sunday, after 33 years of service. He will continue his duties as Chief of Defence Staff. He was given a guard of honour, and officially handed over command to incoming Air Force Commander Harsha Abeywickrema.

Photos show the farewell ceremony.

25 Comments for “Air Chief Marshal Roshan Retires (Photos)”

  1. may GOD bless you dear Air chief marshal we know what you went through in the war, and after war also ,we know how control the whole forces if any body say any wrong thin don’t do it thank you dear MARSHAL

  2. Good officer never knee down, done the job to mother land. Best wishes to him.

  3. Paul

    Night is still young and an Embassador post is waiting for you.Then you can think of the embellishments for your holiday bungalow.How lucky you are compared to me!

    • Johann Gunasekara

      The son of a former Airforce commander, his entire career was dedicated to the Airforce in war time, his brother Air Commadore Shirantha paid the supreme sacrifice in 1995 and above all under his command the merciless LTTE was vanquished from SL. If he is to be appointed Embassador in his retirement he will no doubt keep the Lioin flag a flying like he does the Peterite flag….enjoy your retirement brother you deserve every bit of it.

      What have you doe for the country Paul? you don’t even have the guts to give your full name

      • hema

        Well, How lucky he was to be the Airforce Commander, ???

        Some people get things by chance , some by merrit , but Roshan was lucky where he had his father to save him when he was the Last or the mid in the batch when he joined where his father ( Harry ) cxld the exam and re did the exam an got Rashan topped the batch and sent for USA .Then Batch Top left the Airforce and now flies for Sri Lankan Airlines as a A340 Captain and he has lot of heartfeelings then…..

        Then Roshans journey was full of LUCK ,,, where all his superiers and Senieor to him either Died, Left, retired or sacked , and thats why he ended up becomming the Commander of Airforce in 2006. He was a CHopper Pilot too most of is carear where All the Commanders were Aeroplane or fixed wing Pilots ( higher than the chopper guys ) … the Officers left , died / Retired or Sacked before they reached 55 were r,

        Roger wijesuriya, ( Died )
        Airforce COmmnder Jayalth ( Asked to leave before he rretired sacked )
        Lakshan Salgado ( Asked to leave for supporting the UNP)
        Donald Perera ( Asked to take over the CDS post )

        so his hourney was rosy, if the above officers had been there and stayed the entire office tenure , then Roshan wouldnt have been the Commander ,, so these things happaned for few people when thy were born with sheer Luck,,, Another person is Chandrika Kumarathunga .. , Vijey, Ossie, Lalith, Premdasa, Gamini Dissa ( All died ) where she ended up being the leader and didnt have any strong leaders to compete,,, So Its the LUCK that matters …. no matter how week you are if it comes it will come on your way…….

        You were knows as a God fearing person Roshan but be a law abiding citizen too ,,,,,( Bunglow )

  4. Tom

    Earlier retirement B4 the 60th Air Force anniversary for a war hero !! sad sad…

  5. sidneyperera

    Sir Roshan, We salute you from the bottom of our heart.

  6. Luxman

    Sir, please do not leave the country. You and your family is a blessing to the nation.

  7. Ariyarathna

    Sir, You have done a great job. It is sad to know that you are leaving just before the 60th anniversary after doing all the hard work.

    May God bless you and bless this land with gentleman like you.

    Have a wanderfull and peaceful retirement

  8. Very good sir you did not bow down to these culprits who run this government. We know why they wanted you out with few days to the 60th year celebrations.

    May Jesus bless you Sir and Lord will punish these in humans very soon.

  9. Asoka

    Air Marshal you had a very good carrier and retire with dignity. Wish you all the very best!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. pottalion

    Great man . Can be judged on handling of Rugby . Sri Lanka Looses its status while those around him talk shop .

    As somebody said earlier u are lucky

  12. Gamini Hewagamage

    Thank you great officer and a gentleman. 99% of the SLAF and the people who know you love you and respect your family.

    hema is that 1% bitter and twisted. lot of people left SLAF some joined commercial airlines as Pilots we know why. $’s many other reasons.

    You will be loved sir and greatly appreciated by most .
    I hope you do not read some of these disgusting coments


  13. Mre Sembakuttiarachchi

    Hema should learn some English spelling before attempting to write.

  14. Ariya A Perera

    Addressing Mr Hema
    Your facts are wrong . The batch top was Roger Weerasinghe who died. Most of the other facts are wrong( including Rogers surname and the other people whom you have named the reasons for leaving given are wrong ) , and the best flyer was RG and he was an outstanding flyer and was known in the SLAF for that. He did not have to sit the flying test twice. I wonder why you did not mention about Shirantha Goonetileke, RG’s brother who was next in line after RG. Who died too.

    look at history all the commanders have not been batch top.?

  15. R Rodrigo

    Dear Hema, The names of the officers you have mentioned are not even in ACM Roshan Goonetilleke’s batch. Learn to compare apples with apples.

    ACM Roshan became the Commander not by chance or any luck, because he was in line and he earned that.

    We as citizens of Sri Lanka should show gratitude to our War Heroes.

  16. Simon from Ratmalana

    Hema, You should put your hurt feelings aside and give glory to the one who deserves it. After all ACM Roshan is not responsible for other officers faults or yours

  17. SENSE

    All you guys have commented here quite loosely and through ignorance.

    Your words of praise are cheap as they are without content.

    He got to that post with heaps of manipulation and some luck to add…………not on merit.

    The war efforts of the SLAF were achieved through it’s disciplined Pilots and many others of all ranks but mostly because of GENERAL Sarath Fonseka who showed the way to all the forces ! Wake up and analyze matters rather than commenting loosely !

  18. Modaya

    Mr Sense
    I wonder why couldn’t you become the commander with all your sensible talk.

  19. Malini Fonseka

    He had to go because of the Knucles saga. Gota may have been angry, but, I don’t know

  20. Malini Fonseka

    Hema (above), it’s not luck but connections (due to fraud). I became an MP after age of 60 without even contesting a seat not becasue of luck because Mahinda Raja had been mad about me in the 70s and 80s for my looks. Still the bastard eyes me, I don’t mind.

  21. Malini Fonseka

    R Rodrigo (above), are you a stooge of Roshan or Roshan himself?

  22. Bulto

    Sense Aney Hari simple ney! there cant be two lions in one cage, Sarath Fonseka is a true lion and son of Sri Lanka, and politicians are fox in lions clothes and you know what kind of lion we have for a leader :)

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