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On Endlessly, her follow-up to her worldwide hit debut Rockferry, Duffy tries several different ways to celebrate her unique talents without abandoning the vintage settings that won her such acclaim. Little was heard from Duffy following the release of her critically acclaimed debut, Rockferry, in 2008. Her second album is tasteful, well-made and kind of dull. Duffy has a fine voice, smoky and touched with grit, and she opens with My Boy, which gets funky oomph from guest backup band The Roots. The sixties’ sound comes zingily alive again with this second CD offering from Welsh songbird Aimee Duffy.


Ne-Yo’s latest is a concept album about crime-fighting R&B superheroes, complete with a femme fatale and a thing called the Libra Scale — a device that measures the weights of money, power, fame and love. Although Libra Scale sounds like a natural extension of the singer/songwriter’s three-album 2006-2008 run, its germination started with a short story, which inspired the 10 songs. Most of Libra Scale consists of Ne-Yo’s typical modern uptown R&B, with the relaxed, upscale party anthem Champagne Life, the sweet devotional One In A Million, and the private-reflecting-pond ballad What Have I Done? as the standouts. The real “concept” here is: a Michael Jackson tribute album; and a pretty good one.

David Archuleta

David does a good job at evolving from his self-titled debut album just enough to pick up new fans without alienating his core fan base. For most artists, the second album is the most crucial. Either a big step forward, or a big step backward in a singer’s career. Most critics think David’s taking a big step forward all the way to the other side of down. He’s a little older and a little more willing to play with sounds and vocal arrangements but he knows who he is. David Archuleta has seemingly found his kind of perfect in this tough industry and it’s reflected in this stellar second project.

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  1. Jana Oregon

    Yes! Thanks for the review on David Archuleta! And to think he is only 20 and his best work is ahead of boggles the mind. It will be interesting to hear him at the Stadium of Fire w/the new band of accomplished Jazz musicians he has put together. David is a rare and stellar talent, not the typical American Idol artist.

  2. Marylee

    “A big step forward”…indeed! His latest album “The Other Side of Down” is truly inspiring! Each & every song has a message that lifts our spirits & that’s exactly what David intended. He’s truly one in a million! Way to go, David <3

  3. Jess

    Great reviews. I love David Archuleta’s album and I think it’s a huge step up from his debut.

  4. lessha

    Great review of David Archuleta’s album The Other Side of Down. I absolutely love this album his voice is majic. David has a bright future ahead of him.

  5. MrGee

    I’ve been listening to David Archuleta’s latest album for months now and it’s still my favorite! So many great ‘feel good’ tunes on it with catchy hooks and incredible vocals. It is, indeed, stellar!

  6. aj

    I love David Archuleta’s “The Other Side of Down” album! He co-wrote 10 of the 12 songs which for me makes it even more special!

  7. Umm you completely stole that line from my The Other Side of Down review:

    “For most artists, the second album is the most crucial. Either a big step forward, or a big step backward in a singer’s career. In my opinion, David’s taking a big step forward all the way to the other side of down.”


  8. violet4ever

    I love Archuleta’s album especially Who I Am, Parachutes and Airplanes, Falling Stars, My Kind of Perfect, Look Around and the title track. I love his Christmas album too. I really enjoy his voice and he’s a great person too.

  9. TrudyFOD

    I love David Archuleta’s sophomore album “The Other Side of Down” – such an awesome album…and I listen to it every day — so uplifting & fun. I just think David is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter. Really awesome album!

  10. djafan

    I agree 100% with your review of David Archuleta’s The Other Side Of Down. I listen to every song daily and find a new nuance in them all the time. And David live is a whole out of this world experience.

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