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Govt.-TNA Discuss Power Devolution

Government Representatives and members of the TNA participated in a discussion yesterday on finding a political solution to the ethnic issue.

TNA parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran has told the media that the government and the TNA had discussed matters related to the devolution of power.

The TNA earlier stated that the Indian government had asked the party to discuss a solution that goes beyond the 13th amendment to the Constitution.

The government and the TNA commenced discussions issues related to the Tamil community in the country and finding a political solution to the ethnic issue in January this year. The next round of talks between the government and the TNA is to take place on May 12.

3 Comments for “Govt.-TNA Discuss Power Devolution”

  1. raj

    there are many peopl will bet that this talk is another drama to play according to the new situation and to pass time. Government should find old round table, square table if it is still possible.

  2. love2beTRAITOR

    that amendment n this amendment r waste of time.
    this the the basic needs of minorities.

    1.take military back to the camps, no military rule.
    2.give police power to the elected chief minister by the people(not KP or duglas).
    3.take the paramilitary forces from north n east.(karuna group, KP group,Pillian group,douglas group.eprlf, plot n all the government proxy paramilitary)
    4.bring this country back to democratic country, no more emergency rule, restore democracy.

  3. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    This TNA supported the LTTE for the brutal activities. First of all they should be funished under the common law of the country.

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