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CBK Calls For Modernization Of Education

Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga has said that education should be modernized in order for it to be effective, and that it also played a big role in solving social issues.

Speaking during a panel discussion under the theme, Education-Going Global, in Dubai, Kumaratunga has said, “The concept of education without borders has to move far beyond the traditional systems that we know, and it is important to include everyone [who are involved] socially, politically and economically.”
The media in Dubai have reported that she has noted that eEducation reforms were introduced in Sri Lanka recently to modernize education and the method of teaching, with new subjects introduced in the curricula, such as Peace Education, so that “they can celebrate the richness of diversity instead of rejecting it.”

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  1. raj

    why did she not do when she was in power? This is the statement to get attention. Gimmy Garter is doing volunteer work to serve comminities in North America. Is any of the former presidents ever did any volunteer work in Sri lanka or in another country after their retirements?

    • Srawasti

      My friend the word “Volunteer” is not in Srilankan” Politicions Dictionary” even before and after. Only the word in their “Dictionary” is the word “Comis”

    • Daya

      The content of education has to be changed every few years to keep pace with changes in other spheres.

      Advances in Information Technology have made it possible to deliver this content in new ways.

      CBK seems to be aware of both facts. The article is short on details but appears to point to positives. Let’s hope for more co-operation, not confrontation!

  2. Malini Fonseka

    She with Tara De Mel destroyed our education system

  3. Daya

    What do these comments by CBK indicate?

    Firstly, they indicate that she goes out of the country and participates in International discussions.

    Secondly, it is clear proof that she gives this government credit for the good things that have been mooted. She has a positive attitude. Let’s hope the present government implements these proposals effectively and fairly, and that recruitment of personnel to implement is done properly and transparently.

    So, it is the government that has a paranoia whenever an opposition figure (since that is what the New Royal Family has labelled her as being), makes any statement outside the country. What we have now is a global society. Thank you CBK for letting the world know that good things are happening in Sri Lanka.

  4. Somarama Thera

    Chndrika, your father SWRDB entirely destroyed the very high standered of “Ceylon Education” introduced by “The British” . He made education and the “Language” as “Instruments” to make the country`s young generation as “Frogs in the Well”.He thought then this country would be a good “Property” to his “Kith and Kins”. He who made “Un Educated, I.R.C`s, Thugs and Street Junks to weare “Politricks Jacket” and come to our “Parliament”.Today we Srilankan all suffered because of your “Father`s” “Foolishness” and”Power Hungry” actions.If he would have not done that in 1950, today we Srilanka is the Second “Hong Kong”.We are very happy, even several decades later, you as a child of him, understood his “Mistakes”.

  5. She entrusted Dr.Tara De Mel ( a medical practitioner ) with educational reforms ignoring the many persons who were qualified and experianced experts on education.
    Tara De Mel did not have required rapport even with the officials of the ministries dealing with education. Even translation of tamil textbooks was entrusted to non tamils who did not hold qualifications in tamil language and literature resulting in many errors in the textbooks. Errors occurred in most textbooks of both languages
    There were many inaccurate accounts too, in the history textbooks. She perpetuated her father’s Sinhala Only in the sphere of education including universities. But she sent her children abroad for english education, just as her mother did. Her policies and those of her mother, ruined the education of children by many decades.
    The present government now insists of a knowledge of english for university entry.

  6. raj

    Though I was born in Sri Lanka, higher education outside Sri Lanka. What I noticed about the education in developing countries is that most of the time it is materials oriented. As a result, there is no much education about humanity. All education as docotors, engineers, accounttant. All of them are materials oriented. If a soiceity that does not value humanity educations as in the western countries, it won’t build a good society. Does Sri Lanka encourage psychologist, social worker, and other humanity education. I guesss the answer is not very much. All educations are material oriented.

  7. P.L.J.B.palipana

    Hi! madam where is that sweety lady Tara now.?

  8. Tharuka

    CBK has done better work for heigher education compare to MR. She did all work with war. People do not forget it. She open 5 government universities under UGC. During her tenner, SLIIT was established and it is like a private university which funded by government (same as Singapore Management University) . MR does not open single university under UGC. He open a university of Vocational and going to open National School of Management. Both are not under UGC and no need AL qualification. If universities does not under UGC, its quality can not be monitored and can offer degrees for money or political power. Everyone knows that MR family does not have single member who has passed AL in one attempt. We are said about MR actions about heigher education. He has good capability to establish Sri Lanak-China friendship University with the help of China in Hambanthota. There was a dicussion with China to establish a university in Deniyaya. I think he had change his mind and he does not want heigher educated youth from Hambanthota.

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