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Govt.: KP Can Be Used To Counter UN Allegations

Cabinet Spokesperson and Minister Keheliya Rambukwella says former LTTE international wing head and chief arms procurer Kumaran Pathmanatahan alias KP could be used by the government to respond to international allegations.

Rambukwella has told the media that the government could use KP to counter the report by the experts panel of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Rambukwella has made the comment in response to a question posed by a journalist.

He has said the government would use KP to counter allegations if the need arose.

6 Comments for “Govt.: KP Can Be Used To Counter UN Allegations”

  1. raj

    sometimes terrorist and war criminals colloborate with each other. public should aware of it.

  2. love2beTRAITOR

    the image of the country is gone, when u go abroad n say ur from sri lanka, next thing they will remember is WAR CRIMES. international community knows KP is just a mouth piece of GOSL. no one arrested KP, KP come to SL coz he knew LTTE is loosing the war and he was hungry for power n money.

    try ur luck rumbukwella

  3. gamarala

    The Darusman report is about the “humanitarian operation” by the government during the last few weeks of the war.
    KP was never in sri lanka during this period.
    How can he ‘respond’ to the report.

  4. Shiva

    KP and Karuna are terrorists and let this Rajapakse regime use them and it is not going to work with the International Community.

    Both LTTE and the Rajapaske regime are responsible for war crimes and human rights abuses that requires independent international investigation.

    India has collaboarated as it wanted to take revenge against Rajiv Gandhi killers and collaborated with the Sri Lankan regime is mass murder, rape and ethnic cleansing of innocent Tamils and Indian leaders may too end up at the ICC for Human Rights abuses, genocide and war crimes.

  5. Dilip Perera

    This will be the worst & no one is going to listen KP BAILA,Even at tihis movement goverment should handle this professionaly.KP was part of LTTE crime & using KP is sucide of goverment/Sri Lanka.KP is only assesst to goverment politician & their personal benefits not to Sri Lanka or Sri Lankans.This is the ultimate truth.

  6. Martin Thomas

    Keheliya Rambukwella, your are a greatest joker. Do you realize that KP could be charged under the current investigation by UN because he is the only living among the dead LTTE along with your government. Also he was not in Wanni to say anything of what happened there during the end of war. Only the innocent people were affected and their stories supported by the photo’s supplied by the members of your armed forces are quite enough to charge your beloved leader and hero MR who will be reduced to zero very soon.

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