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International School Boots Suspected Paedophile

  • “I Hug Them To Motivate Them”

A teacher who was forced to resign from an international school in Colombo after having been accused of paedophile activities nevertheless continues to conduct tuition classes for children in Nugegoda.
A highly placed source at the school, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the school had threatened to sack the teacher and call in the police if he did not resign. Both the principal and board of directors at the international school acted promptly following shocking disclosures and a complaint made by a student and his parents to the school.
An Advanced Level Economics teacher who continues to conduct classes in economics at Nawala Road, Nugegoda, taught economics to Upper Sixth students at the international school.
The parents of one of the students had complained that their son had been attending private tuition classes conducted by this teacher, who had behaved in an extremely crude manner.
Sources claimed that, “He hugged him (the student) from behind while kissing him on his cheek. He then proceeded to turn the boy around and kissed him on his penis. The boy had fled the house instantly.”
Upon receiving the complaint from the boy’s parents, the school had moved to take prompt action, at which point the teacher himself had resigned.
When contacted, however, the teacher told reporters from this newspaper that these accusations were false. He said that he had resigned due to other reasons, and denied this incident ever took place. He said that he had taken leave for a long period of time when members of his family had fallen sick, while he himself had been suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension and that the school had not been happy with this. He later said that he had left because he was sick. “I was not sacked. I left because I was sick,” he said.
Commenting on the allegations against him, he claimed that students could have spread stories about him. When asked why students would want to do so, he referred to an incident in the past when “one student was embarrassed in front of everyone when I was giving him advice.”
He then however said he had “lost control” and “tapped” the boy, a Grade 9 student who had supposedly later made a complaint.
Much distressed, the teacher  later told The Sunday Leader that the incident where the student was allegedly touched and kissed inappropriately could have been misinterpreted, and implied that what had happened was actually a ‘show of emotion.’
“I hug the students to motivate them,” he said, adding that he cared for the children.
However, when asked, upon referring to the incident in question, “Are you trying to say that the boy is lying?” he contradicted himself by saying “No” but nevertheless stood by his claim that the incident was a misunderstanding. The teacher said he was not currently employed in any school, but he presently gave tuition in A-Level Economics, Business Studies and Accounting at Nawala Road, Nugegoda.
Meanwhile, the board of directors at the international school had also informed the Association of International Schools of the incident, and issued a warning to principals against employing this teacher in the future.

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  1. Desperate

    You should be punished for this cruelty for innocent children.

  2. This incident should be reported to the law enforcement authorities and appropriate legal action taken against this paedophile. Unless the guy is put away in jail the chances are that other kids are at risk. Parents must do the right thing and get the guy prosecuted.


  4. mala

    Very good and happy to read the article. Because politicians destroyed our goverment education system and let business entering into the education. Therefore, quality of education, custom, value and culture dumped into the drain for money. This is the consequence, but this may not be the end and more serious thing yet to come

    • Lalith

      Mala, this has nothing to do with the education system. It is due to the failure of our social system, where the moral values are fading away.

  5. keerthi

    selling education ministry, selling health ministry and all other profitable and nonprofitable ministries, instutions and organization will be punished by god to our country. This is one way of punishement

    • paul

      Your presumptions being (1) pedophiles are found among **private** school teaches only (2) God is watching over mankind for any privatiaations and when it occurs He is swift to engage pedophiles to teach them a lesson…
      What other tools are at His disposal keerthi ?

    • KP

      keerthi, why exactly are we dragging this narrow minded “private schools are evil cesspits” story here? Would you have this country become Communist, by monopolizing all areas of life under the government? Because that’s what happens if we follow the “Government must own all” theory. And God looked after the Communists, didnt he? Besides, and I have to say I agree with Paul: why do you assume that such things happen at only private schools??? Why this prejudice?

  6. xoxox

    the guy has acted weird all along since he did join the school. he continuously did make completely inappropriate comments and suggestive examples in class.
    and his behaviour and personality was sick.

  7. xoxox

    he also kept telling everyone that he is 19 years old and swears on it, he definitely isn’t. someone should find out his real age.

  8. Ravi

    Infact it happens in lots of private tution classes, im a victim of such incident,
    i went for chemistry classes in dehiwala from a st.thomas tamil medium chemistry teacher called Babu, he abused me several times in the pretext of giving extra lessions, but i felt helpeless at that time

  9. Aru

    All these jokers should be exposed. The entire country should know about them and their sordid acts. Keeping such things under wraps will not solve the problem.

  10. ??

    Does anyone know who this teacher is? I would like to know as I am concerned as my two kids go for classes in Nugegoda..

