Govt. To Protest

The government has said it is to organize a protest campaign, both locally and internationally, against the report by the Panel of Experts appointed by the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Sri Lanka.

Cabinet Spokesperson and Minister Keheliya Rambukwella told the Cabinet press briefing today that the protest would be against the “Darusman report” and the Panel of Experts.

He said the government would take steps to inform the international organizations of the ingenuity and the biased nature of UN panel report on Sri Lanka.

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  1. Today G.L.Peiries told ata a press conference that the Government will not protest against the UN panel report in the May Day rally. Contrary to this statement Kehelia is telling in his news confernece that there will be a protest rally againt the UN panel report in the May Day rally. Uncle Wimal Weerawansa wants India to support Sri Lanka against the UN panel report. The same Wimal Weerawansa was one time a crtic of India. Who is really telling us the truth? Can anybody answer to my request.

  2. Bruz

    Go ahead & do the protest also against Channel-4 (U.K) before they come out with more revealing ( probaganda ? ) material. Some people don’t learn things even at this stage. Nize going guys. Don’t become more of a laughing stock, do something
    useful & proper. It may not be too late , yet !

  3. The UN report is a moral victory for the truth for the first time in SL. The victory is irreversible and will lead o justice through Truth and reconciliation and frndng peace through the establishment of two states in the island.

    The Sinhalese will learn and understand that inherently they can only be criminal to Tamils. And the world at large will realise that the Tamls can never ever live peacefully with the Tamils with mutual trust.

    Even after all the credible and concrete evidence before the GOSL they do not want to face the truth but say it as “flawed”, “illegal” “baseless” and so on. They are cowards unable to face the truth.

    This is disgraceful and dangerous for SL.

    Whatever the GOSL says the UN will move forward and punish the offenders, not the innocent Sinhala masses who were lied, cheated and tricked all the way through. Even now.

  4. raj

    all protest agasint the report and UN will send a wrong message to the world that crime has been committed in Sr Lanka and now very efforts are put to hide it.

  5. Hewisi

    “Protest” is good, but it has to be done by a “Meaningful” way . Not like making the wholw world “Laugh” as already done by a “Pupet”, which made whole Srilankans “Fools”.

  6. raj

    this demonstration will drag attention of the world on UN report. In other words, it can give much publicity to the UN report. Very good effort. On behalf of the victims of war crimes, many would like to thank the government for its demonstration.

  7. Bored

    How predictable!

  8. mandy

    Please acknowledge that President Rajapakse is a war criminal. If you are a true buddhist you would respect humanity and not support criminals. If you or I committed crimes we would have been arrested and put in prison. Why do you protest that means you have no respect for law and order. Remember a government is supposed to protect their citizens and not give orders to murder them. Genocide is unacceptable in the 21st century.

  9. Martin Thomas

    There is no question of biased nature of UN panel. Their finding are such both the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government are faulted in the way thousands of innocent people were buthchered towards the end of the war. When Tigers used their small aircrafts to bomb Colombo your diffence minster and the bother of the President Gotha was boasting that they have drop more bomb in Wanni that the bombs droped by alies during the second world war. This proves that your did not care for the civilians your aim was to win the war now face the music.

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