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Thonda’s On Stage Complaint To Basil

CWC Leader and Minister Arumugam Thondaman recently complained to Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa about the non-inclusion of a Tamil description in documents handed over by the government.
Interestingly, Thondaman decided to express his displeasure when on stage before commencing his speech at a function organised by Rajapaksa’s Ministry.
Rajapaksa visited the Nuwara Eliya District on March 30 to promote the Divi Neguma programme commenced by his Ministry. Thondaman and several other governing party members attended the ceremony.
Minister C.B. Ratnayake and Navin Dissanayake were notable absentees at the ceremony.

Arumugam ThondamanArumugam Thondaman

When the ceremony got underway, Thondaman and Rajapaksa were seated together on the stage, talking.
However, it was only when Thondaman was invited to make his speech that he decided to make his complaint standing behind the mikes.
He spoke in English and said he was disappointed that the programme printed by Rajapaksa’s Ministry was only in Sinhala.
He said the Ministry should have remembered that Tamils, Muslims and people from various ethnic groups reside in Nuwara Eliya. He added that the government needed to be more sensitive to such issues when carrying out its public work.
Thondaman displayed the programme to the crowd and said he was sad that Rajapaksa’s Ministry had done it without thinking twice.
He then said that the Assistant Agrarian Service Director from Hanguranketha had invited him for some event and the invitation was in Sinhala.
He complained that he could not understand what was written in the invite.
Thondaman called on Rajapaksa to ensure that the Tamil language was included in all state documents.
He then said that it was a request by him on behalf of the CWC to the government to be mindful of the matter.
After making this statement, Thondaman commenced his speech for the event in Tamil.
Everyone present at the event was surprised to see Thondaman standing up and making a public complaint over the non-inclusion of Tamil in a state organised ceremony.
Government officials present at the occasion had looked at each other and whispered as to why Thondaman made such a public complaint when he could have easily complained to Rajapaksa while sitting next to him.
Be that as it may, supporters of the main opposition contender at the recently concluded local government elections have accused Thondaman of inciting communal sentiments among the Tamil community in the Nuwara Eliya District.
According to UNP sources, Thondaman had used the ethnicity of the main opposition contender to win votes from the Tamil community in the Nuwara Eliya District.
Divi Neguma Fertiliser Used For Cannabis
The Divi Neguma programme initiated by the Economic Development Ministry is currently one of the main programmes being promoted by the government.
Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa has said the programme is aimed at uplifting the nutrition levels of the people as well as their living standards.
However, apart from the fertiliser and other incentives being given to the people under the programme, the government has to now monitor the usage of the benefits provided after authorities found fertiliser given under the Divi Neguma programme being used to cultivate cannabis.
The Nawalapitiya Police has reportedly arrested a person who had cultivated cannabis using fertiliser provided to him under Divi Neguma. He is a resident of Hunugal Oya in the Thispane area in Nawalapitiya.
He had planted cannabis among other plants in a manner where he could transport the plot when necessary. Seems like he had taken the government’s intention of uplifting the living standards of the people to a higher level by trying out a lucrative business.
Mervyn’s New Role

Mervyn Silva

Public Relations and Public Affairs Minister Mervyn Silva manages to steal the spotlight from time to time and once again he has found an unique way of being in the limelight.
Silva is reportedly preparing to make his debut appearance in a film starring as King Dutugemunu.
While some film stars have taken up politics, some politicians have often opted to appear in films.
Interestingly, Silva has on many occasions claimed to be a descendent of King Dutugemunu and he is now to play the role of one of the most well known kings in Sri Lankan history.
The state owned Lankapuvath has stated that Silva’s movie is titled ‘Surangana Lovin Avilla’ (Coming from the Fairyland).
Given Silva’s track record at playing many roles in the political arena and in real life, he would undoubtedly be a star in his newfound movie career, especially since he would be portraying his ‘ancestor,’ King Dutugemunu.
Meanwhile, Silva took his real life acting to a new level by claiming he had no connection to the recent incident where money had allegedly been extorted at the newly opened fish market in Peliyagoda.
Claiming he had no connection with the incident, Silva said he would resign from his post if any one proved his involvement in the incidents.
Hearing all the drama, it was Fisheries Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne who coolly asked  why Silva was claiming he had no involvement in the incident when he had not been accused by anyone.
Dr. Senaratne said that Silva had no reason to challenge to quit from his post, as he was not an accused.
MR’s Latest Claim

Mahinda Rajapaksa

The government’s move to build a new Port City by filling sea land up to 500 acres next to the Colombo South Port has been given much prominence in the media.
Once again, the Rajapaksas have come forward to claim credit for it.
The state owned media that is often used to promote the image of the governing party members has once again stated that the government’s new project would result in the President adding more land to the country.
The story states that President Mahinda Rajapaksa had said he would add another 500 acres into the Sri Lankan map by filling the sea stretch along the Galle Face Sea.
The President had reportedly said that work on the two-year project would commence in November.

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  1. The name “SILVA” is a typical Portugese name.
    Also many silvas are of Indian Tamil origin, who were integrated with the majority community.
    So, how come Mervin claims thet he is a decendent of Dutugamunu?


      Merv da Perv is a liar…plain and simple. Why bother wasting time even considering what this criminal has to say??

  2. Tamil is an official language in Sri Lanka; in 29 Divisional Secretariat Divisions, excluding North and East, Tamil is an official and administrative language along with Sinhala; in Nuwara Eliya District Tamil is an official language equally with Sinhala. It’s law and not a privilege. If it is not implemented by public officials, it will be a breach of law. Any individual or organization could sue said officials for this wrong done. But what a pity, nobody knows that including the very Deputy Minister of Economic Development, President of CWC and MP for Nuwara Eliya.

    Could any Tamil speaking sitting MP or ex-MP, prove his attempts taken to implement Tamil in administrative and official discharges of duties in public offices and institutions to date?. Really I am tired of writing in this regard in Tamil papers. But no any sign to rejoice. I think the Tamil MPP are illiterate to read Tamil.

    However, as a son of the soil of Nuwara Eliya, I appreciate Hon. Thondaman.
    I hope he will take, even at the later stage, some stern steps to implement the official status of Tamil in public institutions in Nuwara Eliya District.
    By S.J.Nesan.

  3. Eddy

    Here goes Uncle Mervin the actor!! I am sure the original great King Dutugmunu had a great stature as well was his bravery and character, how can this pint size,hollow man, fit into potray such a great man. It’s not Mervins fault, the producers & directors head should be examined!! Unless MS himself is finacing it!! It would be the best comedy of the decade!!

  4. leba

    Hi he is not Dutugamunu he is going to be Saradi……. soon.This is what he think.I am so sorry what will happend to this Minister when UNP come in to Power soon.

  5. Yehiya-Doha

    Easy & only solution going to English in all state sector. Easy to computerize.

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