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VVIP Vehicle Kills Another Youth

By Nirmala Kannangara in Avissawella – Photos by Lalith Perera

The damaged Prado, The ill-fated three-wheeler and Muniyandi

Another young man was killed by a speeding VVIP vehicle in Avissawella last Sunday (13).
The latest tragedy comes two weeks after a similar incident in Pelmadulla, claimed the life of a young boy who was killed by a speeding backup vehicle provided to the IGP’s wife. This time the victim was 28 year old Kurupadam Jackson.
The Prado used by Rasika Jayasekara (who is the wife of the Deputy Minister of Power and Energy’) crashed into a three-wheeler killing Jackson on the spot and severely injuring three others. The vehicle was traveling from Nivithigala at the time. Onlookers at the Ukwatte junction, where the accident took place, described how the Prado had traveled at high speed towards Colombo and had overtaken a bus without slowing down. It had then crashed into the three-wheeler traveling in the opposite direction.
“The accident happened around 8 pm. When we rushed to the scene we saw some movement inside the vehicle. We assume that the person in the driving seat changed seats with another one. We believe that it was the Deputy Minister’s wife who was at the wheel and switched seats after the accident,” Weerasinghe, a bystander said. What’s more, witnesses said the police attempted to stage a cover-up, moving the Prado so that no one could accuse the VVIP vehicle of speeding in the wrong lane. The police officers who did so were on duty at a nearby election meeting held by Minister Wimal Weerawansa, and intervened before Avissawella police arrived on the scene, witnesses alleged.
“Realising that it was the Power and Energy Deputy Minister’s wife’s vehicle, the police pushed the Prado back to the correct lane. When the people asked as to why they were pushing the vehicle, the police said it was to avoid any traffic congestion,” Weerasinghe said.
The witnesses at Ukwatte junction added that the VVIP vehicle had been traveling so fast it was ‘flying’ and remarked that it was a miracle more people had not been hurt.
“They have the ‘power’ so they have taken the law into their hands therefore there is no safety for us anymore. They can even knock us down and even escape from any legal consequences,” Weerasinghe said.
The Sunday Leader meanwhile visited Penrith Estate in Avissawella, where Jackson’s body lay in a small room. To add to the tragedy, he had been married just two months ago, and leaves behind a young wife who was in a state of confusion.
“Our wedding photographs are not even ready and Jackson was eagerly waiting to see the photos,” says a distressed 27 year old Muniyandi who works in Kandy. The young woman says that her deceased husband used to travel all the way to spend time with her. However on that fateful weekend, she said he received a call on Saturday (12) asking him to return the next day, which he did. Jackson had left promising to get the wedding photographs on Wednesday, as Muniyandi was going to Avissawella to vote at the local government elections.
However on Sunday night Muniyandi received the dreaded message from her in-laws. Vasantha Kumara – brother in law of the deceased said that all four in the three-wheeler were trapped and they had to cut open the ill-fated vehicle in order to take the injured out. “It was Jackson that looked after the parents. They all depended on the small salary he got by working in Colombo and on this rubber estate. With his demise who will  look after the parents?” Kumara asked.
He added that one of the local government candidates living in the area got the Deputy Minister of Power and Energy on the phone. “When I told him my grievances he wanted me to meet one of his secretaries at the Avissawella Rest House. So I met him on March 14 and he gave me Rs.40,000 as funeral expenses. When I asked the secretary as to what Minister Jayasekera was planning to give as long term relief to the four families that were affected, he spoke to the Minister and assured me some help which however he did not specify,” Kumara said.