  11. osama bin darling

    Whatever the sexuality, making love is always better than making war. Especially in this hate-filled world of today.

  12. T.Munavar

    Yeaa he gave me motivational hugs:)

  13. Don Adhil

    He is actually 34. Shafraz used to hug me alot also.

  14. Vis8

    Wow what news! The “Sunday Leader” appears to have run out of fabrications to degrade the SL govt. Get a life, you morons.

    • Big Smoke

      If you don’t think this is news you’re a fool.

      Every parent deserves to know the teacher behind all of this. In fact I hope they publish his name, after sufficient evidence has been collected and he has been proven guilty of the crime.

      Just because this type of news is not political or not interesting to you, doesn’t mean it should not be published.

      Papers aren’t made for you, your highness.

  15. wasim

    i knw this fella he cant even teach well he is behind money

  16. MotleyFOOL

    Definitely sounds like a new age of “Economics” where there’s an over supply to a freeked out demand. Well lets stop abusing the revered subject”.

  17. ADA

    I mean the writer should have been a subtle. to my knowledge the grading by forms 1 to 6 is only done y one international school in colombo. By no means will i reveal the identity of the school or the teacher to run defematory charges. Even though such allegations can also be averted by the principle of justification. lol

  18. Hera

    This is how the SINHALA BUDDHISTS share their feelings!! No killing cows! no alcohol, no prostitution!! so this is the best we have in Lanka!!

  19. xoxox

    being a student of his, i know he has done such things.

  20. trinity kolla

    In this game. the giver gives and the taker enjoys taking. It takes two to tango, mind you. So, if both enjoy the game why should anyone worry?

    • Logic

      Have you missed the main point, or did you just not read the article? Don’t do Trinity an injustice by dishing out such superficially simple statements. I’m not a Trinitian but I do know students from that school can come up with something better to write than this. The whole idea of this article is that the incident was non-consensual.


    SINHALA BUDDHISM in action!

  22. international school kid

    it is so infuriating that people who have commented on this imply that only international schools have teachers who are pedophiles… all of this is because it is an international school.. i am sorry but that is a load of utter nonsense… it is hilarious how people use any excuse to blame international schools for all wrong, I am not by any means saying that we are morally superior than the rest of the schools, I am saying that people should stop blaming us and going “oh it is because you are an international school”

    • The critical Lankan

      Is this you christina? Wild guess forgive me if i am wrong

    • KP

      dude, some of the stories you hear about us, people who’ve been to, or are still going to, International Schools? makes me want to puke, knowing we have such sick people here. The sort of “parties” we supposedly have… Its like these people just roll their sick fantasies onto us just for kicks.

  23. vidZ

    well. all you people who say that ‘selling education, selling health’ arghh ppl… do you even have a brain the size of a chicken egg??? This got nothing to do with the school being an ‘internation’ school. Cant u see that they sacked the guy already? what hapen if this is a gov school? do u sack them? if u do, all the tachers going to strike and then later no action will be taken. I attended gov school until my O/L and did A/L in an international school. and guess what, there were many phedo’s in da O/L gov school. there was a vice.principal who masterbate in his office looking at the children outside his office. we complaint, no action taken.. What do you say about that mala? this got nothing to do with the institution. it is the individual who is responsible. If you dont let private sector start private hospitals and schools and universities, sri lanka will forever be a 3rd world 3rd class messed up country. now you people start blaming me for what I said thats what sri lankans are. very offensive towards radical ideas. before blaming me, see what hapens to ur women when she get in to a crowded bus. before she get down, how many time she get harresed or we call it ‘jacked’. thats what our socity has become… disgusting…

  24. sha2oneninety :D

    I knew this teacher when he was at our school. and believe me, when you see him you immediately know he’s a creep. the way he talks and acts are signs that he has a corrupted strange ‘mysterious’ sly mind. When he came to school at times sometimes he wore a proper shirt and trousers but then at times man he just seemed to be in mid life crisis. he wore clothes like a gangsta, and a teenager. it was a bit sad. im glad this man is never getting a job in another school ever! (hopefully…) child abuse is just wrong and disgusting. its not always us teens you know. even adults at times get a little carried away.

  25. The critical Lankan

    Today we shall learn Economics, lesson one, put this in your mouth, that sentence should sum up the article quite well ;), having said that….
    Mr. might want to look into a career in music, we might have just stumbled upon the next king of pop! ;) Infant/underage aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, so I’m glad he knows what he wants :D Also, since he’s out of a job, he might look into being a Sri Lankan brand ambassador for petroleum jelly :D Probable catchphrases being, “Imma slide that thing with nonchalance!” ;)

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