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Govt. Appoints Committee To Prepare Response To UN Report

The government has appointed a special committee to prepare the official response of the government to the report of the Expert Panel appointed by the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to advise him on Sri Lanka, media reports state.

The committee is reportedly manned by Attorney General Mohan Peiris, Nihal Rodrigo, Bernard Gunatilaka, and H. M.M.G.S. Palihakkara. The latter three persons are former Foreign Secretaries.

They are to submit a diplomatic response to the UN report on Sri Lanka.

4 Comments for “Govt. Appoints Committee To Prepare Response To UN Report”

  1. Ane Anichan

    Those appointees are good to make a repote to a “Cooprative Shop” for “Ration” to the citizens, not for a “World Experts”. Ultimately Srilanka became a country of “No Experts” out of the “Family Group”.That is the result of “Power Hungry” administration.

  2. raj

    I am not against fighting against LTTE. It is understandable that both side fought with each other. But I can’t stop myself going against war crimes. Shelling hospitals, cutting aids to civilians, targeting civilians are seriouls war crime regardless of who did. If I were living in LTTE control area, I would have been one of the victims.

    I do not think it is ok to cover up massacare, and let it go. If we do so, it can encourage other countries to do the same thing. We need to find the truth.

    Government of Sri Lanka should let the UN inqiry into Sri Lanka and then it can justify its action

  3. Bruz

    Just deny everything, as usual.What else can this committe do ?
    Ban has given a report, SL govt deny all.The drama will be done & the
    matter will be closed.

  4. Against Idiocy

    Nihal Rodrigo, presumably, will represent the “TCK Old Boys for The Rajapaksas.” After all, isn’t Rajiva Wijesinha on the Board of Governors of that school despite being an old boy of Royal College and sacked from employment from St. Thomas’ College?!

    What a comedy! All that will come of all this is that the English of the rubbish these guys will produce will be better than that of Merv the Perv.

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