The Police Side

Meanwhile Avissawella Police told The Sunday Leader a different story altogether — that the accident was due to the negligent driving of the three-wheeler driver.
“Although people claim the Deputy Minister’s vehicle came at high speed we cannot ascertain that. It is the court that will decide how this has happened. The Prado was well within its track and as claimed by the onlookers; it did not overtake any vehicle. All these are baseless allegations,” police sources said.
Denying the allegations leveled against her, Rasika Jayasekera told The Sunday Leader, that she was not in the driving seat at the time of the accident. She said she and her children were fast asleep in the rear seats when the accident occurred.
“We were on our way back from our Nivithigala home when the Prado in which I was traveling with my children met with the accident. It was raining heavily. We got up when the jeep crashed into the three- wheeler and my daughter too sustained slight injuries,” she claimed.
When asked whether she saw that the people who traveled in the three- wheeler were all lying in a pool of blood, Rasika Jayasekera said she knew nothing but took her daughter to the Avissawella hospital immediately. “Although I knew that there were people in the ill-fated three-wheeler I did not know about their health condition. It was only after I returned Colombo I found out that one person has died and three others received severe injuries,” Jayasekera added.
She denied that the Prado traveled fast. According to Jayasekara, it was the trishaw that was speeding and crashed into the jeep. “Failing to control its speed, it may have skidded and crashed into the Prado. Although people claim that our driver was in the wrong lane police reports say that the vehicle was well within the correct lane. Later on, I too had to go to the police and our driver was taken into custody,” she said.
When asked whether her family will pay compensation to the deceased family, Jayasekera said she would have to talk to her husband on the issue, “These days he is busy with election work. Once the election is over, I will have to talk to my husband as to what we could do for the injured and the dead,” Jayasekera said.

27 Comments for “VVIP Vehicle Kills Another Youth”

  1. love2beTRAITOR

    long live sri lanka, long live democracy.

    just like how the police was covering up in IGP’s wife’s incident.
    same cover up.

    its a prado n look at the vehicle. only the front part dent abit. i’m sure people inside wouldnt have had any injury if they wore their seat belts. we should make a law to make people wear seat belt. its a healthy habit n takes just 2 sec of ur time.

  2. Siripala

    Mahinda ayya why are your dustbin ministers and their over charged spouses killing the very people who voted you to office?

  3. Nimal Senasingha

    The people are reaping the just rewards of sending such scoundrels to political office. The recent election results show that people indeed get the rulers that they deserve

  4. bash

    The politicians and the police knows that the majority are foolish and tell all sorts of stories…. so this wife of the deputy minister was not sensitive or worried of the need of the critically injured and trapped people of the trishaw…. what a bold statement from her, way to go for this politicians and their families

  5. roshan

    spouse is the same as the minister, all liars, I dont understnad why Srilankan Ministers need prados while david canmerons wife travels in the tube.

    • love2beTRAITOR

      good one roshan but aiyoo roshan, in sri lanka, public servant(IGP balasuria)’s wife is considered a VVIP. so wife of a minister would be VvVvVvIP. this is sri lanka. even a constable’s wife will be given security in this country. i dont understand how this country works. NO LTTE anymore but all these government servants r busy protecting their wives. from whom is the question?????

  6. Aru

    If Rasika Jayasekera was fast asleep in the back seat how could she say that the Prado was not travelling at breakneck speed? Was she so insensitive to take only her daughter to hospital when there were others lying in pools of blood on the highway? This woman deserves the bronze for lies, insensitivity and highhandedness. Shame on you khakied jentry. High time you’ll stopped liking the stilletos of lawless women.

  7. sandman

    This is the law of the Mahinda Jungle now. The common people would NOT get any justice NOT only for incidents such as this, but, to all the rest where they (the common people) would have to face these SUPERHUMAN BEINGS and even their FAMILIES !!! Subha Anagathayak

    • love2beTRAITOR

      @sandman, people deserve their rulers. we deserve all this. u can see that from local government election result.

  8. Cren

    Buddhimath janatha khapan manthriage parippu..”Messege from the manthri”Mage janatha chanday ewaraih dan appi asking and eating dhal curry.

  9. Sanj

    Who is correct then? Sri Lanka Police is working now without any dresses. We all know it. And finally this is called, SL government is killing’s it’s own people. IT does not value the lives of the people. All are VIP’s now. People are not at least important.

