Housemaid Who Returned From Jordan Warded At Eye Hospital

By Ranee Mohamed – Photo by Lalith Perera


The Madam would make her fists into balls and hit out at my eyes every time she considered my work to be slow. The pain was unbearable,” said Nadarajah Rajeshawary (27).

Rajeshwary, a resident of Lewalawatte, Wanduraba, is  now receiving treatment at Ward No. 10 of the Eye Hospital in Colombo. Suffering from loss of sight in both her eyes, Rajeshwary says however that she is able to see hazy forms from one eye.
“I know that my condition is serious because my family tells me to learn to bear it all. I have undergone a traumatic time in Jordan, I don’t want the anguish to continue here. I want my sight back,” lamented the young woman. Rajeshwary who returned to Sri Lankan on March 19  said that the first eight months at the house she worked in was not eventful.
“I left Sri Lanka on May 27, 2009, they gave me my salary for eight months. I had to wake up at 4 a.m and complete the washing of the house, the washing of the clothes of their four children, the cleaning and washing of  bathrooms and all the walls, the work in the kitchen and arranging of the rooms. Then I had to be ready to accompany Madam to her mother’s house where I did the same work there. The Madam’s mother would give me to eat.  Then suddenly everything changed. I was given a meal only at night. Madam began to beat me at every turn. There were days when she would repeatedly beat me, hitting out at my eyes, pushing me down and beating the soles of my feet with poles, or hitting my head with wooden poles on countless occasions.  I could feel the blood trickle down my forehead and dribble to the floor. I would hold my head with one hand and wipe the floor with the other. When I complained of not being able to see, Madam would drop bits of paper on the ground and ask me to pick them up,” alleged Rajeshwary.
“My fingers and nails are smashed from the beatings that I received. One day the Madam was so angry that she took a nail clipper and pulled out the nail from my finger,” alleged Rajeshwary, pointing out a mutilated finger.
“We have lodged a complaint with the Bureau of Foreign Employment. My sister left to Jordan because she wanted to give a better life to her children. We did not know how much she had suffered. When she had been sitting alone at the airport, a Sri Lankan lady called Kumari from Mount Lavinia had asked her why she was seated alone. She told us that Rajeshwary  had been blinking and had looked blind and battered,” said Rajeshwary’s brother Sampath. “It was this lady who helped my sister to get to board the  flight  and  get to Colombo,” said Sampath, when contacted by The Sunday Leader.
Nadarajah Rajeshwary arrived in Sri Lankan without any of her dues.   “My sister can no longer see. She says she can feel faint shadows around her but is unable to distinguish what they are nor is she able to  identify any colours. She is also unable to see and recognise her daughters aged five and ten years of age,” said Sampath, speaking to  The Sunday Leader.
Complaining of an excruciating pain in the soles of her feet, this 27 year old now walks around with the aid of a helper. “I did not wear spectacles ever in my life, now there is no need to for even spectacles cannot help me, I am told. My greatest unhappiness is that I came back from Jordan with the hope of seeing my two daughters. I have heard them and hugged them, but I have not yet been able to see them, and I don’t think I ever will,” said Rajeshwary  in tears.

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  1. There have been too many reports of torture and brutality perpetrated on sri lankan housemaids by family members who employed them in the middle east countries over the past few decades.. Many have been raped and made pregnant. The middle east employers must be the most cruel on earth. Even the slaves in US in the old days, were never treated so badly. These women go to become “slaves” due to abject poverty. None tnese incidents are astonishingly ever raised in parliament ! ! – only the media publicises them.
    What action is being taken by our diplomats in these countries about these incidents? Is it not high time the government took stern action ?

  2. I Hussein

    Lately there were so many similiar issues where the maid in the middleast are concern. Its high time to stop sending maids to the middleast and elsewhere. There is no isuues from other countries of course yet, still its our image. But on the the other hand the poor women who are bread winners have no other alternative toey, thy to go to any extent to make some bucks to help their families. This is a complex issue. This must be brought to the President’s atrtention and sort out. I am sure Mr President would consider this issue favourably for the needy and poor as he is on the’(I think) poor people’s side. Concern ministers or officials are hopeless.

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