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Champika: Action Against SL Will Be Supportive Of Terrorists

Power and Energy Minister Champika Ranawaka has accused the United Nations (UN) of trying to support the agendas of terrorist organizations by trying to probe war crimes in the country that have allegedly taken place during the final phase of the war against the LTTE.

Ranawaka has told the local media that Sri Lanka is the only country that has succeded in defeating an armed terrorist group on its own.

He has said Sri Lanka’s actions had shown to the world that terrorism could be defeated.

He has explained that the LTTE could not be matched with most other terrorist groups as it had its own air and sea wing.

According to Ranawaka, the defeat of the LTTE was a blow to global terrorism.

Therefore, the Minister has said that any action by the UN against Sri Lanka would prevent other nations from taking any action against the defeat of another terrorist organization.

10 Comments for “Champika: Action Against SL Will Be Supportive Of Terrorists”

  1. raj

    Sir, are you expecting UN and other countries should ignore the suspected war crime in Sri Lanka? If so, tell the world the truth.

  2. raj

    when somebody saying anything against the government, you always try to label them as if they were belong to terrorist.

  3. raj

    you should realize that there is no favoritism when it comes to war criminals and terrorist. Both ware worst.

  4. mandy

    UK, US, India, China, Russia, Israel supplied your country with arms otherwise you would not have defeated the freedom fighters. Other countries helped you so you can’t brag about it that your government defeated on your own. If you think your army is that great why haven’t they found Lasantha’s killers. It was your deliberate action to con the world and carried out genocide behind closed doors. Tell lies to the world it was a bloodless war, not even one civilian died. Time to come out of your denial state and take responsibilities for your actions.


    Defeating TERRORISM and committing WAR CRIMES are 2 differrent issues Dear Mr.Minister . That is why RW of the UNP wanted to negotiate and amicably settle the problem . RW was not lucky and VELU PRABHA was not fortunate and stupid to finally pay the price .
    The true fact dear minister is no where in the world can a war be won without civillian casulties whether you like it or not this is the TRUTH.

  6. Against Idiocy

    Why does the media give this man all kinds of “respectability” by quoting him? He is the leader of the racist brigades in this country and is now in the process of destroying the environment of Sri Lanka through his use of fossil fuels and old technology that will cause huge health problems around places like Norochcholai where NONE of the original conditions for environmental safety will be put in place.

  7. love2beTRAITOR

    hahaha…y doesnt these people understand this.
    u can support the SL gov or u can support the LTTE or u can be NEUTRAL as well.
    the government purposely try to take the stand, either ur with us or against us. unfortunately the minorities r not with the government, so they treat the minorities as against the government. they dont wanna accept minorities r neutral.

    A country can never be a respectable country when there is no unity between its people. politicians and people from majority should understand this

    • love2beTRAITOR

      anneee champika,
      uneducated fools like u have these slogans like traitor n supporting terrorism n with these 2 words, u know u can get the support of the majority(sinhalese) .

      these cheap monkey tricks….i dont support terrorism or LTTE, in fact i believe UN should take war crime action against LTTE which they did.


  8. Ramees

    Action in favour of Sri Lanka will be supportive of State Terroism!!

  9. Yehiya-Doha

    LTTE no more. Don’t try to create LTTE again.

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