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UNP: Give LLRC Powers To Probe War Crimes

The UNP has said the government should empower the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) to inquire into war crimes allegations mentioned in the report prepared by the expert panel appointed by UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon.

UNP parliamentarian Lakshman Kiriella has told a Sinhala daily newspaper that the government needed to take steps to safeguard the country’s dignity and good name.

Kiriella has said that the government should have earlier responded to the allegations leveled against the country.

According to the UNP parliamentarian, the government still has time to respond to the allegations and clear the doubts.

6 Comments for “UNP: Give LLRC Powers To Probe War Crimes”

  1. Yehiya-Doha

    UNP must wait until release the report by UN. Govt. already mixup everything.Good professionals Mangala, Wijedasa & Karu left from party. New recruitment not meet the expectation & create the worse situation. Govt. still no plan to come out the issue.

  2. Shiva

    Both the UNP and the SLFP have failed miserably to apply Rule of Law, provide fair and equal justice to the Tamil minorities and the Tamils were at the receiving end.

    LLRC is an eye wash and it will neither investigate nor take against against war crimes committed by the Rajapakse regime.

    Tamil daispora is gaining momentum and demanding the Western Leaders to investigate war crimes and human rights abuses. in Sri Lanka. Tamils are demanding for justice from the International community as they have no confidence in the any Sinhala regime either UNP or SLFP.

    There will never be a reconciliation after decades of crimes committed by the Sinhala against the Tamils and Jeya of Tamil Nadu has becomethe voice of the voiceless Tamils.

    Lakshman Kiriella has failed to understand the Tamil sufferings at the hands of the successive regimes in Sri Lanka, although ordinary Singalese were good with the Tamils.

  3. Lakshman Kiriella is a brave man to propose an investigation when the government insists that not even a single civilian was killed during the war.

  4. Pon

    hear! hear! The govt has still not told its citizens why it is dragging Sri Lanka to the abyss of controversy by not abiding by the UN request, one they need to do if they are a member. To be excluded by the west is to be identified as a political and social outcast and most certainly something we do not want our politicians to pave the way for ,not forgetting all historical blunders since independence by the politicians of the day. Support of China and Russia who themselves have grave record on rights violations is not going to prop our international image.

  5. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    You are very correct Hon.Kiriella. Our internal matters should should be investigated ourselves. The GOSL must act professionally. We wish that Wihiluwansas will not be allowed to destroy the dignity of the country.

  6. raj

    even if the government agree to do so, UN and other international community may not buy its credibiltiy by looking at the past commissions and their results. The best thing the government can do is allowing UN’s war crime panel into Sri Lanka. By doing so, government can calear its name. Just not allowing any inquiry or lack of corporation with UN’s panel send a wrong messge which can increse the suspecions of war crime.

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