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Abans, a trusted name in Sri Lanka, recently introduced “Lock&Lock (L&L),” the world’s No.1 food storage container to the Sri Lankan market for the first time. L&L is a world famous and globally reputed brand of storage containers, known for its durability and 100% airtight lids which keep food stored in them and refrigerated fresh for longer periods.
The innovative L&L container was developed by a famous American scientist in 1946 and has been produced using a similar design principle for over 60 years. L&L containers have a unique four sided locking system which is the world’s first breaking standard design principle of existing airtight containers and was rapidly established as a new concept for airtight containers to keep food fresh longer.
L&L became so much in demand in less than seven years after it introduced its new innovative product into the market, that over 200 imitation products manufactured in various countries appeared in the global markets claiming to be original L&L products. Copying of L&L products in such a large scale amply reflected the superiority of the original product. However there is a marked difference in the imitation product as they cannot comply with L&L’s quality of four sided locking system and 100% airtight feature.
The main difference between L&LFood Storage Containers and ordinary air tight containers is  L&L’s internationally patented “Molten Liquid Flow Blocking Hole” innovative technology.  The plastic resin flow in a computer simulation when comparing with other similar products proves that in L&L products there is regularity in the flow of resin which prevents wild lines along the hinge. Hinge lines are fine lines caused in the manufacturing process where two raw material flows of plastic resin meet while the container is being shaped, and is liable to cause damage to the container when opening and closing the lid.
The major difference occurs in three features that the non-genuine products cannot duplicate. Firstly the locking mechanism in L&L containers is far superior. The lid in L&L containers close tight through the interaction between the container body and the lid, while the lids of similar products close unilaterally by pressure on the lids, which is an uneasy and uncomfortable closing process and often causes damage to the lid. Secondly, the weakness of the locking structures of copy products reacts sensitively to the temperature and impact. The weak locking systems of copy products cause a sensitive reaction to temperature change and outside impact which result in leaks by freezing or if dropped. Thirdly, the difference in airtight property and humidity permeability could be an indicator test. L&L has about 200 times lower value in humidity permeability tests than other products (lacking lid location projections on the container base).
Beyond any doubt, L&L’s superior airtight quality is unmatched and cannot be copied effectively by other brands. Genuine L&L products are now available in a variety of sizes to suit every food storage requirement at very affordable prices only at Abans Showrooms islandwide.

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