  10. Makara

    When will the innocent get the justice in Sri Lanka? His excellency President are you sleeping? What are these your minister’s doing? Balasuriya’s wife’s vehicle killed one few weeks back and another one now? Why are they driving in so hurry, to serve the general public in this country? State money, state properties are misusing by these people. Apply the same traffic rules to those mad politician’s, head’s of all forces people will have more peace on the roads then. Nobody want to kill those useless people, nobody will fire a bullet to kill those mad politician’s in this country. They can drive freely now like the other people.

  11. Rexy

    I think God Almighty knows the truth of what has happened and no one can escape from his judgement. So the wrong doers has to pay for their sins one day.

  12. Security may be necessary for the IGP and politicians. But, do their spouses and children too, need “security”?
    Why DONT such “official” vehicle drivers observe the legal speed limits?
    Why do these ‘motorcades’ of politicians travel fast, over legally allowed speeds on the roads? What is the mighty hurry?
    Why are pedestrians pushed aside and even forced to face away from the road when some bloated politico,s motorcade approaches?
    These things happen only in sri lanka.
    In UK, Princess Anne was charged and fined for exceeding the speed limit in London, long ago.

  13. Lokka

    did no one have a cell phone camera to take pictures of this incident>>>
    We need to get more pro-active about these things because the culprits always assume there will be no evidence to catch them!!

  14. Citizen

    This is typical of Sri Lankan police. If they wish, they convert the accused to innocent and innocent to accused. No matter what political party is in power this will continue to happen as did in the past. Aiyo Sri Lanka.



  16. truth

    its true that a man died … police has take action …
    Mr. Nirmala Kannangara ,
    Form where did u get the story? or were you at the seen on that time? dose Mrs. jayasekara has driving license ? How do you tell it was her who was Driving? What prof do you have to say like that? would a Mother Drive reckless When her Children are sleeping @ the back seat ….? why do u won’t to hit mudd on other people this much….

    why a good news paper like this wonts to spread things like this…..
    i heard everything form a person who was there but as Mr. Nirmala Kannangara said about dept ministers wife , its all a lie the driver was driving the vehicle .. so please Mr. Nirmala Kannangara stop giving fake news to the people
    thank you.

  17. Dhammika

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

    Albert Einstein

  18. Max

    I wonder how she ( Mrs jayasekera ) knew if the Prado was not travelling FAST and not being on the wrong TRACK of the road, coz she said earlier that she was asleep with kids in the vehicle and she woke up for the accident………. do these people have family / brothers / sister or even parents ? coz they cover up so much , and I wonder if the Driver wil come out of the truth .. when he is guilty concious..anyways , there goes another human life for the sake of the POWER hungry SOB’s.. god bless LANKA

  19. AHAMED

    Dear Def. Secretary, Please pay attention to this menace,. you can stop this within 24 hours. I hate those people blaring the horns and flashing the headlights to overtake me for no reason. do it before it is too late.

  20. Adrian

    These stupid ministers and their foolish/cocky wives kill innocent people. Not only these stupids, now other drivers who own similar types of vehicles take the roads into their hands and follow these uneducated ministers and their wives. Why does not S’vahini show these violations of road rules committed by big people? Can they show only innocents mistakes? I think Colombo is one of dangerous cities to drive. Please take necessary steps to safe driving of the city. Please don’t provide back up vehicles to these stupid and uneducated ministers and their wives.

  21. S.Sriranjan

    As long as Emergancy prevails,Corupted Ministers and Deputy Ministers and their families could escape from convitions with the help of the Powerless Police Department ???

  22. Malini

    killer wife Rasika Jayasekera deep within you know you killed a person now in your life you are a killer.

  23. japan

    Killing Govt.

  24. truth

    this is whats wrong with sri lankas… y this people are so stupid ……. all you believe is u heard from this article…. u always believe when some stupid article says something….. please Mr. WRITER…. see because of u the ministers and the gov is taking the blame …. Do you know that the persons on that 3WD WAS DRUNK.. don,t hit on people with out knowing about the story .. and don’t write article’s if u don’t know the story …. and stop miss leading the people in Sri lanka with your false article’s….

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