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University Students To Be Trained By Military

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

University students’ unions have voiced concerns over the government’s move to introduce a compulsory ‘leadership training programme’ under the military to all new entrants from this year.
The Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF) says there were doubts over the government’s move, as military leadership skills could not be applied to civil society.
IUSF Convener, Sanjeewa Bandara told The Sunday Leader that university students had doubts as to why the government has suddenly decided to give leadership and disciplinary training to students at military establishments.
“We all know the crimes committed by army deserters and had they adhered to a strict disciplinary code, they would never commit the offences they have been accused of, which include robbery, murder and rape,” he said, adding that it was hilarious to see students being given disciplinary training by such an institution.
According to Bandara, students who were earlier sent to university are now being sent to military camps.
Bandara made these comments in response to a statement made by Higher Education Ministry Secretary Dr. Sunil Jayaratne that students who qualify for university education would have to undergo leadership training at a military establishment.
Dr. Jayaratne has been quoted in the media as saying that the new scheme would come into effect from May 23 for the next academic year and it would be compulsory for all students.
The training programme is to be conducted by the military under the supervision of university authorities.
The military training is to be followed by a three-month English language course.
According to Bandara, the decision to send university students for leadership and disciplinary training is all part of the government’s move to apply military rules to most civilian aspects.
“Senior military officers have been appointed to head government institutions and when the cost of living problem increased, the government got the army to sell vegetables,” he said.
Bandara charged that the government could not take such arbitrary decisions without consulting parents and students.
He called upon parents to think twice about the government’s latest move.
“This move would cause many issues and we are opposed to it. Parents and students must stand together against the decision to send students to military camps,” Bandara said.

19 Comments for “University Students To Be Trained By Military”

  1. sam

    Are we to witness now the militarizing the universities and schools? Is the time ripe for the reawakening of NAZISM?

    • love2beTRAITOR

      This is a dangerous sign. from our foreign ambassadors to some of the governors to chief ministers are all from military background. we r slowly becoming another north korea. this will lead to disaster. we just ended the war n looks like government haven’t heard of cooling off period. again something related to military. this is a disaster.

  2. Yehiya-Doha

    Good. They need leadership training. This is the weakness of our education system.

  3. hathurusinghe

    NAZISM is currently in prac

  4. raji

    MR government don’t know how to run the country after the war. These people only good for kidnapping and killing their own citizen.
    Support the UN and punish war criminals including LTTE fraction Karuna , Pillian and useless Doglus.
    MR family and listed guys should be punished
    1) Killed 40000 innocent civilians
    2) Disappeared 100000 innocent civilians
    3) LTTE fraction Karuna killed and kidnapped Policemen and civilians.
    4) KP – Organising so many criminal activities now treated like King because of all his money in KR ‘s account
    We can write ——————- no end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vision8

      Prabhakaran killed 100,000 innocent civilians and his own people, while shielding himself by hiding within them.
      Finally, the US has killed bin Laden, and they are learning that what MR did was the only thing to do: they did it themselves.

  5. raji


  6. Saman from Galle

    It is good to train those future Doctors, Engineers, Civil Servant etc.under the soldiers who have not passed beyond grade 8. That is SB Chinhaya which is a creation of a man who hates students.

  7. prethi

    What is happening in a so called democratic country? Are we totally following the Chinese??

  8. Wickum

    Linde inna Gembo wenne nethuwa Loke diha balanna. ethakjota military training eke Value eka therewi. University students must need that type training.

  9. Velu Balendran

    What qualification do the hiest generals have in the SLA? Some don’t have even GCE (O/L). This is a joke!

  10. Vision8

    What’s wrong with this? Remember, in the great USA, every kid nineteen has to enroll in the armed forces unless they are going to higher education. If the ‘superpowers’ the West who bully poor countries with their money and military-might, what is wrong with SL building a good military? The West has been paying no attention to the Greater Asia region of China/Russia/India. Hope it is not too late for the West

    Misguided morons like ‘sam’ above, obviously a ltte-terror-supporter, is showicasing their ‘oppourtunistic talent’ by bringing racist semantics into this.

  11. CW

    This Sanjeewa Bandara can not undersatnd what the training means. It is not military traning. It is Leadership Training conducted by the military. I think he is worried that he his cohorts will be unable to fool the undergrads anymore.

  12. Pot Stirrer

    It’s the Chinese Communist way. You elected the Government so you follow the rules. Country is heading towards communism without the knowledge of the people. Retired Army, Navy and Air force Officers are appointed as Ambassadors. Food distribution is done by forces. In time to come all ministers and cabinet ministers will be from the forces or the current ministers will be given ranks and absorbed to the forces!

  13. Ramees

    MR preparing to build a military state to protect his family from war crime charges. Already many civilion operation has been militarised. I think MR is accelerating his move towards his final days.

  14. Military training will not essentially teach any leadership skills, but it sure will teach these parasites in Sri Lankan Universities a thing called DISCIPLINE!!”.
    This word has no meaning in Sri Lankan civil society today. There is nothing new about thisa smany countries including Thailand and some European countries makes it mandatory for youth to serve in their military for 2 years before tertiary education or entering the job market. They will protest for everything. If the system ran to their “asinine idealism: we’d have textbook memorizers and useless fools graduating from our higher echelons of education. Good move. They should be subjected to hard military training to show how our heroes fought a battle with ruthless LTTE to provide them a safe place to live and learn free of charge.

  15. sanathw

    When we hear and read about the brutality of ragging new entrants by seniors it is high time we had introduced disciplinary training not only to new entrants but also for all the university personnel including academics and non academics

  16. EI

    Lots of people talk about the politics in referring to this case. But I don’t think like that. I see this as a good issue. It’s not a real military training,they won’t be given guns for target practice, but to build up the leadership characteristics in the people who are about to join the working force of the country.
    The advantage this is for the university students themselves. So why should the stand against this move?

  17. fantastic post! Thanks for the upload, I really enjoyed reading it! Keep up the good work champ!

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