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Mervyn Bans Certain Vegetables In Kelaniya

Public Relations and Public Affairs Minister Mervyn Silva has prohibited the sale of tomatoes, green chilies, egg plants and ladies fingers in markets in the Kelaniya area from the end of April.

The Minister has imposed the ban on the sale of these vegetables in the Kelaniya area claiming the residents in the area should grow them at home.

Silva had reportedly called on officials to provide the necessary seeds and fertilizers at a reasonable prices to the residents to commence the cultivation of the vegetables.

16 Comments for “Mervyn Bans Certain Vegetables In Kelaniya”

  1. Johann Gunasekara

    Maybe he’ll also ban liquor and encourage them to brew Kassippu!

  2. raj

    may be he got the order from Gadhafi. If poeple like it, they will vote for him next time too.

  3. There he blows again!!! I’d like to take a peek into Mervyn’s refrigerator and his home-garden just for the heck of it.

  4. University of Kelaniya

    Very soon this foolish man “Bans” wearing “Braziers to the Women” and “Suspenders to the men” in Kelaniya.

  5. NeutralTamil

    is it possible for a minister of parliament to ban vegetables? is there some thing called CONSTITUTION in this poor pathetic country where 40% of the population earn less than Rs 200 a day? we r such a sick country. anyone can make the law, so many unwritten law n we the citizens of beggar country follow everything. really proud.

  6. td

    Mervin silva is a big joke in the country and come from very very rural area from matara to kelaniya and asking people to grow vegetables. what has happen to the keleniya people they have to stand tall and tell mervin to shut his mouth. As long as people are quite this mad bull do the same thing again and again.


  7. Made in Samupakare

    Citizens of Srilanka do not take too serious about Lokka`s orders, because he is ” made in Samupakare”.

  8. San

    Growing vegitables at your garden is a wonderful experience. But Who is this guy to force the people?. If you dont have a garden, where will you grow the vegitables? on the main road or side of the roads?. he is really mad. People of Kelaniya should raise their voice against this mad fool.

    Opps Mervin forgot to tell, If some one failed to grow these vegitables, he will be tied to a tree.

  9. mohamed wadood

    Never waste your time and energy commenting on mervyn the comedian ?

  10. Priyanka

    may be he should consult with psychologist. Until he sees a good psychologist, he is going to do the similar things. people around him should encourage him to see psychologist.

  11. Pissu Mervyn

    Shall we eat Wambotu, Wambotu Wambotu Hodi Hadalaaaaaa………. Night ekata kamu api Kosata, Kosata Kosata Thel dalaaaaaa.
    Joker – in the card pack is Mervyn Silva.

  12. amuthu

    don’t undermine him all the time. he is very smart this time.

  13. Paul

    Amidst all these jokes His Excellency MR is asking us to vote for a VIBRANT village.He is trying to do the job

  14. Mr Retort

    dont believe in eating vegetables

  15. chandeera

    he should run for presedentail. he will have a landslide victory

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